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Givvy Videos App Review: Earn Money Watching Videos? (My Honest Look)

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction To My Givvy Videos App Review!

Hey everyone, it's Vince here! Today, I want to talk about Givvy Videos and share my experience with this app. Today we'll dive into how you can make money with Givvy Videos, discuss the recent update and explore whether it's a legitimate opportunity or just another scam.

Givvy Videos: Overview

Givvy Videos is an app that allows you to earn PayPal currency and various other currencies by watching YouTube videos.

Is Givvy Videos Legit or a Scam?

Before we proceed, let's address the question everyone wants an answer to: Is Givvy Videos legit or a scam? Based on my experience and research, Givvy Videos is a legitimate app that pays users for watching videos. However, there are certain aspects to consider, such as low earning potential and intrusive ads. It's crucial to set realistic expectations before diving into this opportunity.

Recent Update and User Interface

Givvy Videos recently underwent a significant update so let's take a look at the changes. The app now features a redesigned main menu with categories for different types of videos. Categories vary from comedy and entertainment to how-to, news and politics.

At the top of the screen, you'll see your account balance and the time remaining until you reach the minimum cashout threshold. The app includes a wallet icon, which takes you to the Cash Out page. Additionally, there's a gift icon that allows you to generate instant coins by watching videos. It's worth noting that the number of coins you earn from each video is random and not disclosed beforehand.

Earning Potential with Givvy Videos

The primary method of earning with Givvy Videos is by watching videos. When you select a video, an advertisement may play before it starts. It's important to note that the ads benefit the developers and not the YouTubers, which is unfortunate for content creators. The earning potential from watching videos is relatively low, with only a small number of coins awarded per video.

The app also offers an offer wall section where you can complete surveys and offers for additional earnings. However, these offers often pay very low, making them less attractive for maximizing your earnings. It's crucial to consider the time investment required for the reward offered by each survey or offer.

Cashout Process and Minimum Thresholds

Givvy Videos provides multiple cashout options, allowing you to withdraw your earnings in various currencies. The minimum cashout amounts differ for each option, and the conversion rate is set at 10,000 coins for one cent in USD currency. Some of the available cashout options include PayPal, Coinbase (for Bitcoin), and others. It's important to reach the minimum cashout threshold before initiating a withdrawal.

Givvy Videos Payment Proof

As promised, here's the payment proof from my experience with Givvy Videos. I successfully cashed out 19 cents worth of USD currency to my Coinbase account, and the payment arrived instantly. This indicates that the app does follow through on its promise of paying users for their time and effort.


In conclusion, Givvy Videos is a legitimate app that offers users the opportunity to earn money by watching YouTube videos. However, it's essential to approach it with realistic expectations. The earning potential from watching videos is relatively low, and the offer wall section often provides low-paying surveys and offers. The recent app update has improved the user interface and browsing experience, but intrusive ads can be bothersome.

While Givvy Videos may not be the most lucrative option for making money online, it can be a suitable choice for casual users looking to earn a few extra cents. Remember to manage your time wisely and consider other legitimate money-making applications available.



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