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Is CashPiggy App the Answer To Earn Money Online? (A Real Review)

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction to CashPiggy Review

Vince here today were diving into a review of CashPiggy a money making application available on the Google Play Store! I'm really excited to share this with you especially with all the support youve given me this year were going to explore together whether CashPiggy is a viable way to earn some cash or not Ive gone through the whole process so I can give you the full picture of what its like to use this app!

CashPiggy on Google Play Store

So heres the deal with CashPiggy on the Google Play Storeyou might find it listed as Earn Money Paid Cash Surveys but dont get confused its still CashPiggy once you install it. The app boasts a pretty impressive 4.7 star rating with over 234,000 reviews and its crossed more than 1 million downloads. These numbers caught my eye and I knew I had to see for myself what the buzz was all about Its a platform where you complete surveys to earn rewards and Im here to test if it lives up to its claims!

User Interface and Design of CashPiggy

It's pretty straight forward and user friendly right when you open the app you'll notice its simplicity the points youve earned are displayed in the top right corner. The app has several tabs like Earn Points Redeem Points and Invite and Earn which are self explanatory plus theres a spot where you can enter a friends referral code mines in the description below by the way. The More tab is where youll find your account history and other details like contact info for the apps developers Its a clean and simple layout which makes navigating through the app a breeze.

Earning Points How It Works

It's quite simple really when youre in the app you'll see different ways to rack up points the Earn Points tab is where all the action happens you've got a variety of tasks and surveys that you can complete to accumulate points I explored each of these options to give you a first hand account of what you can expect Its all about completing those tasks and watching your points tally go up.

Daily Free Points and Rating the App

CashPiggy has a neat little feature Every 24 hours you can claim free 10 points its like a daily login bonus also theres an option to rate the application on the Google Play Store It's a quick and easy way to add a few more points to your account these might seem like small amounts but hey every point counts when youre trying to earn some extra cash right.

Survey Opportunities CPX Research and More!

You've got a few different options CPX Research InBrain and BitLab each of these offers a different number of points for completing tasks for instance the CPX Research survey claims you can earn up to 200 points per task while InBrain offers up to 100 points BitLab also pitches in with another 100 points per task. These surveys are where you can potentially make the bulk of your points however I've noticed the rates of disqualification can be quite high which is a common issue with survey apps you have to be patient and persistent I took the time to check out each of these tabs and tried my hand at several surveys to give you a real sense of what youre getting into.

Referral System Explained

You have got this Invite and Earn tab where you can find your unique referral code my code by the way is in the description below you can share this invite message with your friends and when they sign up using your code you earn extra points I noticed that you can earn up to 20 points for each survey your referred friends complete Its a nice way to boost your points without much effort! Currently I havent got anyone referred yet but its a system that could work well if you have a wide social network.

Cash Out Options Explained

CashPiggy provides a couple of options here you can cash out using Amazon gift cards or PayPal which is great because it gives you some flexibility the Redeem Points tab in the app lays out all the options clearly for example for just 250 points you can get a $1 Amazon gift card If you prefer PayPal cash you'll need 600 points for $3 worth 1000 points for $5 and so on there are several tiers so you can choose based on how many points youve racked up.

Minimum Cash Out Requirements

I found CashPiggy pretty reasonable for a $1 Amazon gift card all you need is 250 points the options scale up from there $3 in PayPal cash for 600 points $5 for 1000 points and it goes up the good thing is these minimum thresholds are quite low compared to some other apps I've reviewed this makes it easier for you to actually see some tangible rewards for your efforts without having to wait too long Its definitely a plus point in my book.

Earning Potential Varies by Country

Your earning potential can vary depending on your country this is something I want you all to keep in mind for some reason some of you get upset at me like Im the one making these apps but remember I'm just the reviewer. Different countries have different survey availability and rewards so what works for someone in one country might not work the same way in another Always consider this when youre diving into these moneymaking apps.

Challenges with Survey Apps

high disqualification rates If youve ever used a survey app you know exactly what Im talking about The CPX Research tab for example keeps history statistics on the surveys you complete but often you might find yourself disqualified from a survey after spending time on it! This is a big issue with these kinds of apps despite completing some surveys and earning points the disqualification rate can be frustrating Its part of the game but its something you should be prepared for.

Does CashPiggy Really Pay?

Now the big question is CashPiggy legit and does it actually pay? Well Im happy to report that yes CashPiggy did pay me I cashed out $3 in PayPal cash in exchange for 600 points and to my surprise the payment came through to my PayPal account in about 10 hours So it looks like weve got another legitimate survey application on our hands however keep in mind that while its legit it might not be for everyone. The earning rate per survey could be better and the disqualification rates are high But its worth a shot especially since it does pay out try it out in your country and see how it works for you.




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