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Can Givvy BlackJack App Really Help You Make Money Playing BlackJack? (Payment Proof)

Updated: Jan 25

Hey everyone, Vince here. Welcome to my Givvy Blackjack review. Today I'll be diving into this money making application by Givvy and exploring whether it's a legit opportunity or just another way to waste your time if you're curious about how Givvy Blackjack works and whether you can actually earn money playing it then keep reading.

Exploring Givvy Blackjack

Givvy Blackjack is available for download on the Google Play Store as with all the other Givvy apps the interface is user friendly and straightforward. The chips you can use for betting and at the bottom you'll see various icons and their functions it's essential to familiarize yourself with these elements before diving into the gameplay.

Understanding the Currency System

Let's talk about the currency system in Givvy Blackjack In the top left corner of the screen you'll see your coin balance which represents the in-game currency. You might think that having 24,000 coins is a significant amount. However when you consider the conversion rate the value diminishes.

The conversion rate in Givvy Blackjack is 10,000 coins for one USD cent. So if we do the math 24,000 coins would be equivalent to just 2.4 cents in USD keep in mind that conversion rates may vary depending on your location It's crucial to understand the actual value of the coins before getting too excited about potential earnings.

Cash Out and Withdrawal Options

If you're considering playing Givvy Blackjack with the hopes of earning real money, you'll want to know how to cash out. To access the withdrawal area, tap on the "Walla" or cash-out feature at the bottom of the screen. Here, you'll find your account balance and the amount of currency required for a single USD cent.

Givvy applications, including Givvy Blackjack, offer multiple cash-out options. You can choose to cash out via Gcash, Coinbase cryptocurrency, Amazon, PayPal and more. It's worth noting that the withdrawal process may not be instant and there could be a waiting period of up to three days.

Referral Program and Starting Bonus

Givvy Blackjack also features a referral program that allows you to earn additional coins. By inviting friends to join Givvy Blackjack through your referral link, you can earn 10% of their earnings when they cash out. Additionally, new users who join through your link may receive a starting bonus of 2 cents.

The referral program can provide a small boost to your earnings it's unlikely to be a significant source of income by any means. The main focus should be on playing the game itself and understanding its potential for generating income.

Gameplay and Betting

Now let's dive into the gameplay of Givvy Blackjack. Tapping the play now button will allow you to play the actual BlackJack game and here is where you can find all the different chips that you can bet with.

During the game, you'll use your in-game currency to place bets. As mentioned earlier, it's crucial to be aware of the conversion rate and bet amounts accordingly. Winning or losing a bet will affect your coin balance in the game, similar to real-life gambling.

Offers and Surveys

Apart from playing Blackjack, Givvy Blackjack offers an "Offers" section where you can potentially earn more coins. However, it's important to approach this section with caution. The available offers often involve completing surveys through providers like CPX Research, Polefish, and Bit Labs.

Unfortunately, the payment rates for these surveys tend to be extremely low. Even if an offer promises a high number of coins, the actual value may amount to mere cents in USD. It's advisable to approach the offer walls with realistic expectations and consider alternative earning methods.

Is Givvy Blackjack Legit or a Scam?

Now, let's address the crucial question: Is Givvy Blackjack a legitimate money-making application? Based on my experience and cash-out process, Givvy Blackjack is indeed a legitimate app. I decided to go with the Coinbase cash out option and within 24 hours I received my cryptocurrency payment. But It's important to note that the cash out process may not be instant as stated on the app.

The Verdict: Worth Your Time?

Now, the big question remains: Is Givvy Blackjack worth your time and effort? While Givvy Blackjack is a legitimate money-making app, there are several factors to consider before jumping in. The low payment rates and the gambling-like nature of the game can make it challenging to earn a substantial amount.

Spending hours playing Givvy Blackjack for minimal returns may not be the most efficient use of your time. There are better alternatives available in the market that offer higher earning potentials. It's important to evaluate your options and consider apps that provide a more rewarding experience.

Conclusion: Explore Better Opportunities

Givvy Blackjack offers a chance to play the classic game of Blackjack and potentially earn some money. The low payment rates and the gambling aspect of the app make it difficult to earn a substantial income and if you're looking for better opportunities I recommend exploring other platforms that offer higher earning potentials and a more rewarding experience.



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