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Is Lucky Devil Slot App Worthy of Your Time and Money? My Review

Updated: Jan 25

Hey everyone, it's Vince here, and today I'll be sharing my personal review of the Lucky Devil slot game. I recently tried out this slot game, which claims that you can make hundreds of dollars playing for free. Let's dive in together and find out what this game is all about. If you enjoy this review, please hit the like button. So, let's get started!

First Impressions of Lucky Devil Slot

When you launch Lucky Devil slot you're greeted with a screen that offers a daily bonus of a thousand coins. The game immediately asks you to spin the slot machine, so I tapped the spin button at the bottom of the screen to see what would happen.

Exploring the Slot Machine

As I spun the slot machine, I noticed a wild symbol appearing in the middle of the screen. The game introduced a feature called "More Spins," which promised more chances to win. I continued spinning the slot machine, and I saw devil symbols appearing. At the top of the screen, a row of diamonds started lighting up, indicating wins. I even got a "Bingo" notification with a prize of $24.

Winning and Building Balance

As I continued spinning, my balance started increasing rapidly. I won $48, $168, $240, and more. It was incredible to see my balance go up so quickly considering I had just launched the game.

Breaking the Piggy Bank

There was a piggy bank icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, suggesting that breaking it would multiply my money. I tapped on the piggy bank, and it rewarded me with an additional 3,600 coins. My balance skyrocketed to almost 100,000 coins.

Bonuses and Reward Area

The game had a present icon indicating a bonus. However, I wasn't fond of the reward system, which required collecting puzzle pieces to win prizes. I would caution against entering personal information, such as your address, into apps like this. Additionally, there was an Amazon currency option for cashing out.

Withdrawing Winnings

To redeem my earnings, I chose PayPal as my payment method. I entered my full name and PayPal account information. However, Lucky Devil Slot threw a hurdle in my path: I had to spin the slot machine 30 times to approve the withdrawal.

Spinning and Winning

I continued spinning the slot machine, encountering ads after each spin. Despite the advertisements, my balance continued to grow, reaching $867. The ads became more frequent, but I persevered and completed the required 30 spins.

Watching Ads and Final Withdrawal

To approve the withdrawal, Lucky Devil Slot asked me to watch five advertisements. After watching the ads, I received a message congratulating me on completing the withdrawal task. I was supposed to receive $240 within three business days. Surprisingly, my balance had now grown to $1,100.

Is Lucky Devil Slot Payment Proof Possible?

In my opinion, Lucky Devil Slot is nothing more than a pathetic scam. It is in Early Access, and the developer hides the reviews intentionally. It's shocking that over one million people have downloaded this app. I urge you not to play this game if you want legitimate opportunities to earn money.

Explore Reward Hero Instead

Instead of wasting your time on scams like Lucky Devil Slot, I recommend checking out an app called Reward Hero. On my YouTube channel, I review various games, and Reward Hero is one that actually pays. The premise is simple: you install apps through their platform and earn coins that can be converted into currency.

Legitimate Money Making Apps

When it comes to money making apps, it's essential to choose legitimate ones that actually pay. Reward Hero offers a variety of gift cards, including PayPal, depending on your country. You can trust apps like Reward Hero to provide real rewards for your time.

Is Lucky Devil Slot Legit or Fake?

Thank you for joining me in this review of Lucky Devil Slot. I hope this video saves you time and prevents you from falling into the trap of another scam app. Stay safe out there, and I'll be back tomorrow with another review.



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