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GReward App Review: Earn $5 Per Day Easily! - Payment Proof

Updated: Sep 13

Hey everyone Vince here welcome to my GReward review. Let's kick this off and explore GReward an app available on the Google Play Store that allows you to earn money online. With over 1 million downloads and a 3.9-star rating let's find out if GReward is still paying its users and if it's worth it particularly in Australia.

What is GReward and How Does It Work?

GReward is an app that offers the opportunity to earn various currencies by completing surveys, playing games and engaging in tasks and offers. The in app currency is displayed as points. These points can then be converted into different currencies of your choice.

The app consists of four main tabs: Offers, Play, More and Redeem. Each tab provides different opportunities to earn rewards.

Minimum Cash Outs and Gift Card Options

To give you an idea of the cash out options available let's take a look at the Redeem tab.

You can cash out through Paypal with a minimum withdrawal of 3,000 points equivalent to 20 cents.

In Australia my cash out options are as follows;

1. $1 for 10,000

2. $5 for 49,000

3. $10 for 100,000

4. $20 for 193,000

5. $50 for 500,000

Referral Program and Influencer Program

GReward also offers a referral program where you can invite friends and earn 500 points per friend. They provide a referral code that you can use to invite others. Unfortunately the influencer program seems to be broken and not recommended for regular users. Stick to the straightforward referral program instead.

Is GReward Legit or a Scam?

let's address the important question of whether GReward is legitimate or a scam. Based on my personal experience. I recently cashed out around $11 from GReward and within eight hours the money was in my PayPal account. This shows that GReward is a legitimate money making application at least at the time of this review. it's important to note that results may vary depending on your location and the availability of offers and surveys to you. I would recommend downloading the app and testing it in your country to see how it works for you.

Exploring the Offers and Offer Walls

GReward provides an array of offers through its Offers tab. One popular offer wall is Iron Source, which offers various high paying offers. Keep in mind that the higher the reward, the more challenging the offer may be. Fiber on the other hand seems to have fewer rewarding offers so it may not be as worthwhile. Tap Joy offers a bonus system and its offers generally provide decent rewards. It's crucial to compare and choose carefully, as the availability and rewards may differ based on your location.

Playing Games and Watching Videos

GReward's Play tab allows you to earn points by playing games. The Playtime Rewards feature is particularly appealing if you enjoy playing games and want to accumulate points for reaching the minimum withdrawal threshold. The tab also includes opportunities to install apps and earn points by keeping them on your phone for a certain period of time this can be a passive way to earn points.

Additionally, GReward offers the option to watch videos and earn points. The Videos section provides a selection of videos that you can watch in exchange for rewards. It's important to note that the rewards for watching videos are generally lower compared to completing offers or surveys.

Survey Opportunities

GReward also provides survey opportunities through various survey providers. Surveys can be a reliable way to earn points as they often offer higher rewards compared to other tasks. The availability of surveys varies depending on your location. It's recommended to regularly check the Survey section to see if there are any available surveys that match your profile.

Tips and Strategies

Here are a few tips and strategies to maximize your earnings with GReward:

Check the app regularly:

Offers, surveys, and games can vary over time. By checking the app frequently, you increase your chances of finding new opportunities to earn points.

Complete high-paying offers:

Explore the various offer walls and prioritize the ones that provide higher rewards. Keep in mind that more challenging offers may offer better payouts.

Refer friends

Take advantage of the referral program by inviting friends to join GReward. You'll earn additional points for each successful referral which can boost your overall earnings.

Keep an eye on the Playtime Rewards:

If you enjoy playing games take advantage of the Playtime Rewards feature. This allows you to accumulate points simply by playing games and reaching specific milestones.

Stay active and engaged:

Engaging with the app regularly and participating in different activities will increase your chances of earning more points. Keep an eye out for new offers, surveys and tasks that are added to the platform.


In conclusion, based on my personal experience, GReward appears to be a legitimate platform for earning money online through surveys, games, and offers. It provides various cash out options and gift cards, allowing you to choose your preferred method of receiving rewards.

GReward is not a get rich quick scheme and the earnings may not be substantial. If you're looking for a way to earn some extra money in your free time GReward can be a viable option.




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