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Is Curious Cat Worth It? My Experience and Instant Payment Proof for Paid Surveys

Updated: Jan 25

This Is My Curious Cat App Review!

Hey everyone, it's Vince here and I'm super excited to bring you my review of the Curious Cat app. This app claims that it has instant cash outs which is a pretty huge statement so today I'm going to be putting that claim to the test and seeing if the Curious Cat app really does live up to the promise. I mean who doesn't love instant cash? It would definitely make life a lot easier for all of us!

Registration Process and Country-Specific Rewards

To use the Curious Cat application in Australia you only need to register your mobile phone number to create an account. The registration process may be similar in your country but I cannot guarantee it. Curious Cat may not be the right option for you especially if you have concerns about sharing your mobile number. The money you earn will vary depending on your country so it's essential to remember this and not set unrealistic expectations based on the earnings mentioned in this video. These survey applications are subject to change based on various factors, including gender and age.

Navigating the Curious Cat Application

Once you've signed up for Curious Cat, you'll notice its simplicity. The surveys are presented in picture form, making it easy to see all available options. These pictures represent the perceived difficulty level of each survey. Tapping on a picture provides a description of the survey, including the points you'll receive for completing it and the estimated time it will take. It's worth noting that the choice of pictures, often food or real-life items, adds an interesting twist to the application's setup. For example, in Australia, a pizza icon usually indicates a high-reward survey that requires more time, while a rainbow picture represents an easier survey with a lower payout. Once you grasp this system, navigating the app should become straightforward.

Referral System and User Incentives

Curious Cat does offer a referral system that allows you to invite friends to join the application. However there are no direct bonuses or rewards for the user referring to others. It's important to note that in this review I am including my referral link but please understand that I do not receive any personal benefits from it. It is unusual for survey applications not to provide incentives for referrals but that seems to be the case with Curious Cat.

Curious Cat Cash Out Talk & Disqualifications

Now, let's delve into how you can earn money on the Curious Cat application and better understand its currency system. The currency system on Curious Cat is quite straightforward, utilizing points as the primary form of currency. As mentioned earlier, these points hold real-life monetary value, with 100 points equivalent to $1.70. Armed with this knowledge you can calculate the amount of money you stand to earn from each survey. When you tap on a survey photo from the list it provides you with details about the survey. By knowing the conversion rate of 100 points to $1.70 you can estimate your earnings for completing that particular survey.

Beware of Disqualifications: A Common Challenge

One significant challenge you may encounter on the Curious Cat app is disqualifications. Despite the recommended survey completion time, I've personally experienced disqualifications even when adhering to the specified time frame. This issue is prevalent across various survey apps, and Curious Cat is no exception. In fact, I've noticed a higher rate of disqualifications on this app compared to others, which surprises me. The strict filtering system used by Curious Cat can be frustrating, leading to disqualifications even with surveys offering higher point rewards. Even surveys with lower payouts, indicated by the rainbow picture, carry a risk of disqualification. Consequently, I recommend focusing on completing the highest-paying surveys available at any given time. In my experience, I've encountered disqualifications regardless of the survey difficulty level, and often, the easier surveys take just as long as the more challenging ones. While your experience may vary based on your country, it's crucial to keep this in mind before using the Curious Cat app.

Earning Potential on Curious Cat: Is it Worth Your Time?

When it comes to online surveys, earning one to two dollars per survey is generally the goal to make it worthwhile. However, on the Curious Cat application, surveys that offer only 20 to 30 points make me question if it's truly worth the time and effort. With no other earning options available on the app, we are limited to completing surveys, which can be quite restrictive.

Survey Availability and Disqualifications

Once you've exhausted the available surveys or faced multiple disqualifications, you're left waiting until the next day for the survey list to update. It's advisable to check the app regularly throughout the day to see if new surveys become available. However, the lack of an offer wall system or alternative incentives significantly limits the earning potential of the application.

The Potential for Additional Features

Imagine if Curious Cat incorporated a rewarded playtime element or an offer wall system. Such additions would provide alternatives for users in countries where survey opportunities are limited. Applications like Free Cash or Poll Pay offer these expanded earning opportunities beyond just surveys. It's a missed opportunity for Curious Cat not to diversify its earning options.

My Experience and Potential Earnings

In Australia, I had a decent number of surveys to complete on Curious Cat. If it weren't for the disqualifications, I believe I could have earned more than two to three dollars while using the application. However, the disqualification rate can hinder overall earnings.

Considering the factors mentioned above, evaluating the potential return on investment of your time is important when using the Curious Cat app.

Curious Cat Payment Proof

Now it's time to talk about my actual cash-out experience with the Curious Cat app. I decided to take a slightly different approach for this review and cashed out multiple times to ensure that the app would consistently pay out. Before diving into the app, I recommend having a verified PayPal account because, without one, your time on these money-making applications may go to waste. In my case, I cashed out three separate times, and I'm delighted to share that the Curious Cat application paid me instantly on every occasion. I must acknowledge and appreciate the developers for keeping their word in this regard. It was satisfying to receive immediate payment for completing surveys. However, the question remains whether the earnings from these surveys are substantial enough. Better-paying survey applications are available with more diverse cash-out and earning options. While I value the instant payment feature, it's important to consider other platforms that offer higher earning potential and greater cash-out flexibility. I hope you found today's review informative, and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.



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