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Crazy Pusher Master App Review: Is It Real or a Fake Scam? (My Look)

Updated: Jan 25

Welcome To My Crazy Pusher Master App Review!

Throughout the years numerous moneymaking applications have emerged promising big pay outs Today I will discuss a particular application that recently surfaced Crazy Pusher Master This application promises pay outs as large as 10000 just to drop some coins on a conveyor belt but is it a legit opportunity or just another scam Lets find out.

What is Crazy Pusher Master

Crazy Pusher Master is a game application promising huge pay outs for playing an ostensibly simple game Essentially its like a typical pusher game but this time its on your smartphone The game consists of dropping coins onto a conveyor belt and then making use of a sorting machine element that supposedly allows you to win even more money almost every five minutes.

How Does Crazy Pusher Master Work

The game uses a token based system as you play you quickly run out of these tokens which are required for the game to continue From here you have two options either you purchase more tokens using the in game currency equivalent to real life cash or you watch an advertisement.

Crazy Pusher Master heavily leans on the ad watching part Whether its the main game a special event or the lucky scratch section where you can win more rewards you'll find that everything is driven by ad consumption.

Does Crazy Pusher Master Pay

The short answer would be highly unlikely Although the application does promise pay outs through various channels like PayPal Cash App and even gift cards for retailers like Amazon and Walmart the chances of actually cashing out these promised rewards seem extremely low.

Ways To Earn Money On Crazy Pusher Master

According to the application there are multiple ways you can earn money The primary way is to drop coins on the conveyor belt to earn rewards Additionally you can sort coins to earn more rewards there's also a lucky scratch section that supposedly offers real life rewards There are also special events promising large rewards such as a thousand dollars PayPal.

Is Crazy Pusher Master Free

While Crazy Pusher Master is technically free to download and play it does have in app purchases These purchases allow you to buy more tokens to keep playing the game which essentially means that you are investing real world money in an attempt to make more in return.

My Personal Crazy Pusher Master Experience

After being bombarded with advertisements promising big pay outs I decided to give the application a try Upon spending some time with it I discovered that the application runs out of tokens very quickly the majority of the gameplay was spent watching ads to earn more tokens.

Can You Earn Money On Crazy Pusher Master

In theory you can earn money on Crazy Pusher Master The game promises hundreds of dollars per minute just for playing However the reality is a far cry from what's advertised From my experience and understanding of legitimate moneymaking apps no real app can promise such high earnings for so little effort.

Is Crazy Pusher Master Legit or a Scam

Based on my experience Crazy Pusher Master has all the red flags of a scam The overpromising of rewards heavy reliance on advertisements and frustrating in app purchases all point to an application that's more interested in farming ad views than providing a legitimate opportunity to make money.

Is Crazy Pusher Master Safe

While I haven't personally experienced any security issues with the app its legitimacy and ethics are indeed questionable therefore I recommend caution when considering whether to download or not.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

The cash out process is another red flag Once you attempt to cash out you are put in a queue for seven days The developers seem to hope that you will go back and try to earn more money while you wait However once the timer hits zero my experience showed that you don't earn anything.

In conclusion Crazy Pusher Master may not be a safe or legitimate option for those looking to earn money online Instead I recommend seeking out reputable moneymaking apps that provide a fair return for your time and effort Remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably is Stay safe everyone.



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