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Can Eureka Surveys App Really Help You Earn Daily Money Through Surveys?

Updated: Jan 25

Is Eureka Survey Payment Proof and Cash Out Evidence Possible?


Hey everyone Vince here welcome to my Eureka surveys review I hope you enjoy let's kick this off this is Eureka surveys for money on the Google Play Store Eureka's surveys has been around for quite a while now and I have to say it's probably one of the most requested survey applications I've been asked to review in quite a long time I have some things that I have to say about Eureka surveys on today's video so I hope you guys stick around I'm also going to be mentioning some other applications as well I feel like you enjoy so this is what Eureka looks like when you first turn it on you'll notice at the top of the screen you have the balance of ten dollars this actually represents the minimum cash out needed as you can see here I only have a dollar and that progress bar has barely moved underneath the progress bar you'll see the surveys that are available to you in your country on Eureka surveys you'll notice that there's a daily Poll for one cent worth of currency and an actual survey that will pay me 25 cents for 11 minutes of my time underneath that we have the urn by playing games area you see here in Australia I actually didn't have this function available so this is brand new so at least I'll get to show you that on today's video as well now if you want to make money by inviting people you have the referral button at the bottom of the screen here you can see the referral system for Eureka surveys if you invite someone you get 10 of their earnings completely for free without affecting them plus a straight up 50 Cent bonus here are the three steps share your code with friends they get a one dollar survey on sign up and the bonus is you guys keep what you earn and the referee AKA myself for this instance gets 50 cents instantly.

Is Eureka Survey Legit Or a Fake Scam?

Here is my code by the way if anyone would like to use it on Eureka surveys to help support my channel by the way the same concept applies to you as well if you all to do the same thing with your friends or family next to the referral button you have the cash out option here in Australia my options are actually quite limited as you can see we have both a PayPal out cash out and an Amazon cash out obviously tapping on the cash out shows me that I need a ten dollar minimum to be able to withdraw from this same exact concept when it comes to the Amazon cash out so quite a high minimum cash out needed for Eureka surveys in my opinion the last button is the account button and here is where you can see your account history top of the screen it shows you your actual account earning history as well as how many surveys you completed you can also level up your earning power apparently by turning on location surveys this is so you qualify for local surveys in your area if there are any plus there are notification settings as well here is where you can set the frequency on what Eureka surveys will notify you when a new survey arrives in theory if you're going to use Eureka survey you'd want to set that to higher course you also have your profile as well according to Eureka survey people that set up their profile can earn up to four times more on their application this is where you simply set up your account information such as your age your gender your job but you guys know the drill if you've ever completed surveys before now.

How about the urn by playing games area let's check out the potential on that okay so here we have the huge list of different offer potentials that Eureka survey is saying that we can complete to earn straight up currency within their application now depending on your country this is going to look completely different but at least here you guys can see the concept of what you can expect when going through this list and at least now you can see some of the prices that I'm able to get here in Australia again I cannot stress that enough if you guys have completed some of these offers on other offer walls there's a good chance you're not going to be able to actually claim any of these offer rewards let me tap on Tiny Dragon Helix Tycoon you can see that if I complete this offer I'll earn 1.69 here's the actual objectives it states that I need to complete level 25 to earn and then you actually have a more in-depth description on what you have to do do you see this area here everyone this is very important because I feel like a lot of people out there don't understand a lot of these awful walls can only be completed one single time from your mobile phone or email address depending on how strict the application is here's an offer for clone Evolution I can apparently earn almost five dollars worth of currency if I manage to collect one orange Hero on this application you'll notice the more expensive offers are usually the hardest ones to complete so that's also something to keep in mind you don't really start these offers thinking you're going to earn some sort of quick reward because that's usually not how it works either when completing surveys or completing offers like this.

It is nice that Eureka survey has the option here you'll notice at the top of the screen as well you have those super quick one minute offers to be brutally honest everyone these little offers here really aren't worth your time in my opinion essentially you want to be looking for something that at least pays a dollar or more that's in my experience to make it even worth your time it's always best to shop around at other offer walls as well which if you don't know where to go just check out my YouTube channel alright so now the big question is is Eureka survey actually legit this is from a huge company that creates these type of survey applications if you didn't know Eureka's survey developers also created survey Spin and Survey pot two more applications that have paid me in the past so I have no doubt in my mind that Eureka surveys is a legitimate money making application but is it actually worth your time here in Australia earning 25 cents for 13 minutes of my time is not worth it at all I barely get any type of surveys on Eureka surveys so while in my opinion the application is legit it's definitely not for everyone it might be good to have on your phone to pick up the occasional survey though but that high Cash Out threshold of ten dollars seems to be too much in my opinion this is survey pop and as you can see here survey pop has a much much better design than Eureka surveys in my opinion number one there's much more surveys for me to complete with higher rewards in my country not only that you have a five dollar minimum cash out instead of ten dollars this makes the experience so much faster in my opinion heading over to survey spin not only do you get bonuses for completing surveys but as you can see there are many surveys available for me to complete as well.

Both survey pop and Survey spin are much better options again there's only a five dollar minimum cash out survey speed I do know for a fact though that you read your surveys survey Spin and Survey pop do pay instantly at least here in my country so when you cash out your reward you will get it straight away now let's just say you don't want to try Eureka survey survey pop or survey spin or it's not available in your country another application that I've used in the past is called G reward this is what it looks like on the Google Play Store G reward is a super straightforward application that has multiple earning opportunities including offer walls and completing surveys here are the cash out options on G reward as you can see we have various different amounts of currency that we're able to withdraw that will get paid to us instantly you'll notice that it goes all the way up to to fifty dollars worth of PayPal currency with an extremely low minimum cash out of 20 cents for three thousand points I want you to keep that number in your head because you're gonna need to know that when I show you the survey area you can also get various amounts of gift cards as well not only that they have a playtime reward area this means that you can install games through the GE reward application to earn points but not only that they also have a playtime rewards area I know a lot of you guys out there love your playtime rewards so thankfully G reward does have that feature.

Whether or not this is actually going to be worth your time is completely dependent on your country again just like a lot of these applications but at least G reward has the feature available just don't expect a lot out of it let's try and complete a survey on ethereum reach so you can see here already we have surveys that are much better than what Eureka survey was offering me as well again there's no guarantee I earn the money because I could get disqualified but it's just fantastic to shop around on different applications this is why I'm starting to say on a lot of videos now here here's the polefish section of G reward again you can see much better options than Eureka survey at least in my country of Australia so what that shows me is that Eureka survey more than likely is not going to be a good option for a lot of people out there in general because I've already shown you three alternative apps that will reward you better than what Eureka surveys will again this is completely based on my own experience but I just had to make that clear I've recently had a lot of questions asking me what do I put down for my survey answers guys it's as simple as this you put down exactly what you do in real life the problem is with these survey application and methods they actually do this kind of like comparison so let's just say you sign up and say you're a doctor then later on when you're answering your survey you say that you're I don't know a mechanic as soon as you enter in an answer that's different to what you signed up with you get disqualified I'm not saying you go out there and just flat out lie but people need to understand that the systems are comparing what you sign up with with what you answer later on I just hope that helps some people out there actually answer their surveys correctly and get paid check out my website and my YouTube channel where over a hundred paying methods not only that if you enjoyed don't forget to hit like subscribe share the video and I'll see you guys tomorrow for another review.



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