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iLike Tree App Review: Is It Legit or a Fake Scam? - Tap To Earn Money?

Updated: 2 days ago

In the world of mobile applications there are countless options that promise to make you money One such app that has been making waves recently is iLike Tree This app has been bombarding my mobile phone with advertisements promising that I could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars just by tapping on a tree Intrigued by these claims I decided to give it a try and share my experience with you all.

What is iLike Tree

iLike Tree is a mobile application that presents you with a virtual tree adorned with gift cards on its branches The app features three different currencies in game cash PayPal cash and Amazon currency The in game cash can be used to upgrade your tree while the PayPal and Amazon currencies are supposedly what you earn for tapping on the tree.

How Does iLike Tree Work

Upon launching the app you're greeted with the tree and the different gift cards You can tap on the tree to earn rewards The app also features a daily check in area where you can win instant cash every day you sign in However to claim this prize you're required to watch an advertisement.

Ways To Earn Money On iLike Tree

There are several ways to earn money on iLike Tree Besides tapping on the tree there are daily tasks that you can complete in exchange for cash there's also a chest system that exists purely for you to watch advertisements claiming that you can win the same prizes that the daily rewards offer.

Is iLike Tree Free

Yes iLike Tree is free to download and play However the app features a VIP system where you can pay real money to remove all the advertisements The developers expect you to pay between five and ten dollars a week to remove the ads from this moneymaking application.

My Personal iLike Tree Experience

During my experience with iLike Tree I noticed that the app forces an advertisement down your throat every 30 seconds to one minute This was quite frustrating and felt like a blatant attempt to spam users with advertisements.

Can You Earn Money On iLike Tree

The app promises PayPal cash outs starting from fifteen thousand dollars all the way up to ninety thousand dollars However the closer you get to the cash out mark the less reward you receive This diminishing return system seems designed to ensure you don't reach the cash out point.

Is iLike Tree Legit or a Scam

Based on my experience iLike Tree seems more like a scam than a legitimate moneymaking application The app promises huge rewards but makes it nearly impossible to reach the cash out point Furthermore the requirement to watch hundreds of advertisements to activate the cash out order is a major red flag.

Is iLike Tree Safe

While iLike Tree doesn't seem to pose any immediate security threats the bombardment of advertisements and the seemingly impossible cash out system raises questions about its legitimacy and safety.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

When I tried to cash out on iLike Tree I was forced to watch another 100 advertisements to activate the cash out order The number of advertisements you have to watch increases the more money you try to cash out This was the final straw for me confirming my suspicions that iLike Tree is not a legitimate moneymaking application.

In conclusion iLike Tree is a mobile application that promises huge rewards but fails to deliver The bombardment of advertisements and the seemingly impossible cash out system make it a frustrating and unprofitable experience If you're looking for a legitimate moneymaking application I would recommend looking elsewhere.

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