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Cash Cow App Review: Can You Really Make Money? (An Honest Look with Payment Proof)

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction To Cash Cow App Review

Are you tired of playing mobile games that only give you virtual coins and rewards? Well, Vince here with some exciting news. Today we're reviewing Cash Cow an app that promises to pay us real money for simply playing games! Yes it sounds too good to be true but I'm here to investigate whether this app is legit or just another scam. So buckle up and let's dive into the world of Cash Cow on Google Play Store!

How It Works

The concept behind Cash Cow is simple. Users install recommended games, such as Scratch Cards Pro, and earn coins for every minute they play. Initially, the coin generation rate is high, but it gradually becomes more challenging to generate coins the longer you play. The application's library area keeps track of the games played, total playtime, and the coins earned.

Coin Generation and Game Variation

Cash Cow offers a range of games for users to play, each with different coin generation rates. For example, Coin Master yielded 25,000 coins after 1.4 hours of play, while Die Streams generated 2,100 coins in almost 20 minutes. However, it's important to note that coin generation rates vary significantly between games, with lower rates as you progress down the list. This discrepancy in earning potential is a drawback of playtime reward applications.

Cash Out Options

Cash Cow provides various withdrawal options, with PayPal being one of them. The minimum cash-out amounts for PayPal are as follows:

  1. 5,000 coins: Almost $1

  2. 10,000 coins: Almost $1.50

  3. 25,000 coins: Approximately $3.50

  4. 50,000 coins: Almost $7

  5. 100,000 coins: Around $13

  6. 140,000 coins: Nearly $20

  7. 182,000 coins: Close to $30

Interestingly, Cash Cow offers a welcome bonus of 4,499 coins, making reaching the minimum cash-out threshold relatively easy, especially with high-earning games like Coin Master. This means users in Australia could potentially cash out within five minutes of playing Cash Cow. However, there are some issues to consider.

Drawbacks of Cash Cow

Despite its potential for quick cash-outs, Cash Cow has its shortcomings. One significant concern is the substantial difference in coin generation rates among games. Additionally, as users progress down the games list, the earning potential significantly decreases. This inconsistency in rewards can be frustrating for users.

Issues with Cash Cow app

Upon launching the Cash Cow app to check their account balance, the user discovers a concerning discrepancy. Despite playing Scratch Cards Pro for several minutes and earning 502 coins, their account balance remains unchanged. They highlight that the wallet has not been updated since January 20th, 2023, and no other game activities have been recorded except for Coin Master credits.

Unrecorded Playtime and Missing Credits

The user expresses frustration over the app's failure to record their playtime and credit earnings accurately. They estimate spending approximately two hours playing various games within Cash Cow and anticipate having accumulated over 30,000 credits. However, based on their wallet and withdrawal history, they find that only the Coin Master credits were properly registered. The app also did not pay them the full amount owed for their Coin Master gameplay.

App Performance and User Experience

Reflecting on their experience, the user shares their disappointment with Cash Cow's performance and lack of communication regarding account issues. They question the app's validity and express concerns about its presence on the market, particularly its inability to record game time and provide adequate user support accurately.

Cash Cow Payment Proof

Despite the mentioned issues, the user notes that Cash Cow did successfully pay them without any problems when cashing out approximately $2.50 AUD to their PayPal account. They emphasize that the payment was processed promptly, within one day.

Is Cash Cow Real Legit or a Fake Scam?

Cash Cow, despite paying out successfully, has become essentially useless on their mobile phone due to its limitations regarding multiple accounts. They perceive the app as another low-paying option in the realm of money-making applications and caution users against investing significant time in it. They also express concerns about the future of such applications in 2023, citing broken functionalities and the potential for them to devolve into per-level basis systems.

Referral System and Free Starting Bonus

Cash Cow does offer a referral system, allowing the user to earn additional coins and receive a percentage of the coins earned by their referrals. They provide their referral link for interested readers and note that the option to try Cash Cow exists, albeit with caution due to the user's own experience.



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