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CASHPIGGY App Review: Is It The Best Way to Earn Extra Cash Online?

Updated: Jan 25

Here Is My CASHPIGGY App Review!

Hey there it's Vince here again! If you're looking for a way to make some extra cash online then you'll definitely want to see as I dive into Cash Piggy an app that promises to help you earn money in your spare time. A major update just rolled out I couldn't wait to give it another try so join me as we explore whether or not Cash Piggy is worth our time and effort.

Payment Options

Have you checked out the cash out page on Cash Piggy yet? It's pretty cool because you can see your points' currency conversion rate into real money. And the best part is that the minimum cashout isn't high which is always a plus when it comes to money making apps. If you take a look here you'll see that for Amazon, the highest point at a time is thirty dollars for 4500 of the points. As for PayPal cash, it's also thirty dollars but only requires 4 500 points. What really caught my attention, though, is that for PayPal, you only need three dollars and six hundred of your hard-earned points to make a withdrawal! In contrast, if you opt for Amazon with just one dollar and two-fifty points, it may not be worth it as compared to withdrawing three dollars with only six hundred points instead- saving about one-hundred-and-fifty additional Points."

Play Games To Earn Money

So now you know how the point system works let's go and check out the earning methods. First things first we have the featured offer area for playtime Rewards. That's right everyone at cash piggy now has a playtime reward area, and I've been asked to actually give my opinion on if I think it's worth our time or not. As you can see straight off the bat here cash bigger is stating that if I play Slots error.

I can earn up to 264 points. That sounds pretty good. But hold on a second guys. If you don't understand, that's only about a dollar worth of currency if you play through the entire application until it stops rewarding you. You guys might not know this in case you're new here or perhaps you don't really use these apps that much, but this is actually quite low on a pay scale.

Scrolling down here, we can see that it doesn't really get much better with other games like Scatter Slots offering only 206 points in total, while Cash Empire offers just as many points at 206 too! Most of these games are paying out less than what they should be, considering the amount of effort people put into them.

CASHPIGGY Payment Proof

You know I was talking to some guys about the methods for generating rewards in this app and they thought you could earn heaps of cash fast so I had to remind them that these types of methods take a long time to generate anything in the first place and something important to keep in mind here. But right now with CashPiggy running a double points promotion between February 6th and 9th, you actually get twice the points for your gameplay!

Without this promotion you would be getting much less than what you're currently earning. This is even more concerning when considering the time to reward ratio. While it's appreciated that they've implemented this system into their application at least for me here in Australia, it doesn't seem worth my time. Maybe things will be different where you are but as of now... let's just say I'm not overly impressed with it.

Earning Methods

CASHPIGGY offers various other methods to earn rewards that include:

1. Video Watching

One way to earn rewards is by watching videos. You can earn 10 points every 24 hours by watching a video while this method may not appeal to everyone it is available for those who are interested.

2.Survey Providers

CASHPIGGY provides three survey providers: CPX research, Brain Surveys, and Bitlab Surveys.

3.CPX Research

CPX Research offers the highest earning potential on CASHPIGGY, with the opportunity to earn up to 200 points per task. However, it is important to note that CPX Research also has the highest disqualification rates, which can be frustrating for users.

4.Brain Surveys

Brain Surveys is another survey provider on CASHPIGGY. While it may not perform better than CPX Research in terms of disqualification rates, it still offers surveys worth up to 144 points for 15 minutes of your time.

5.Bitlab Surveys

Bitlab Surveys, the third survey provider, offers a variety of survey options. However, the earning potential on this platform is not particularly high. The highest amount of points offered for a survey in Australia is around 246 points for a five-minute entertainment survey, but qualifying for these surveys is not guaranteed.

6. Bonus on Bitlab Surveys

Interestingly, CASHPIGGY has introduced a 44-point bonus for 19 days on Bitlab Surveys. However, it is likely that this bonus simply brings the rewards back to the original expected value, and the promotion is designed to create the illusion of a bonus, similar to how supermarkets upsell their discounted products.

Referral System

Inviting Friends and Earning Points

You can also earn points through the referral system on CASHPIGGY. By inviting your friends to join, you receive 20 points for each task they complete, completely for free. Interestingly, when you enter your friend's code, you receive an additional 10 points for free.

The Rules

It's important to note that CASHPIGGY strictly prohibits the use of VPN and participating in surveys with false information. Engaging in such activities will result in a permanent ban and no payouts. Unfortunately, some individuals have misconceptions about using VPNs with money making applications. However, developers generally detect VPN usage and withhold payments, ultimately banning users from the platform. It's widely known that these methods are not worth the time and investment.

Evaluating CASHPIGGY's Potential

While CASHPIGGY can be a fun way to earn a few dollars online, it's crucial to understand its limitations. In comparison to other money making methods, the earnings on CASHPIGGY are relatively low. Based on my previous experience you can expect to earn around one to two dollars per hour assuming you don't get disqualified multiple times. It's essential to have realistic expectations regarding the potential earnings.

Payment and Experience

In my case, I recently decided to give CASHPIGGY another try, and I successfully cashed out five dollars' worth of PayPal currency, equivalent to 1,000 points. Tto disclose that the majority of those points came from referrals I received the payment to my PayPal account within 24 hours without any issues.

Final CASHPIGGY Judgement & Bonus App

Is CASHPIGGY Worth Your Time?

When considering whether CASHPIGGY is worth your time, it ultimately depends on your willingness to endure certain limitations. While CASHPIGGY remains a legitimate option if you're content with earning a few dollars at most per hour, then it may be suitable for you. However, if you're seeking a more substantial income of five to ten dollars per hour, there may be better choices than CASHPIGGY.

Playtime Rewards and Revenue Generation

The addition of Playtime Rewards on CASHPIGGY only contributes to the application's revenue generation. While it's a welcome addition, it's worth exploring other survey platforms like ySense. For instance, on ySense, surveys can pay up to four dollars and ninety cents for just eight minutes of your time. When competing with platforms of this caliber, CASHPIGGY needs to consider increasing its payments to remain competitive.

Potential for Growth and Rating Apps

It's essential for CASHPIGGY and similar applications to tap into their potential for growth. While they may have a low payment threshold due to their limited earnings, they have the opportunity to rival major platforms like ySense. Users can help push for increased payments by rating the application and leaving constructive reviews. These apps, including CASHPIGGY, have room to expand and improve their offerings, and user feedback plays a crucial role in driving that progress.

Is CASHPIGGY Legit or a Scam?

While CASHPIGGY is a legitimate option, its worthiness ultimately depends on one's expectations and income goals. For those comfortable with modest earnings, CASHPIGGY can be a viable choice. However, CASHPIGGY needs to consider increasing its rates to compete with platforms offering higher payments. Users can contribute to this growth by providing feedback and constructive reviews, helping these apps reach their full potential.



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