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4 New Apps To Make PayPal Money In 2024 - Are They Actually Worth It?

Introduction to 4 Money Making Apps That Pay PayPal Cash!

Hey everyone it's Vince here. Today I'm diving into the world of money making apps that claim to pay out PayPal cash. The big question is are these apps truly worth our time? I'm here to share my insights and reviews on a few select apps that have caught my attention.

Review of Money Plus: Earning Options and Cash Out Details

First up on my list is Money Plus. Right off the bat when you launch Money Plus you're greeted with a straightforward and easy to-understand design which is always a plus.

It operates on a coin based currency system. Currently I've got 610 coins. The app boasts a variety of ways to earn coins from playing games that unfortunately don't offer playtime rewards in my area but do include lucrative offer walls, to watching ads that frankly aren't worth the time for the mere three coins they offer.

Diving into the cash out options it's pretty clear that choices are somewhat limited at least here in Australia with PayPal and Amazon being the main outlets. The minimum payout for PayPal is $1.70 which translates to 10,000 coins, whereas Amazon offers a lower threshold. What intrigued me is the slight discount for withdrawing larger amounts of currency encouraging users to build their account balance.

Despite some discrepancies in the minimum cash out amounts advertised versus what's available to me the low minimum cash outs are a welcome feature not often seen these days. My experience cashing out was seamless with instant payment which is always a delightful surprise. Money Plus in my eyes is definitely worth a look especially if you're into completing offers.

Tap Champs: First Impressions and Earning Potential

Moving on to Tap Champs an app that's new to my radar as it's only recently become available in my country. With over a million downloads and a rating of 3.3 stars my expectations were mixed. Tap Champs operates on a diamond based currency system complemented by a game medal system for earning bonus diamonds. Although contests and raffles aren't available in my region the daily streak bonus for playing games is a straightforward way to accumulate rewards.

My first impression? I got an instant Mistplay vibe from its layout and features. The earning potential through playing games is based on completing checkpoints which rewards you with diamonds and the cash out options seem to demand a significant amount of gameplay for a $5 payout which is a bit discouraging.

Despite its reputation and the earning bonuses occasionally offered the limited variety of games available to me makes it less appealing for long term engagement. Nonetheless Tap Champs appears to be legitimate paying out its user base as promised. But as it stands it might not be the best fit for my current situation.

Givvy's Coin Collector: Solo and Group Earning Explained

Next on my exploration of money making apps is Givvy's Coin Collector. This app has piqued my interest especially with its unique approach to earning through both solo and group efforts. When you launch Givvy's Coin Collector you're introduced to a user friendly interface that immediately shows your coin balance. You're presented with two main earning avenues the solo earning area and the group earning area alongside other opportunities to boost your earnings.

The solo earning area is straightforward you create a room and earn as much as you can whenever and wherever. This concept intrigued me as it promises flexibility in earning on your own terms. The app offers a boost in earning speed if you install two applications from their advertisements although in my experience this hasn't always been effective.

The group earning option allows you to invite friends to join your room, potentially increasing your earnings through teamwork. This aspect of Givvy's Coin Collector introduces a communal element to the app making earning a more interactive experience.

Analysis of Givvy Coin Collector's Earning Speed and Withdrawal Options

Diving deeper into Givvy's Coin Collector the earning speed and withdrawal options warrant a closer look. My current earning speed stands at 55 Givvy coins per hour which translates to 55 cents USD. While this may seem modest, it's the potential for incremental growth that catches my eye. I've noticed that the earning rate can fluctuate often decreasing over time which is something to keep in mind.

When it comes to cashing out Givvy maintains a consistent system across their apps. The minimum withdrawal is pegged at 10,000 coins equivalent to $1 USD for PayPal cash outs which is fairly standard. The app offers a variety of withdrawal options catering to different preferences. Yet it's the earning potential relative to the effort required that stands out to me. While Givvy Coin Collector appears legitimate and promises instant payouts the varying earning rates across different countries could affect its overall appeal.

Introduction to Givvy Bingo: Gameplay and Earnings

Finally let's talk about Givvy Bingo, the latest addition to Givvy's suite of apps. It's no surprise that Givvy has ventured into the Bingo arena and I was eager to see how this app stands out. Upon launching Givvy Bingo you're thrust into a game hoping to score Bingo before anyone else. The interface displays your balance, the numbers being called, and the prize pool making it easy to follow along.

The gameplay is straightforward, with ads playing in the background as you wait for your numbers to be called. The rewards for not achieving Bingo are minuscule to say the least highlighting the challenge of winning against a large number of participants. While Givvy Bingo also features offer walls and a referral system the low prize pools currently available make it a less enticing option for earning. Despite this the promise of instant payouts remains a consistent draw across Givvy's apps.

Final Thoughts on Each App's Legitimacy and Payouts

All things considered each app has its merits. Money Plus surprised me with its instant payouts and decent task variety. Tap Champs though limited in my region has proven to be a legitimate option with potential bonuses. Givvy's offerings while innovative with the solo and group earning concepts have a fluctuating earning speed and lower payouts that might deter some users. Their legitimacy isn't in question they do pay out albeit with some caveats regarding the earning rates.



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