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Is Foap App Worth Your Time and Photos? My Review

Updated: Jan 25

I've spent some time diving deep into Foap a mobilebased platform where you can sell your photos and participate in various photography missions to earn money. Is it a good way to generate a side income? Or is it just another app that overpromises and underdelivers that's what I'll see now.

What is Foap?

Foap is a mobile application available on Android and iOS that lets photographers monetize their skills and photos. It’s an intriguing concept allowing you to upload your photos or even utilize others' to generate income online. It seems promising but does it live up to its hype? Let's find out.

How Does Foap Work?

After downloading Foap from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store you'll find yourself in a newsfeed like environment showcasing different users and their photos. From there you can explore different tabs that range from missions to photo albums sales tracking and more.

One unique feature is Foap missions

One unique feature is Foap missions competitions that offer cash prizes to the best photos. There are both regular and premium missions the latter requiring Foap coins to participate. Foap coins can either be bought or earned by watching ads.

Is Foap Free?

Yes Foap is free to use. You can upload your photos and participate in free missions without any initial investment. However if you want to participate in premium missions you'll need Foap coins which you can either buy or earn by watching ads.

Ways To Earn Money On Foap

Here are the primary ways to earn:

Photo Sales:

Upload your photos and sell them through the marketplace.


Participate in regular and premium missions to win cash prizes.

Photo Albums:

Create curated albums and earn a commission from sales.

Foap offers a 50/50 revenue share on individual photo sales meaning you get $5 for every $10 photo sold.

Can You Earn Money On Foap?

The straightforward answer is yes you can earn money but how much entirely depends on the quality of your photos and your participation level in missions.

My Personal Foap Experience

I tried out various features including uploading my own photos and even participating in missions. While the server had some issues at the time of my experiment I found the platform relatively straightforward to navigate. My photo of a cucumber plant now sits in the Foap marketplace ready for someone to buy it.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

The app has a minimal withdrawal limit of $5. The available payment method is PayPal and it takes between 30 to 60 days for the payout to be processed.

Is Foap Legit or a Scam?

From my experience and the various features I tested Foap seems to be a legitimate platform. However you'll need quality photos and perhaps some luck in the missions to make significant money.

Is Foap Safe?

While the app doesn't raise any immediate red flags in terms of safety always be cautious about the types of photos you're uploading and who can see them.

Is Foap Real or Fake?

The platform is real with real people buying and selling photos. It’s a vibrant community of photographers and photo enthusiasts looking to monetize their passion.

Mission Deadlines on Foap

One thing I noticed while exploring the platform is that each mission has its own deadline. This is particularly important for anyone looking to participate actively in these missions. Users need to pay close attention to these deadlines to ensure their entries are valid. Missing the deadline would mean missing an earning opportunity so set those reminders!

Foap's Server Reliability

During my time exploring Foap I experienced some server issues that prevented me from uploading a photo for a mission. Server reliability is crucial for user experience especially when you're on a deadline to participate in missions. A glitch or server downtime could be frustrating for users eager to maximize their earnings.

The Importance of Tags and Descriptions

When uploading photos to Foap the platform allows you to add tags and descriptions to your uploads. This is an often overlooked but critical aspect of selling photos online. Proper tagging and detailed descriptions can make your photos more searchable and appealing to potential buyers increasing your chance of making a sale.

Foap's Video Mission Opportunities

Besides still photography Foap offers video missions where you can earn money by submitting video content. This opens up a whole new avenue for content creators who have videography skills. Video missions come with their own set of guidelines and prize money broadening the scope of earning opportunities on Foap.

Currency Conversion for International Users

Foap operates in USD which is something international users should consider. If you're not based in the United States make sure to check how currency conversion fees or fluctuations could affect your earnings when cashing out to your local currency.

Customer Support on Foap

The platform has a 'Support' tab in the main menu but my review didn't delve into the quality of customer service. Timely and helpful customer support is essential for resolving any issues you may face from upload glitches to withdrawal queries.

The Foap Community

Foap isn't just a moneymaking platform it's also a community of photographers. The news feed and user following features make it a social experience. Engaging with the community sharing tips and seeking advice can enrich your Foap experience beyond just earnings.

Foap's Commission Structure

When you make a sale Foap takes a 50% commission. It's essential to consider this when calculating potential earnings. Knowing that you'll receive $5 out of a $10 sale can help you set realistic income expectations.

Foap's Payment Timeline

Foap states that cashing out can take 30 to 60 days which might not suit those who need quick cash. Understanding this payment timeline can help you plan your finances better.

Foap's Plus Membership

In my initial review I mentioned users who have a Plus Membership but didn't elaborate on what that means. A Plus Membership could potentially offer additional features or benefits that might be worth the investment for serious users.

Target Audience for Your Photos

Foap's various missions often target specific themes or niches. Recognizing the target audience for each mission can help you capture photos that are more likely to get chosen thus increasing your chances of earning money.

Foap's Algorithm and Photo Ratings

While the rating feature didn't provide me with coins or tangible benefits it serves to make Foap a better place. I assume it may have some influence on the algorithm that determines which photos get more visibility although this is purely speculative.

Final Verdict

After spending considerable time on Foap I conclude that it's a legitimate platform for photographers or hobbyists looking to earn some extra income. However earning significant money may require a strong portfolio and participation in premium missions. If you're a photography enthusiast with some time to spare Foap could be worth a shot. Just don't expect to get rich quickly.



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