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mCash App Review: Worth it or Not? (An Honest Look)

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction to mCash App Review

Hi Vince here and welcome to my review of mCash a platform claiming to offer cash rewards for various tasks today were diving deep to see if mCash is actually legitimate or not! Im excited to share my findings and experiences with you to see if this is worth our time.

First Impressions of mCash

So when you first launch mCash the user interface greets you with a straightforward layout. At the top of the screen your account balance is prominently displayed In my case I saw around 2000 coins in my account. This initial view gives a clear insight into how the app tracks your earnings setting the stage for exploring its features.

mCash Cash Out Options and Conversion Rates

Jumping straight into the cashout options to give you a clear picture, mCash offers different methods based on your country. Here in Australia the only available option I found was PayPal Tapping through to the redemption area youll see various PayPal cashout options. Interestingly mCash requires a hefty 14000 coins for $1 worth of PayPal currency which is a bit higher compared to other platforms where 10000 coins usually equal 1 This indicates a steeper difficulty curve in earning rewards on mCash.

Evaluating the Best Offers in mCash

Moving on to the Best Offers section at the top of the mCash home screen this part is essentially mCash presenting various offer walls. However there's nothing too spectacular here It's more of a straightforward display of the different ways you can earn coins on the platform while its a functional part of the app it doesnt particularly stand out in terms of uniqueness or value.

Game Play Rewards

Now lets talk about the game section in mCash which is something they seem to get right at least in concept. When you tap into the Play Games and Earn area you are introduced to a system where you earn by completing levels or tasks not by just playing per minute. This changes the whole dynamic of how you earn through playtime rewards however the amount of coins rewarded for these tasks is in my opinion minuscule. Its a bit disappointing really because youre investing hours for a reward that might not even amount to 10 to 20 cents.

Quality of Offerwalls in mCash

Regarding the offer walls in mCash it's good to see a variety of options for earning coins. However the actual value of these offer walls varies greatly depending on where you live the highest currency amount I saw was around 330000 coins which equates to about 30 or so but as you go down the list the offers quickly drop to amounts like $2 to $1 for full length tasks. These rates are frankly not impressive especially when you consider the time and effort required for each offer.

Reward Rates for Offers on mCash

When I examined the reward rates for full length offers on mCash they really didn't live up to expectations. Even when heading over to OfferToro which typically has higher rates for offers the coin rewards for completing these full length tasks just didnt seem satisfactory. Most offers even the full length ones were barely paying around $10 worth of cash this is particularly concerning when you think about the hours and possibly days of commitment required for these tasks These rates in my view certainly need improvement.

Earning Methods in mCash Watching Videos

mCash also offers ways to earn coins by watching videos. You have two options here watching ads through the app or using Loot TV Watching ads through the app involves downloading an external application and playing it to earn coins. With Loot TV its more straightforward  just sign in and start watching videos to earn coins The conversion rate I noticed was 20 Loot TV points for 140 mCash coins, which seemed pretty standard to me.

Survey Options in mCash 

Now for someone like me who enjoys completing surveys, mCash does offer various survey providers which is a nice feature. But are the rates worth our time? I took a look at CPX Research and found the rates to be pretty average capping at around 80 cents per survey. Then theres TheoremReach with rates so low  were talking 10 to 5 cents per survey. It its just not worth the effort BitLabs though slightly better than TheoremReach still offered belowaverage rates the survey offers varied but theres always the risk of disqualification or being screened out which can be frustrating.

Referral System and Its Benefits in mCash

Regarding the referral system in mCash it's a feature that could definitely use some improvement. When you join mCash through my referral code you'll start off with some extra coins but the app doesnt specify exactly how much. As the referrer I only receive 10 of your earnings for free and thats only for one month this setup seems a bit underwhelming especially considering its a method to bring more users to the platform. Ive left my link in the description for those interested but the benefits of the referral system dont seem overly generous.

Daily Leaderboard System on mCash

mCash also features a daily Leaderboard system essentially the more you engage with tasks and surveys on their platform the more coins youre awarded at the end of each day. While the rewards are modest  barely a dollar to 10 cents, it's still a nice addition to have on any earning platform Its a small incentive but it adds a little extra for regular users.

mCash Legitimacy and Payment Proof

Finally addressing the big question is mCash legitimate and efficient in payments? Based on my experience I can confirm that mCash is a legitimate platform. I withdrew 1 worth of PayPal currency and it took about 3 hours to earn that amount I was pleased to see that I was paid within 24 hours to my PayPal account So while mCash is legitimate and does pay out the effort to reward ratio may not appeal to everyone especially after they have used it a few times.



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