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CashCamel App: A Legit Way to Earn or Just Another Scam?

Updated: Jan 25

Here Is My CashCamel App Review!

Welcome to my CashCamel Review! This money making app is promising that we can earn some fast cash by completing surveys but as you will soon find it I think that it may not be for everyone and I will list you exactly why on this post.

How CashCamel Works

Let's take a look at the interface of CashCamel when you first turn it on. The application features a simple and intuitive design with surveys displayed prominently in the middle of the screen. Each survey offers a different payout which may vary based on factors like your age, country, and gender. While the surveys shown in this video are specific to my location in Australia your survey options will differ accordingly. On average I've found that each survey can generate approximately 30 cents in cash rewards. Throughout the day CashCamel presents a mix of random surveys as well as options from specific providers.

In Australia, I have access to the affiliate and choose surveys, which lead to different survey providers. When attempting the affiliate survey, the application provides details about what to expect. Clicking on the survey redirects to Google Chrome and then brings me back to Cash Camel, indicating that either surveys are unavailable at the moment or there might be a temporary issue with that specific affiliate.

Alternatively choosing the 'choose a survey' option brings up another survey provider where I also earn an average of 30 cents per survey. If I happen to fail a survey I receive a compensation of two cents. Users familiar with CPX Research will find this survey provider quite similar as it appears to be Cash Camel's version of CPX Research. As the offered prices show the average payout remains around 30 cents per survey give or take. In the top left corner of the screen you'll find your account balance while the right side has your account settings including the option to delete your account. At the bottom of the screen there are four different tabs and for now let's tap on the withdrawal tab.

CashCamel Cash Out Option

Now, let's take a look at the earnings section on Cash Camel. Here, you can view all the currency you've accumulated. It's important to note that Cash Camel currently supports PayPal withdrawals exclusively, and there is a minimum cash out requirement of $10. From a survey completion standpoint, the cash out threshold on Cash Camel appears relatively high compared to other platforms I will discuss shortly. Given that the average survey earnings on Cash Camel are around 30 cents, it may not be the fastest option for earning cash through surveys. However, I will delve into other platforms that offer quicker earning opportunities in just a moment.

Earning Experience

Another aspect to consider with CashCamel is that the earning rates may vary depending on your location. It cannot be emphasized enough with a minimum cash out threshold of $10 some individuals might find it challenging to reach that amount within a short period of time and it may take even longer in certain cases.

While I could potentially achieve it in a day here in Australia, it's important to explore the numerous options available to us in today's digital landscape. Moving on to the bottom of the screen, you'll notice a location button that provides additional functionality within the Cash Camel application. According to their information, they offer five cents for each location-based notification they send you. You have the option to enable your location settings; however, when attempting to activate this feature, I encountered some issues with the permission choices. Perhaps I made an error, but the functionality is present for the purposes of this review. Now, let's test Cash Camel's claim of accurate survey completion times by attempting a music listening habits survey for 20 cents. The estimated time for this survey is four minutes, but let's see if Cash Camel's timing is accurate.

The initial screen you encounter when you select a survey to complete, and now the questions begin. I'll be back shortly. And just like that within three minutes (not even four), I was able to earn that 20 cents. Simply tap 'claim' to proceed.

Is CashCamel Real Legit or a Fake Scam?

I'm pleased to note that Cash Camel's timers are fairly accurate. The time displayed on the timer generally aligns with the actual duration of the survey. It's crucial to manage your time effectively and prioritize surveys that offer the best value for your time. For instance spending 29 minutes for just 35 cents may not be worth it whereas investing 14 minutes for 50 cents is slightly better but still relatively low paying.

With Cash Camel it is possible to earn money by completing surveys without significant issues. There is enough evidence available online to support this however whether it's truly worth your time depends on your country of residence and how much time you're willing to dedicate to surveys. I think better options are available, such as those listed in my website YouTube channel and recently uploaded video on the top 36 paying apps. Cash Camel while not a bad application does have the downside of offering relatively low-paying surveys and the minimum cash out threshold of ten dollars is quite high.



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