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Is Make Money App Really Legit? Review and Full Details on Earning Cash and Gift Cards

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction to Make Money: Cash Rewards and Gift Cards App Review

Hey everyone it's Vince here, and welcome back to my blog! Today I want to share my experience with a money making application called Make Money: Cash Rewards and Gift Cards. When I first came across this app I was worried due to its title which made it sound like a scam however I decided to give it a chance because well you never know right? In the world of money making apps it's important to approach them with caution as many turn out to be scams wasting everyone's time. But let's dive into this review and see if Make Money is a winner.

Exploring the Money-Making Opportunities

In Australia where I am located the app offers various gift card options but I decided to focus on cashing out through PayPal as it's a convenient and reliable method. It's worth noting that even though PayPal is listed under the gift card section it functions more like a direct transfer of money to your PayPal wallet. Other countries may have different gift card options so your experience might vary.

Big Cash also includes a referral system, allowing you to invite friends to join the app. For every friend you refer you receive 20% of their earned coins and an additional 10% for the friends they invite. If you enjoy inviting others to money making apps this feature can be a great way to boost your earnings. Feel free to use my invite code (in the description) if you'd like to sign up.

Upon exploring the app further I discovered a check in page that rewards you with extra coins for daily check-ins. Additionally, there's a section called "Featured Offers," where you can earn coins by installing and using other applications. The rewards for completing these offers typically range from 30 to 60 coins. There's an option to watch up to 1,300 advertisements each rewarding you with a single coin. I must admit, watching such a large number of ads for minimal rewards isn't the most efficient way to make money and I don't recommend it.

Making Money with Big Cash

Now, let's talk about the actual money-making opportunities on Big Cash. In my experience, there were two primary methods: completing offers and taking surveys. The offers often paid well, but they often required extensive time and effort to earn the coins. Some offers, like the Cash Billionaire Slots casino app, required reaching level 81 to earn around 2,200 coins. Achieving such a high level in a casino app can be challenging, as you often run out of in-game currency unless you spend real money on it. Therefore, it's crucial to choose offers wisely and consider the time investment required.

The second option, completing surveys, was my preferred method. Surveys on Big Cash offered relatively high coin rewards, ranging from 125 to 400 coins per survey. However, my experience with the survey provider, Ascend Media, was quite frustrating. I got disqualified from surveys over 20 times, even after investing hours into completing them. It's disheartening to spend time on a survey, only to be disqualified at the end or even after completing it. This issue significantly affected my overall experience with Big Cash.

Despite the frustrations, I persisted and managed to reach the minimum cash-out threshold of 2,500 coins. I chose the PayPal cash-out option, which promised $15 for the required amount of coins. I'm pleased to say that Big Cash paid out to my PayPal account within 12 hours of requesting the cash-out. While I can't fault the app for this aspect, the frequent disqualifications from surveys left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Is Make Money: Cash & Gift Cards Legit or a Scam?

Although Big Cash did pay me, I'm hesitant to recommend it due to the issues I faced with survey disqualifications and delayed rewards. It's essential to consider the potential frustrations before investing significant time and effort into money-making surveys. However, everyone's experience may vary, and some users may have a more positive experience with the app.

I want to highlight that despite my frustrations, the surveys on Big Cash paid relatively well compared to other survey apps I've used. It took me approximately eight hours to reach the minimum cash-out threshold, but keep in mind that I completed surveys diligently during that time. If you're willing to push through the disqualifications and invest significant time in completing surveys, you might be satisfied with the results.

I will be reaching out to Big Cash's support team regarding missing points and rewards, as some surveys went into a pending status, and certain points were not applied to my account. completing surveys and waiting for the reward is a concern and it's something I'll monitor closely. Give Big Cash a try and share your experience with me perhaps you'll have a better time with it than I did.



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