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Is Earnly App Truly Worth It? A REAL Investigation of Cash Rewards

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction To Earnly - Cash Rewards App Review

Hey everyone Vince here! Welcome to my review of Earnly - Cash Rewards app. I'll dive into the features, earning potential, cash out options and share my personal experience with the app. If you're looking to make some extra money with Earnly keep reading to find out if it's worth your time and effort.

Overview of Earnly

Earnly is a money making application that offers various ways to earn rewards and cash. Upon launching the app you'll notice a sleek design with all the features conveniently located on one page. The top right corner displays your in game balance points. You'll also find the "Play and Earn" area where you can earn rewards by playing games. There are options to watch videos, take surveys, complete offers and more.

Play and Earn

The Play and Earn feature allows you to choose from a range of games to earn points and each game displays the maximum amount of points you can earn and the points per minute generated by playing the game. While there are various games to choose from it's important to note that the currency conversion rate may make the Playtime rewards area less appealing. The highest amount of points currently available is 3,200 which translates to only five cents in real USD currency. Which now you can tell the earning potential through games alone may not be worth the effort.

Earn with Loot TV

Earnly also offers the option to earn rewards by watching videos through the "Earn with Loot TV" section. It's crucial to log into your Loot TV account before proceeding to ensure your points are properly registered. By selecting playlists, such as the food playlist, you can watch videos and earn points. However, the conversion rate for these points is minimal. For instance, 10 Loot TV points equal only 50 Earnly points, which is less than one cent worth of currency. While it's an available option, the earning potential through video-watching is not substantial.

Surveys and Offers

Earnly provides a survey area where you can earn points by completing surveys. However, the pay rates for surveys may vary based on your country. In Australia, the rates appear to be average or below average. The highest paying survey advertised in the app is supposed to reward 22,000 points (approximately $2.20). However, upon attempting to complete a survey, the rates didn't align with the advertised amount. This discrepancy can be disappointing for users seeking higher-paying surveys. Additionally, the offers available through the app may require significant time investment to earn even a dollar's worth of currency.

Cash Out Options and Payment Proof

Let's discuss the cash out options provided by Earnly. The redemption area allows users to convert their points into real currency. 1,000 points equal 10 cents and 10,000 points equal one dollar. The minimum withdrawal limit for PayPal is one dollar while Amazon offers a similar minimum amount. The app also offers various gift card options depending on your country. Not only that but the cash out process requires verification of your mobile phone number. This step is crucial to keep in mind before attempting to cash out.

As for my personal experience, I was able to generate one dollar worth of currency within approximately two hours. Earnly paid me within two days, proving that it is a legitimate application. However, it's important to note that the pay rates are relatively low compared to other money-making platforms available in the market.

Is Earnly Legit or a Scam?

Earnly is a legitimate cash rewards app that does pay users. The earning potential is relatively low and there are better alternatives available. If you're looking for higher paying surveys and offers it may be worthwhile to explore other options in the market. While Earnly's sleek design and user-friendly interface are commendable, the earning potential may not justify the time and effort invested.


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