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7 LEGIT Apps That Pay FREE PayPal Money In 2024! - Payment Proof

Introduction to Money-Making Apps

Hey everyone, Vince here! Today, I'll be talking about some moneymaking apps that have paid me PayPal cash in the last month or so. You guys wanted this video, so now you got it. I hope you enjoy! I've tested various apps to see which ones are still legit and paying, and I’m here to share my experiences and tips with you.



Honeygain: Passive Income Using Your Internet

The first application I'm going to be talking about is called Honeygain. Now, Honeygain is a passive money-making application that uses your phone or internet data to generate real PayPal cash. The thing is though, with Honeygain, it's a very slow earning platform in my opinion. It usually takes about a month or so to generate $5 to $10 worth of USD currency with one single device in one household.

I find the best way to generate more PayPal money per month is by adding more devices on separate IP addresses. So, what that means is you need to have phones either on a different network altogether, like one using mobile data and one using your Wi-Fi, or you use your friends' or family's phones if they allow you to and add them to your account. Because the more devices you have on your account, the more money you actually generate.

A lot of people don’t tell you that Honeygain depends heavily on your country, so earning rates are going to be completely different depending on where you live and the device itself. I recently cashed out on Honeygain, and I was paid within about 2 to 3 days straight to my PayPal account without any issues whatsoever. They do need you to actually verify that you're a real person with a mobile number, and I've heard in some cases they even require ID, so please keep this in mind. If you're big on privacy, Honeygain may not be for you because you are letting them use your internet connection for their specific needs.

Freecash: High-Paying Survey and Offer Platform

The next money-making platform is called Freecash. Freecash is probably one of the most well-known money-making platforms on the internet right now. It has some of the highest-paying offers, I think, in the world when it comes to get-paid-to platforms. You can easily earn between $10 to $20 USD per day completing surveys and even offers, at least here in Australia.

With these types of money-making platforms, the country is very critical. Just because you see someone making good cash in their own country doesn’t mean you'll be able to do the same. I treat any type of get-paid-to platform as essentially a beer money type of platform where you're not really going to earn serious cash, but combined with other platforms and money-making methods, you can really get something good going.

Freecash has over 20 different cash-out methods here in my country of Australia. I have to say, I can easily earn $10 minimum USD per day by completing surveys alone. Just recently, I cashed out $200 worth of USD currency and was charged a $10 PayPal fee. Within one single hour, I was paid straight to my PayPal account without any issues whatsoever. Freecash is very consistent with their cash outs, and I absolutely love how high some of their offers go. They do require verification, whether it be an ID depending on your country or a mobile number, from what I've seen.

Lovely Plants: Earn with Playtime Rewards

Next up, we have the money-making app Lovely Plants. Lovely Plants is one of these little money-making applications that actually does have some decent potential depending on how much effort you put into it. They run a coinbase currency system where 20,000 coins equal $2 worth of USD currency, which means $2 is the minimum cash out.

I've had some pretty good success with Lovely Plants’ playtime rewards area, but that's because here in Australia I get some pretty good rates. In your own country, you may have better or worse rates, but what I like about Lovely Plants is their consistency when it comes to cashing out. They do allow PayPal withdrawals, and I am happy to say I was paid out some PayPal cash recently in the last few days.

Something I want to make clear here is that a lot of the cash is generated through referrals. I've been posting about these apps for many years, but I like to check back on them to make sure they're still paying. Lovely Plants is still paying, and they actually still have various offer walls and survey providers you can go through to earn PayPal money every single day. They do take about 3 days to pay their users, so don't expect to get paid instantly, but they will pay you.

Crossplatform Streams: Issues with Account Ban

Now I want to talk about an app that's currently let me down quite a bit. The next application is called Crossplatform Streams. When you launch it, the whole goal is to generate G coins by watching streams, whether it be on Kick, Twitch, YouTube, etc. A few months ago, I covered the application, and all was going well. I was paid out without any issues.

However, heading back to it now, I've run into a few problems. In the top left corner of the screen, you can see I have $381 worth of USD currency. For some reason, the system on the Streams platform has completely banned my account. Think about this: I've covered the application once for a video, been paid by them a few times, and now, heading back to the application for today's video, I find this message. I cannot withdraw my money because I violated some terms and service agreement, which I have no idea about.

I've contacted their support to see what's going on, but for now, I'm not touching any Givvy application until this is sorted out. I recommend you guys do the same. Just giving you a warning about the apps.

Coin Racer Wealth and Treasure: Community Giveaways

Speaking of apps, my own little application, Coin Racer Wealth and Treasure, has just given out its first big set of prizes. If you don't know what I'm talking about, this is Coin Racer. The goal is to survive for two minutes without crashing into anything. While you're doing this, you pick up tokens and coins. When you reach 3 million of the coins and tokens, I reward you as a thank you.

While this isn't necessarily a money-making app, as there's no real value to the tokens, I can still thank you by entering you into giveaways through my Discord community. We just gave out $75 worth of Australian currency and rewards last night for the monthly giveaway. If you haven't tried Coin Racer yet and it's available in your country, give it a shot and see how you go.

Lootup: Earn Points and Cash Out Easily

Next, we have Lootup. Lootup has been around for many years and runs on a point-based currency system. 1,000 points convert into $1 worth of USD. Something I love about Lootup is they have various cash-out methods with a very low minimum of around $1 USD for PayPal cash.

I was paid out around 2 days ago straight to my PayPal account without any issues, $17 worth of Australian currency. Lootup has various ways to generate points, whether it be surveys or offer walls. They even have a playtime rewards section and a giveaway area if you're interested. I think their playtime rewards can be improved, so I'd mainly stick to the surveys and offer walls. They usually require verification, whether it be a mobile phone or face ID, depending on your country.

Attapoll: Instant PayPal Cash for Surveys

Next up, we have Attapoll. Attapoll has been featured on the channel many times throughout the years. It’s still one of my favorite ways to get paid by completing surveys. Recently, they did a big update to change how the graphics look on their platform, and I have to say, the layout is much easier to understand and very straightforward.

One of the most appealing features of Attapoll is their instant PayPal cash-out system. You complete surveys, get to $5 worth of Australian currency, and then you can cash out instantly to your PayPal account. They also support gift cards and even Revolut. They do need a mobile number for verification. Highly recommend you try it out. You can find my referral code in the description below if you want a $1 joining bonus.

GReward: Multiple Earning Methods with Low Cash Out Minimum

Lastly, we have GReward. GReward has been around for quite a while and has many different ways to earn PayPal money. It has a very low minimum cash out of around 30 cents worth of currency, which is nice to see. Sometimes it may be disabled if they are having system issues, but usually, the dollar cash out is always available.

I've had no worries at all when it comes to cashing out with GReward. They recently paid me instantly to my PayPal account, which is why I'm recommending it today. They support instant PayPal cash and have various survey providers, playtime rewards, and offer walls. They do need you to submit a selfie verification photo, so keep that in mind. All things considered, GReward is a legitimate money-making platform that pays instant PayPal money. It may not be for everyone, but it is legitimate in my experience.



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