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Cash Runner Review: NEW App to Earn Money Playing Games 2024! (Payment Proof)

Introduction to Cash Runner Ultimate Rewards

Hey everyone, Vince here! I found a new app called Cash Runner Ultimate Rewards that lets you earn money by playing games. I wanted to share my experience and see if it's actually worth our time. Let's dive in and check it out together. I hope you enjoy this review of Cash Runner Ultimate Rewards.

Currency System and Withdrawal Options

When you first launch Cash Runner, you'll see it runs on a Coinbase currency system, displayed at the top of the screen. Checking out the withdrawal options, I have PayPal available here in Australia. For a quick breakdown: $2 USD costs 27,000 coins, $3 USD costs 40,500 coins, $5 USD costs 67,500 coins, and $10 USD costs 135,000 coins. Now that you understand the currency system, let's explore the gaming offers.

Playtime Rewards Availability

Cash Runner does have a Playtime Rewards area, but it seems to be disabled in my country right now. When I joined, they gave me a dollar for free, which was nice. I earned hundreds, if not thousands, of coins through Playtime Rewards before it was disabled. Depending on your country, the availability of Playtime Rewards may vary, so let me know in the comments if you have this option.

Gaming Offers Breakdown

One of the games I played was Empires and Puzzles, which was pretty fun. Cash Runner paid me thousands of coins to play it. Another game I tried was Slotomania Slots. The great thing about slot games is you can leave them idle while they play, and still rack up coins. If you have slot apps available, definitely try them out—they're the easiest way to earn coins.

Exploring Offer Walls for Earning Coins

If Playtime Rewards isn't available in your country, you can check out the offer walls by tapping the task button. Offerwalls have a variety of tasks that pay coins, and depending on your country, the amount you earn will vary. OfferToro, for example, has some pretty good offers, with high payouts for certain tasks. Browsing through these offers is worth it if you want to maximize your earnings.

Watching Videos and Completing Surveys

Cash Runner also has options to watch videos and complete surveys for coins. Luda lets you watch videos, but it’s slower compared to offers. Adgate Media and CPX Research are survey providers that pay thousands of coins for completing surveys. While surveys aren't the highest-paying tasks, they can still contribute to your overall coin earnings.

Super Offers and Leaderboard System

The Super Offers area isn't well explained, but it involves watching ads to earn boosts and unlock the jackpot. Cash Runner also has a leaderboard system where top users get rewarded daily. While the rewards aren't huge, it’s a nice addition. The more you play and earn coins, the higher you can rank and get those daily rewards.

Final Verdict on Cash Runner's Legitimacy

So, is Cash Runner legit? In my experience, yes! I withdrew $7 USD after about 3 hours of gameplay and was paid within 12 hours straight to my PayPal account. At the time of this recording, Cash Runner Ultimate Rewards is legitimate and worth checking out if you're interested in earning money by playing games.

Earning Rewards with Coin Racer Wealth and Treasure

Now, let’s talk about my app, Coin Racer Wealth and Treasure. This app runs on a token-based system. You need 4 million tokens to earn a reward from me, which is $1 AUD to your PayPal account. The tokens have no real-world currency value, but it's my way of thanking you for supporting my game. Select your car skin, collect tokens on the road, and avoid hazards. Join my Discord for a full breakdown, and once you reach 4 million tokens, submit your proof to claim your reward.



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