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Is CashPlay App Really Worth It? My Personal Review

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction To CashPlay App Review

Hey everyone, Vince here! Today, I'm excited to share my review of CashPlay, an innovative money-making application that promises quick PayPal cash. In this blog post, I'll dive into the app's features, payout options, and my personal experience using it. Let's find out if CashPlay is legit or a scam. If you enjoy this review, please hit the like button and let's get started!

CashPlay App Overview

User Interface and Features

When you first launch CashPlay, you'll notice its simplistic and basic design. The app primarily revolves around a few buttons and features. At the top of the screen, you'll find your in-game balance displayed in coins. I had around 2100 coins during my review. Below that, you'll see the payout screen and the account history area. The app also offers a "Take Survey" button, which seems to be the only available option for users in Australia, although it may vary by country.

Minimum Payout and Coin Conversion

CashPlay sets a remarkably low minimum cash out of 15 cents, which is quite enticing. However, the catch is that you'll need to complete surveys to earn these coins. While some people may not enjoy surveys, I decided to go through the process and test out CashPlay for you. On the payout page, you'll find various amounts of PayPal currency that you can withdraw, ranging from 15 cents to $30. The conversion rate is straightforward: 4000 coins equal 15 cents, and 20,000 coins equal $1.

Is CashPlay Legit or a Scam?

Based on my experience, CashPlay is currently a legitimate app. I cashed out the minimum amount of 15 cents and received my payment within a single day. However, there were some peculiarities with the payment. While I cashed out 15 cents, I received 52 cents in USD. Unfortunately, I was then charged a PayPal fee, which was not a favorable outcome for such a low-paying app. Despite this, CashPlay proved to be a legitimate platform at the time of my review.

Earning Potential and Comparison

In terms of earning potential, CashPlay falls on the lower end, especially when it comes to surveys. Surveys are typically the highest-paying methods for online earning, so CashPlay's survey rates are not particularly competitive. The developer should consider improving the earnings to attract more users. However, it's worth mentioning that CashPlay is available in multiple countries, offering earning opportunities where options may be limited.

Alternatives with Better Earning Potential

While CashPlay is legitimate, there are other apps that offer better earning potential for similar tasks. Here are a few alternatives that I recommend exploring:

1. mCrypto Play to Earn Crypto

mCrypto supports both cryptocurrency and PayPal currency. The app operates on a coin-based system, and the conversion rates are more favorable compared to CashPlay. For example, 21,000 M Crypto coins equal $2 worth of PayPal cash. Additionally, M Crypto offers a variety of earning options, including surveys, Playtime rewards, and offer walls.

2. CashBaron Play to Earn Money

Cash Baron, another coin-based app, stands out for its reward-to-time ratio. The app offers higher-paying surveys, and you can earn substantial coins for completing them. CashBaron allows you to redeem your coins for either Amazon or PayPal currency. With surveys paying around $3, this app offers a better return on your time investment.

3. Survey Time

Survey Time is an instant-paying survey application that guarantees a $1 payment for each completed survey. This app stands out due to its simplicity and the fixed payment rate, regardless of survey length or complexity. Compared to CashPlay's 10 to 20 cents per survey, Survey Time ensures a guaranteed dollar for the same amount of time.


In conclusion, CashPlay is a legitimate app that offers an opportunity to earn money through surveys. However, its earning potential is relatively low compared to other apps in the market. While CashPlay may be a good option for those in countries with limited earning opportunities, I recommend exploring alternative apps that offer better rewards for your time.



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