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Greedy Dragon App Review: Legit or a Scam? (Real User Review)

Updated: Jan 25

Welcome To My Greedy Dragon App Review

You've probably seen a plethora of apps promising to help you earn money by playing games One such app that caught my attention recently is the Greedy Dragon But can you really make money with it Is it a scam or a legitimate opportunity I spent some time with the app to find out and heres what I discovered.

What is Greedy Dragon?

Greedy Dragon is a mobile application available on Android that promises to pay you for playing games The app has a variety of games you can play and you earn ingame currency which can then be cashed out through PayPal or iTunes The apps behavior varies depending on your location age and gender making the earning potential different for each user.

How Does Greedy Dragon Work?

Once you download and install the app youre greeted with a signup bonus of around 4500 coins You can then start playing games to earn more coins Each game has its own rate of earning coins and the app offers a wide range of cashout options from as low as 133 to as high as 26 via PayPal and for iTunes the minimum cash-out is $10, going up to $15.

Ways To Earn Money On Greedy Dragon

There are primarily two ways to earn money on Greedy Dragon:

Playing Games:

The app offers around 10-12 games that you can play to earn coins. Each game has its own earning rate.

Offers Section:

The app also has an 'Earn Through Offers' section, although I personally didn't find this very appealing. I prefer to stick to playing games.

Is Greedy Dragon Free?

Yes the app is free to download and use There are no upfront costs but be prepared to watch a lot of ads which is how the app generates revenue.

My Personal Greedy Dragon Experience

I spent around 1 hour and 30 minutes playing games on Greedy Dragon. During this time, I encountered some issues. For instance, some games did not count my playtime correctly, which was frustrating. I had to watch over 50 ads to reach the minimum cash-out amount. Despite these setbacks, I was able to cash out $1.33 (Australian currency) within two days.

Can You Earn Money On Greedy Dragon?

Technically, yes, you can earn money. However the amount you earn is minuscule compared to the time and effort you put in The app does pay but whether its worth your time is another question.

Is Greedy Dragon Legit or a Scam?

Based on my experience Greedy Dragon is not a scam I was able to cash out my earnings and the payment was processed within two days However the app does have some issues such as not counting playtime correctly for some games.

Is Greedy Dragon Safe?

While I didn't encounter any security issues, always be cautious when downloading apps that promise to pay money. Make sure to read user reviews and do your own research.

Is Greedy Dragon Real or Fake?

Greedy Dragon is a real app that does pay you for playing games, but the earning potential is very low. You'll likely spend more time watching ads than actually making a substantial amount of money.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

The minimum cash-out for coins is around 9,898. I was able to reach this minimum and cash out $1.33 in Australian currency within two days. The process was straightforward, but reaching the minimum took longer than expected due to some glitches in the app.

User Interface and Design

The Greedy Dragon app comes with a fairly straightforward user interface. The games are listed in a grid format, and it's easy to navigate through the various options. However, the design could be more engaging. It's functional but lacks the polish that could make the user experience truly enjoyable.

Customer Support Experience

One aspect I didnt touch upon in my initial review is the customer support offered by Greedy Dragon While I didnt have to contact them for any major issues its worth noting that the app does have a customer support section however, the responsiveness and effectiveness of the support team are yet to be tested.

Ad Experience

While I mentioned that you'd have to watch a lot of ads to reach the minimum cash-out amount, it's worth diving deeper into the ad experience. The ads are often repetitive and can get annoying after a while Some of them are also quite long which adds to the time you'll spend on the app without earning much.

Sign-Up Bonus

The signup bonus of 4500 coins is a nice touch but its worth noting that this amount wont get you very far Given the rate at which you earn coins by playing games the signup bonus is more of a teaser than a substantial head start.

Referral System

The app offers a referral system where you can earn 250 coins for each friend who signs up and 25% of their earnings. While this might sound good on paper, the actual earnings from referrals are quite minimal unless you have a large network willing to spend a lot of time on the app.

Payment Processing Time

I received my payment within two days which is fairly quick However this could vary depending on your location and the payment method you choose It would be beneficial for the app to provide a clear timeframe for payment processing.

Game Variety

The app offers a decent variety of games ranging from puzzle games to action games However the quality of these games is a mixed bag Some are enjoyable and welldesigned while others feel like they were included just to bulk up the game library.

Earning Potential Based on Location

As I mentioned the app behaves differently depending on your location For instance in Australia the app asked me to play games to earn money This could be different in other countries and its something to keep in mind if you're considering downloading the app.

Age and Gender Factors

The app also tailors your earning potential based on your age and gender While I cant speak for everyone's experience its worth noting that these factors could influence the rate at which you earn coins.

Glitches and Bugs

During my time with the app I encountered some glitches particularly with the game time not being counted correctly These technical issues can be a significant drawback especially if you're spending time on the app with the expectation of earning money.

iTunes vs. PayPal Cash Out

While the app offers both iTunes and PayPal cashout options the range for iTunes is much narrower with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 If youre looking to cash out smaller amounts more frequently PayPal is the better option.

Time Investment vs. Earnings

It took me about 1.5 hours to reach the minimum cashout amount which equated to 133 in Australian currency When you break it down the hourly rate is extremely low This is something to consider when evaluating whether the app is worth your time.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, while Greedy Dragon is a legitimate app that pays you for playing games, the earning potential is quite low. You'll spend a lot of time watching ads and may encounter some glitches along the way If you're looking for a fun way to kill some time and earn a little pocket change it might be worth a try However if you're looking for a substantial income this is not the app for you.



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