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CashPiggy Review: A NEW Simple Earning App! - Legit Payment Proof

Updated: 7 days ago

Hey, Vince here! Today I want to share with you my experience using the Cash Piggy app. As an avid money making app enthusiast I was intrigued by Cash Piggy and its promise to reward users for completing surveys. In this comprehensive review, we will explore the app's features, earning potential, withdrawal options, and determine if Cash Piggy is a legitimate opportunity or just another scam. So, let's dive in!

Introducing Cash Piggy

Cash Piggy, formerly known as "Earn Money Paid Cash Surveys," is available for download on the Google Play Store. With over 1 million downloads and an impressive 4.7-star rating from 234,000 reviews, Cash Piggy caught my attention as a potential source of extra income. I installed the app and set out to investigate its legitimacy.

App Overview and Interface

Upon launching Cash Piggy, I was greeted with a clean and straightforward interface. The main screen prominently displays my points balance in the top right corner. The navigation tabs include "Earn Points," "Redeem Points," and "Invite and Earn." The app also allows users to import referral codes from friends, enhancing the earning potential. You can find my referral code in the description below.

Earning Points on Cash Piggy

The "Earn Points" section offers several ways to accumulate points. There's a daily free 10 point bonus which can be claimed once every 24 hours. Users can earn points by rating the app on the Google Play Store and the app features three survey providers CPX Research Survey, In-Brain Survey, and Bitlab Survey. Each provider offers different surveys with varying point rewards so keep this in mind.

CPX Research Survey

CPX Research Survey claims to offer up to 200 points per task. However, during my review, no surveys were available. It's worth noting that CPX Research Survey has a high disqualification rate, which is a common challenge with survey applications.

In-Brain Survey

In-Brain Survey provides surveys that offer up to 100 points per task. The surveys I encountered while testing the app offered around 50 cents or less upon completion. Although the pay rate is not particularly high, consistent completion can contribute to reaching the minimum cash-out threshold.

Bitlab Survey

Bitlab Survey presents users with various surveys. One survey, for instance, offered 251 points (approximately $1.50) for 12 minutes of participation. Another lifestyle survey promised 612 points (equivalent to $3). However, as with any survey, there is no guarantee of qualification, which I experienced while using Cash Piggy.

Redeeming Points and Cash Out Options

In the "Redeem Points" tab Cash Piggy offers several withdrawal options. For only 250 points users can redeem a 1 dollar Amazon gift card. To cash out $3 via PayPal 600 points are required. Other Amazon gift card options include 3 dollars for 600 points, 5 bucks for 1,000 points, 10 dollars for 1,700 points and 30 bucks for 4,500 points. The low minimum cash out threshold makes it easier and faster for users to earn rewards.

Is Cash Piggy Legit or a Scam?

Now, let's address the burning question: Is Cash Piggy a legit app or just another scam? Based on my experience Cash Piggy proved to be a legitimate opportunity. I received payment to my PayPal account within approximately 10 hours of making the request. It's important to note that while Cash Piggy is legitimate it may not be suitable for everyone.

Pros and Cons of Cash Piggy

To provide a balanced review, let's explore the pros and cons of using Cash Piggy.


Legitimate app with a solid payment track record.

Low minimum cash-out threshold, making it easier to reach redemption.

Clean and user-friendly interface.


High disqualification rates for surveys, reducing earning potential.

Surveys do not offer the highest pay rates compared to other platforms.

Limited earning opportunities beyond surveys.

Alternatives to Cash Piggy

If you're seeking higher-paying opportunities or more diverse earning methods, Cash Piggy might not be your ideal choice. Other platforms like Ysense or Earnably offer surveys that pay higher rates for comparable time investment. Exploring these alternatives can potentially provide a more rewarding and lucrative experience.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

In conclusion, Cash Piggy is a legitimate app that allows users to earn money through paid surveys. Although the earning potential may not be as high as expected, it can still serve as a decent option for earning a few extra dollars. The key is to manage your expectations and be aware of the disqualification rates associated with surveys.

If you decide to give Cash Piggy a try, I recommend patience and persistence. Disqualifications are a common occurrence in survey apps, so don't be discouraged. Also, keep in mind that the earning potential may vary depending on your country.





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