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Cash Giraffe App Review: Is It Actually Legit? (FULL Details & Verdict)

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction to Cash Giraffe App Review

Hey everyone, Vince here. Today, we're diving into a review of the Cash Giraffe app. This app has been popping up with ads on my phone, and it's got me curious.

We're going to explore whether Cash Giraffe truly pays us for playing games or if it's just another one in the long line of online gimmicks. I'm here in Australia, and I've got first hand experience with this app, so let's get into it and see what Cash Giraffe is all about.

Cash Giraffe's Rewarded Play Time System

Now, let's talk about the core feature of Cash Giraffe - the rewarded play time system. Unlike some apps where you're paid to complete levels, Cash Giraffe rewards me for the time I spend playing games.

It's a system I personally prefer. It's straightforward - you earn coins based on the minutes you spend in a game. It's a refreshing approach compared to other models out there.

Game Selection in Cash Giraffe

Moving on to the game selection in Cash Giraffe. One thing I appreciate right off the bat is the variety of games available Its crucial in these types of apps to have games that you actually enjoy playing nobody wants to grind through boring games just to earn a few cents. Thankfully, Cash Giraffe offers a nice array of games, making the experience more enjoyable.

User Interface and Layout Comparison

Regarding the user interface and layout, Cash Giraffe feels familiar. If you've used apps like Cashmore, Lucky Miner, or Cashy App, you'll find yourself right at home.

The layout is almost identical to these apps. It's very straightforward, with a featured tab for games and a 'My Apps' tab showing your progress and earnings. It's user-friendly and easy to navigate, which is always a plus in my book.

Earning Coins: Understanding the System

Alright, let's break down how the coin earning system works in Cash Giraffe. Its not just about the time you spend playing there's more to it Initially you might think you're earning a steady amount per minute like three cents per minute but it changes.

After the first few minutes youll notice that you have to play longer to earn the next set of rewards It's not a constant flow of coins; the earning rate changes as you play more. This is something I think should be made clearer in the app, as it sets certain expectations about how much you can earn.

The 'My Apps' Tab: Real Earning Potential

Now, focusing on the 'My Apps' tab, this is where you see the real deal about your earnings. It shows exactly how long you need to play to earn the next set of rewards. This is crucial because as I mentioned the earning rate isn't static.

The more you play the longer it takes to earn the next reward Its a bit of a sliding scale which can be a bit misleading if you're not paying attention This tab gives you a transparent view of your progress and earnings from each app.

Payouts and Cash Out Options in Cash Giraffe

Let's talk about cashing out in Cash Giraffe. In Australia, the minimum cash out is 4,999 coins, which can be redeemed through PayPal or iTunes. The maximum cash out at a time is around $27.

It's pretty straightforward, but I think Cash Giraffe could benefit from expanding their payout options, maybe including Amazon or some form of cryptocurrency. It's always good to have more options, especially in today's diverse digital economy.

Welcome Bonus and Referral System

One of the highlights of Cash Giraffe is its welcome bonus and referral system. When I signed up, I received a hefty bonus that almost got me to the minimum cash out immediately. Theres a referral system where you can earn 250 coins for each person you refer and also a percentage of the coins your referrals earn and vice versa.

Is Cash Giraffe Legit or a Scam?

Now, the big question: Is Cash Giraffe legit or just another scam? From my experience, I can say that Cash Giraffe seems legitimate. It's not just about the app's design or features; it's about whether they actually follow through on their promise to pay.

There are a lot of apps out there that claim to pay you for playing games but not all of them deliver based on my use and the results I've seen Cash Giraffe does what it says which is a good sign for anyone looking to earn a bit of extra cash through gaming.

Did I Get Cash Giraffe Payment Proof?

Regarding payment proof from Cash Giraffe, yes, I did receive payments. I managed to cash out quite quickly, thanks to the welcome bonus. My first cash out was around 67 cents, which might not sound like much, but it's significant as proof that Cash Giraffe does pay.

It's always reassuring to see that first payment hit your account, and in my case, it happened without any issues. This adds to the legitimacy of the app and gives a sense of trustworthiness.

Game Availability Based on Country

One thing to note about Cash Giraffe is that the availability of games can vary depending on your country. Here in Australia, I had access to games like TikTok and various other casual games to earn coins.

However, this might not be the case in other countries. It's a bit of a limitation when discussing these apps because what's available to me might not be the same for someone in a different country. This variability is something to keep in mind if you're considering using Cash Giraffe.

Suggestions for Cash Giraffe's Improvement

If I were to suggest improvements for Cash Giraffe, I'd say expanding the payout options would be a great start. Including more diverse options like Amazon vouchers or even some form of cryptocurrency could enhance user experience. Also, I think there's room for improvement in transparency regarding the earning system.

Making it clearer how the earning rate changes over time would help manage users' expectations more effectively. Lastly, diversifying the game selection based on country availability could make the app more universally appealing.

Earning Experience and Rate on Cash Giraffe

Talking about my personal earning experience and rate on Cash Giraffe, it's been pretty straightforward. I installed the games, played them for a set amount of time, and then cashed out to my PayPal account. The big welcome bonus helped me cash out quickly, within about 10 minutes of using the app, although the amount was just around 67 cents.

Its important to note that the earning rate isn't high youre looking at making between one and two dollars per hour at best depending on your country In some places it might even be less than 50 cents per hour So while Cash Giraffe is a legitimate way to earn some money its not going to be a significant income source.

PayPal Integration and Security Concerns

Regarding the PayPal integration in Cash Giraffe, I did have to sign into my PayPal account through the app, which I'm always cautious about.

I'm not a big fan of logging into my PayPal on these money making apps especially when the earnings are relatively small Its crucial to be aware that PayPal has become stricter in its operations so you need to ensure that your account details are accurate and verified Any discrepancies can lead to issues with your account so its something to be mindful of when using apps like Cash Giraffe.

My Final Verdict on Cash Giraffe

So, my final verdict on Cash Giraffe? It's a legitimate app that does pay, albeit not a lot. Its suitable for earning a few extra dollars here and there but its not a substantial income source the app works well the games are enjoyable and the payment process is straightforward.

However the earning rate is quite low and the increasing time required to earn rewards as you play more can be a bit discouraging. If you're looking to make a significant amount of money this might not be the app for you But for those who enjoy playing games and want to earn a little extra cash while doing so Cash Giraffe is a decent option Just go in with realistic expectations about what you can earn.



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