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Earn Money: Get Paid Get Cash App Review - Is it Legit or a Scam?

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction To Earn Money: Get Paid Get Cash App Review!

Hey everyone, Vince here. Welcome to my review of the Earn Money app. In this review, I'll dive into the features, earning methods, and overall legitimacy of this app that claims to reward users for completing surveys, playing games, and offers. Join me as I share my experience and thoughts on not only the apps layout and earning potential but even the payment process.

Is Earn Money App Legit or a Scam?

Before we delve into the details, let's address the important question: Is the Earn Money app legit or just another online scam? Based on my experience with the app it is legit and does pay its users. However it's crucial to note that the earning potential and available tasks may vary based on your location, gender and age.

App Layout and Design

The Earn Money app features a straightforward layout and design, making it easy to navigate. Upon launching the app, you'll find a list of different providers and offers to complete. One notable feature is the Playtime Rewards section, which allows you to earn credits by playing games. However, I encountered a significant issue with this feature. Despite initially rewarding me, the app stopped counting the time I spent playing games, rendering the Playtime Rewards useless. It's important to be cautious and consider this issue if you plan on using this feature.

Earning Methods on Earn Money App

Surveys, Games, and Offers

The Earn Money app provides various earning methods, including completing surveys, playing games, and participating in offers. The app operates on a credit-based system, where each task or survey completed rewards you with a specific amount of credits. In my experience, the surveys, games, and offers generally offered a high number of credits per completion. However, it's worth noting that the availability and payout rates of tasks may differ based on your location.

Cash Out Process and Payment Proof

To cash out on the Earn Money app you'll need to accumulate a huge amount of credits. In my case it took 3.5 million credits to cash out around $5 USD. Please remember that the cash out value may vary depending on your country. The app only supports PayPal as the cash-out method, and it took around two and a half weeks for me to receive the payment. While the app did pay me in the end the delay and the need to reinstall the app afterward were frustrating issues.

Referral Program

The Earn Money app features a referral program where you can refer friends and earn additional credits. If your referral earns 50,000 credits both you and the person you refer will receive 50,000 credits. This can be an effective way to boost your earnings on the app if you can actually refer active users.


In conclusion the Earn Money app offers various ways to earn money through surveys, games and offers. While the app is legit and pays its users it's important to consider the potential issues such as the faulty Playtime Rewards feature and the delayed payment process.



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