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Domino Blast Puzzle App Review: Is It Real Legit or a Fake Scam?

Updated: Sep 13

Hello everyone Its Vince here and today I'm excited to share my experience and review of the Domino Blast Puzzle app I am on a mission to test its promises of helping users earn real money and deliver an honest appraisal on whether this early access app delivers on its lucrative claims.

What is Domino Blast Puzzle

Domino Blast Puzzle is a moneymaking mobile app currently in early access It promises users the opportunity to win hundreds of dollars just by playing games Once you install the app it offers a bonus of 200 as a popup which is an interesting start to the gaming experience.

How Does Domino Blast Puzzle Work

The first thing you'll notice is the apps coin based currency system Completing various tasks and playing games earns you these coins there's also a diamond based currency where watching an advertisement earns you diamonds The playtime reward feature of the app which rewards you for simply playing is also intriguing.

Is Domino Blast Puzzle Free

Yes Domino Blast Puzzle is free to install and play You start off with a 200 bonus reward and then you generate coins and diamonds which you can eventually cash out as real money through gameplay and watching advertisements.

Ways to Earn Money on Domino Blast Puzzle

One of the most engaging aspects of the app is the bounty task section This area has a variety of tasks that allow you to generate different rewards typically in the form of coins Watching advertisements or playing certain levels can earn you coins Theres also a rewarded playtime feature where you can earn gold coins by playing various apps offered by the provider.

My Personal Domino Blast Puzzle Experience

I tested out two separate games and managed to generate about 2600 coins In just one or two minutes I earned about 40 to 60 which seemed too good to be true.

Does Domino Blast Puzzle Pay

As you complete tasks and games the app accrues cash that you can see in real time on the top left corner of your screen Once you reach a specific amount you can withdraw it as real money However I noticed that the closer I got to the cash out amount the less cash I started winning This could be a ploy to get users to watch more ads.

Can You Earn Money on Domino Blast Puzzle

In theory yes However its crucial to consider the apps diminishing returns feature and the time you invest To generate significant amounts of coins or diamonds youd have to spend a substantial amount of time playing games and watching ads.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

At about 5400 coins I could cash out 30 cents I could also cash out 50 cents for 10000 coins 1 for 20000 coins and 5 for 100000 coins But when I tried to cash out I got an error message and was unable to withdraw the funds This was a major disappointment.

Is Domino Blast Puzzle Legit or a Scam

Given my inability to cash out its difficult to vouch for Domino Blast Puzzles legitimacy After getting an error message for three consecutive days I started questioning the apps reliability The lack of official contact information with only a standard Gmail account provided further fuelled my scepticism.

Is Domino Blast Puzzle Safe

While the app doesnt seem to pose a security threat the recurring withdrawal error and the general lack of transparency are concerning I was disappointed to encounter these issues especially after investing my time.

In conclusion the Domino Blast Puzzle apps promise of earning money may not be as straightforward or as profitable as it first appears Be sure to weigh the time spent earning coins and diamonds against the potential returns For more legitimate ways of earning money feel free to check out my website and YouTube channel Stay safe and happy gaming.


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