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Make Money Real Cash Rewards App Review: Earn $5 In 1 Hour! (My Results)

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction To The Make Money Real Cash Rewards App Review!

Hey everyone, Vince here! Welcome to my review of Make Money Real Cash Rewards. I'm going to share my experience with this app that promises real cash and rewards for completing simple tasks like surveys, offers and playing games.

What is Make Money Real Cash Rewards?

Make Money Real Cash Rewards is an app that allows you to earn coins by completing various tasks such as surveys, offers and playing games. These coins can then be converted into real life USD currency and the primary cash-out option is PayPal.

My Make Money Real Cash Experience

I loved the simplicity of the app, and getting started was a breeze like creating an account and logging in opened up a world of earning opportunities. The app offers tasks like surveys, offers, and even a Play Time Reward option, where you can earn for playing games.

Ways to Earn Money on Make Money Real Cash Rewards

The app offers multiple ways to earn money:


I chose the survey route to earn money on the app. While the payout was decent, I'll discuss some issues I faced later.

Playing Games:

Make Money Real Cash Rewards also rewards you for playing games. If you enjoy gaming, this could be a fun way to earn.


Completing various offers provided by the app is another way to accumulate coins.

Is Make Money Real Cash Rewards Free?

Yes the app is free to use. You can join complete tasks and earn coins without spending any money.

Can You Earn Money on Make Money Real Cash Rewards?

Yes you can earn money on the app but the earnings may vary based on your location and the availability of offers.

Is Make Money Real Cash Rewards Legit or a Scam?

Make Money Real Cash Rewards is a legitimate app; however, my personal experience with it raised some concerns, which I'll address below.

Is Make Money Real Cash Rewards Safe?

The app itself seems safe to use and I didn't encounter any security issues while using it but always be careful when using these apps online.

My Cash-Out Experience

This is where my excitement turned into frustration. After accumulating enough coins, I decided to cash out my rewards, which equaled $5 USD. However, my cash-out experience was far from smooth.

I requested the payment, and to my surprise, it took a whole month for it to process. Even after contacting support multiple times, I received vague responses without any estimated time frame for the payment.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

After one month and one week of waiting, I received a response from support saying that my payment was under review, and I had to wait for the offer providers to confirm my completed tasks. My offer timer was reset randomly which was annoying.

As of now it has been over a month and one week and I still haven't received my $5 USD but if and when I finally receive the payment I'll update you in the comments section of this video.

Can You Really Earn on Make Money Real Cash Rewards?

While the app may be legitimate based on my experience I can't recommend it as a reliable source of income. Waiting for over a month for a small payout isn't worth the time and effort especially when there are more efficient alternatives.


In conclusion, Make Money Real Cash Rewards had potential, but my personal experience with the cash-out process left me disappointed. While the app may work differently for others, I wouldn't recommend investing your time and effort into an app that offers such a slow and uncertain payment process.



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