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Bitcoin Hit App Review: Beat The Boss & Earn PayPal Money! (Worth It?)

Updated: Jan 25

Intro To My Bitcoin Hit App Review!

Hi everyone Vince here! Welcome to my personal review of Bitcoin Hit a fascinating app that allows you to earn both Bitcoin and PayPal currency. Today, I'll walk you through its features and demonstrate how it works. But before we dive in let me assure you that Bitcoin Hit is a legitimate application that pays out real money. So, let's get started!

Getting Started with Bitcoin Hit

When you launch Bitcoin Hit, you'll notice that the top left corner of the screen displays your in-game currency, which represents actual money. To the right of that, you'll find your daily energy meter, which provides you with 20 attempts to earn PayPal money through Bitcoin Hit. While you can also earn cryptocurrency through this app, for today's review, we'll focus on the PayPal option.

Additionally, there's an Apple currency within the app, which we'll explore later in this post. You'll also find a gift button that rewards you with free apples every eight hours. Make sure to take advantage of this feature!

Understanding the Currency System

To gain a better understanding of the earning potential in Bitcoin Hit let's take a closer look at the currency system. By tapping on the menu button in the top right corner, you can access the account page. Here you can customize the app's sound and vibration settings which of course can be helpful for people that don't want sound or vibrations (I not personally as I find it get's annoying lol!)

Moreover by entering a referral code, you receive a generous bonus of 1000 points. Underneath that, you'll find your own referral settings, where you can track the people you've invited and the amount of points you earn when they cash out. You can find my referral link in the video description, along with the code for your free 1000 points.

Your account balance displaying your total number of coins is also visible on this page. Additionally you can explore the "More Games" section, which we'll discuss later. But for now let's head over to the cash out area.

Minimum Cash Out and Withdrawal Options

Bitcoin Hit impresses with an incredibly low minimum cash-out amount of just two cents in United States currency. This low threshold makes it highly accessible and exciting for users. Looking at my account, you'll see that I have 86,000 coins available for cash out. While you can cash out in blockchain (cryptocurrency), I currently don't have enough coins for that option.

However, I can tap on the PayPal area and cash out my eight cents in United States currency. Keep in mind that my balance reflects previous cash outs made for other video reviews I've conducted. But before I reveal whether I received my payment let's explore the gameplay experience and earning potential.

Gameplay Experience and Earning Potential

Living in Australia I'll use up all 20 of my energy attempts to showcase the impact on my account balance. Starting the game mode is as simple as tapping the play button. The objective of the game is straightforward: throw knives at the logs without hitting the same sword twice. It's a concept that's easy to understand and I feel anyone get can used to straight away haha!

If you do hit the same sword twice, a screen prompts you to either watch an advertisement to continue or start a new game. Opting for the advertisement rewards you with coins, which is a fantastic bonus. To keep track of the swords you need to throw, they're displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen.

As you progress you'll encounter stages 1, 2, 3, and 4, followed by a boss fight. Sometimes spinning apples appear on the logs and tapping them allows you to collect them. While the exact purpose of these apples is still unclear, they might be useful for changing the appearance of your sword, although I haven't found that option yet.

After triggering the boss fight you'll face a more challenging scenario with two swords already in play. Successfully defeating the boss prompts you to watch an advertisement which is essential for earning coins. If you choose not to watch the ad, you won't receive the coins.

After watching a single advertisement, I was awarded 4817 coins, roughly equating to half a cent in United States currency. Returning to the main screen, you'll notice that my energy meter decreased by one. It's worth mentioning that the longer you play, the fewer coins you generate per advertisement. Let me play through about 10 levels to showcase the coin generation.

Coin Generation and Earning Potential

With only eight energy levels remaining, I've watched approximately 12 advertisements, and my balance now stands at 132,000 coins. Navigating to the cash-out area and converting my balance reveals that I can now withdraw 12 cents in United States currency to my PayPal account or cash out in cryptocurrency through Coinbase. Therefore, the minimum cash-out for crypto is around 10 cents.

As mentioned, the coin generation per level decreases over time as you consume more energy throughout the game. Let me progress through a few more stages to demonstrate the coin generation rate.

After completing the boss fight and watching another advertisement, I generated 3399 coins, which is slightly less than half a cent in United States currency. Although not the highest payout rate, it's certainly better than other money-making game applications I've encountered.

Other Earning Opportunities and Offers

In addition to gameplay, Bitcoin Hit offers other earning opportunities. However, I must admit that I find the survey payouts and offers to be quite low on this platform, as well as with other apps from these developers. Completing full-length surveys often yields only around 10 to 15 cents, which is disappointing.

For now I recommend avoiding the offer walls as well. The developers need to increase the payouts to provide a more rewarding experience for players. It's important to remember that 100,000 coins are only worth 10 cents, so these surveys and offers need to be more lucrative.

However, you can also explore the "More Games" section, where you can access Sweet Cash and Park Inc. It's worth noting that your account balance carries over to these games if you sign in with the same account. So, with Bitcoin Hit, Sweet Cash, and Park Inc, you have a total of 60 attempts per day to earn PayPal money.

Verdict: Bitcoin Hit is Legitimate and Pays Out

In conclusion, I have cashed out multiple times from Bitcoin Hit, Sweet Cash, and Park Inc, and I received my payments without any issues. At the time of this recording, these three money-making applications are 100% legitimate and provide fast payouts, typically within a day.

The amount of money you can earn with Bitcoin Hit depends on your country. Here in Australia, I can average around 30 cents in United States currency per day by completing 60 levels across these apps. While it won't make you rich, it's a great way to earn some pocket change.



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