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Game Tester App Review: Can You Actually Make Money Playing Games?

Updated: Jan 25

In this blog post Ill be sharing my personal experience with an app called Game Tester This app promises to pay users for playing games but does it really deliver Lets find out.

What is Game Tester

Game Tester is an application available on the Google Play Store that claims to pay users for playing games The concept is simple you install various games earn coins for playing them and then convert these coins into real money The app is currently only available for Android devices.

Is Game Tester Free

Yes Game Tester is free to download and use When you join you're given about 3000 coins to start with The number of coins you can earn per minute of gameplay varies depending on the game ranging from 133 coins to as low as three coins.

Ways To Earn Money On Game Tester

There are several ways to earn coins on Game Tester The primary method is by playing games The more you play the more coins you earn Additionally there are bonus challenges for each game that reward extra coins for completing certain tasks there's also a referral program that gives you 3600 bonus coins every time one of your friends joins the app.

My Personal Game Tester Experience

I decided to give Game Tester a try to see if it lives up to its promises I installed a game called Mob Control and played for about 10 minutes During this time I was rewarded with coins at regular intervals which was encouraging However when I switched to another game Tick Tock the app started giving me errors claiming I wasn't actively playing even though I was This was a frustrating experience and made me question the apps reliability.

Is Game Tester Safe

From a technical standpoint Game Tester seems safe to use I didn't encounter any issues with malware or suspicious activity during my testing However the apps reliability is a different story At one point the app stopped recording my gameplay time which is a significant issue since this directly affects the number of coins you can earn.

Can You Earn Money On Game Tester

In theory yes you can earn money on Game Tester However my experience suggests that it might not be as straightforward as it seems Despite playing for several hours and completing various challenges I encountered issues with the apps time recording and error messages that hindered my ability to earn coins.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

After accumulating enough coins for a 5 Google Play Store cash out I requested a pay out Game Tester promises payment within one day but two days later I still hadn't received my money Furthermore when I tried to access the app it wouldn't load past the start up screen After uninstalling and reinstalling the app all my progress was wiped and the Google Play Store cash out option had disappeared leaving only Amazon currency.

Is Game Tester Legit or a Scam

Based on my experience I have serious doubts about Game Testers legitimacy The issues I encountered with time recording error messages and the failure to receive my cash out are significant red flags however some users have reported receiving payments so its possible that my experience isn't universal.

How Does Game Tester Change

During my testing I noticed that Game Tester underwent some changes New games with different bonuses were added and the Google Play Store cash out option was removed These changes occurred without any prior notice which is concerning.

Does Game Tester Pay

In my case Game Tester did not pay Despite meeting the requirements for a cash out and waiting for two days I did not receive my payment This combined with the other issues I encountered leads me to believe that Game Tester may not be a reliable source of income.

In conclusion while Game Tester presents an appealing concept my experience suggests that it may not be a reliable way to earn money If you decide to try it proceed with caution and be aware of the potential issues you may encounter.



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