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GemCash App Review: Earn $2 Per Survey Completed? (My Full Experience)

Updated: Jan 25

This Is My GemCash App Review!

Hi everyone, Vince here! Welcome to my GemCash review. Today I'm testing out GemCash to see if it lives up to its promise of fast cashouts and if you are curious about this app please keep reading to find out more.

GemCash Overview

A Closer Look at GemCash Interface

When you launch GemCash, you'll notice a user-friendly interface. In the top left corner of the screen, you'll find your gem currency, which is currently at 220. Just below that, you'll see the PayPal cashout amount. In GemCash, 5,000 gem cash equals one USD dollar. Interestingly, you can cash out up to 50 dollars.

As an Australian user, I must admit that GemCash is quite limited. To acquire more gems, your only option is to complete surveys on the CPX research panel. However, the survey prices are disappointingly low compared to the currency conversion rate. Unfortunately, this is a common trend among money-making applications this year.

Referral Program

GemCash offers a referral program where you can invite friends to join. You earn 100 gems when your friend signs up using your referral code and earns at least one gem. Additionally, you'll continue to earn 30% of the gems your friend earns indefinitely. However, before jumping into the referral program, I recommend listening to the rest of this review.

Cashout Process and Payment Proof

Now, let's discuss the crucial aspect of cashing out your earnings. In GemCash, the minimum cashout amount is two dollars for ten thousand gems. I decided to test the cashout process by withdrawing 30 cents. Unfortunately, I've been waiting for over half a month for my 30-cent withdrawal to be processed. The app claims they are still reviewing my payout.

It's worth mentioning that the delays and lack of transparency regarding the cashout process are red flags. Considering my experience, I advise you to avoid GemCash as it doesn't seem to be worth your time. Even in Australia, where the surveys may pay slightly more, they are still not lucrative. Money-making app standards have significantly higher expectations nowadays.

Comparison with Other Apps

While reviewing GemCash, it's essential to compare it with similar applications. One such app is "Earnly," which, although new, offers multiple ways to earn compared to GemCash's single method. In Australia, Earnly requires 10,000 points to generate one USD dollar, making it slightly better than GemCash in terms of earning options. However, both apps still fall short in terms of earnings.

When we compare GemCash and Earnly to heavy hitters in the market like QMEE, Poll Pay, and AttaPoll, they simply don't measure up. Poll Pay, for example, provides surveys that can pay up to eight dollars in Australia, which is significantly higher than GemCash. It's crucial to understand that not all money-making apps are created equal, and some apps tend to undercut users in terms of earnings.

Is GemCash Legit or a Scam?

After thoroughly testing GemCash, it's safe to say that it leans heavily toward being a scam. The low payouts, extensive delays in the cashout process, and lack of transparency are clear red flags. GemCash entices users with the promise of quick cashouts but fails to deliver on its claims.

While GemCash may have over a hundred thousand downloads, I felt it was necessary to share my experience to save others from wasting their time. If GemCash ever pays me and updates their service, I will revisit it and provide an update.

Payment Proof

Unfortunately, I cannot provide a payment proof for GemCash as I'm still awaiting my 30-cent cashout to be processed after over half a month. This further emphasizes the app's unreliability and questionable practices.

Importance of Choosing the Right MoneyMaking App

When it comes to money making apps it's crucial to compare them against each other because dumping your time into an app that only pays a few cents per survey is not worth it. Developers often take larger cuts than they should resulting in users being shortchanged.

Take Poll Pay, for example. It offers a superior experience compared to GemCash and Only. With Poll Pay, you can earn up to eight dollars for completing surveys, which is a significantly better payout. Moreover, Poll Pay's offer walls provide additional earning opportunities, making it a more versatile option.

It's important to explore the variety of money-making apps available to avoid getting stuck with slow-earning apps. Developers should understand that users deserve fair compensation for their time and efforts.


In conclusion, GemCash is not a recommended money-making app. Its low payouts, extensive delays in the cashout process, and lack of transparency make it an unreliable option. It's best to explore other apps like Poll Pay, which offer better earning opportunities and instant payments.

I hope you found this GemCash review helpful.



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