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Lucky Step App Review: Is it Legit? (Here’s The TRUTH)

Updated: Jan 25

Welcome To My Lucky Step App Review!

In the world of mobile applications there are numerous platforms promising to pay you for simple tasks One such app that has recently caught my attention is Lucky Step This app promises to pay users for walking but is it as good as it sounds Lets delve into my personal experience and find out.

What is Lucky Step

Lucky Step is a mobile application that claims to reward users with coins for walking The app also incorporates casino elements allowing users to earn additional coins However the catch is that you need to accumulate a whopping two million coins to cash out The app has been downloaded over a million times but its no longer available on the Google Play Store.

Is Lucky Step Free

Yes Lucky Step is free to download and use However the app is riddled with advertisements Every action on the app from switching screens to claiming coins triggers an ad This can be quite frustrating and time consuming.

How Does Lucky Step Work

Lucky Step rewards users with four coins for each step they take In addition to walking users can earn coins by participating in casino like games such as spinning a prize wheel playing a slot machine or scratching lotto cards However each of these actions is accompanied by an advertisement.

Ways To Earn Money On Lucky Step

The primary way to earn money on Lucky Step is by walking The app also offers casino style games that allow users to earn additional coins However the high cash out threshold of two million coins makes it challenging to earn significant money on this platform.

Is Lucky Step Legit or a Scam

Based on my personal experience and the numerous user reviews I've come across I believe Lucky Step is a scam The apps unrealistic claims incessant ads and high cash out threshold are all red flags Furthermore the apps sudden disappearance from the Google Play Store and the lack of a platform for users to voice their complaints further support this conclusion.

Is Lucky Step Safe

While Lucky Step doesn't appear to pose any immediate security threats its business practices raise questions about its legitimacy and safety The apps heavy reliance on ads and its high cash out threshold could potentially exploit users time and effort without providing any real rewards.

Does Lucky Step Pay

Despite its claims I have found no credible evidence to suggest that Lucky Step pays its users The high cash out threshold coupled with the apps disappearance from the Google Play Store makes it nearly impossible for users to earn and withdraw their earnings.

My Personal Lucky Step Experience

My experience with Lucky Step was far from satisfactory The constant bombardment of ads made the app frustrating to use and the high cash out threshold seemed unattainable Furthermore the apps disappearance from the Google Play Store left me with no platform to voice my complaints or seek assistance.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

Unfortunately I was unable to reach the cash out threshold during my time with Lucky Step The high threshold combined with the apps sudden disappearance left me unable to test the withdrawal process However based on the apps other red flags I have serious doubts about its pay out process.

In conclusion I would advise against using Lucky Step If you're looking for legitimate apps that reward you for walking consider alternatives like Sweatcoin or Winwalk These apps have proven to be more reliable and transparent in their operations Stay safe and be wary of apps that promise unrealistic rewards.



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