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3 Simple Apps That Actually Pay You! (Real Look)

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction to 3 Simple Apps That Actually Pay You!

Hey everyone, Vince here! Today, I'm excited to share with you three simple apps that genuinely pay you for your time and effort. These aren't just any apps; they're ones I've personally tried and testeqd. So, if you're looking to make some extra cash online, you're in the right place. Let's dive into these apps and see how they can put some money in your pocket!


Let's talk about Mistplay, an app that's all about earning while playing games. When you first launch Mistplay, it's pretty straightforward. The cool part? You can earn real money just by playing games on your mobile phone. Now, the earning potential does vary based on your location, but it's pretty engaging regardless.

In Mistplay, your account balance is shown in game experience, or GXP, which essentially acts as your currency. Each game on Mistplay offers different amounts of GXP, depending on how long you play. Some games are more generous than others. It's all about finding those games that offer more GXP for your time.

The app has a vast selection of games, over 50 last time I checked, across various genres. So, you're not just stuck repeating the same games. And here's a tip: keep an eye out for special bonuses. For instance, there was a huge bonus for playing Coin Master, boosting the earning speed significantly.

Earning in Mistplay is based on a checkpoint system. You need to reach certain levels of GXP, and passing each checkpoint rewards you with more GXP. But remember, as you progress, reaching the next goal gets tougher.

For redeeming your GXP, Mistplay offers a range of options, from Amazon currency to prepaid Mastercards, and even some cool avatars. They also have a daily streak system and an account rank system, which can boost your earnings if you're making in-app purchases.

So, is Mistplay worth it? From my experience since November 2020, I've cashed out over $15 to $20 without any issues. The payout is around $1 to $2 per hour, which is decent if you're playing games anyway. Just a heads-up, Mistplay can be strict with cashouts and might require ID verification, but the payouts have been reliable for me.

Investigating Play'N'Give:

Now, let's dive into Play'N'Give. This app is quite unique because it not only lets you earn but also gives you the option to donate to charity Its a heart based currency system and I've got to say the earning rates here are some of the highest. I've seen in the get paid to play game app market!

With Play'N'Give, you play games through the app - like TikTok, for instance - and earn hearts. The rates are impressive. I've seen up to 700 hearts per minute, which is way above the average market rate. Remember, these are still small earnings, but for a gaming app, it's pretty good.

The payout options are interesting. You can choose to donate your hearts to charity, which is a great feature. But if you prefer, there are other options like special offers for online stores. These offers give you discounts on various products and services.

Now, about cashing out - you need about 5,000 coins to cash out 67 cents in Australian currency. With the rates I've seen, like 700 hearts per minute, reaching this threshold can be quick. Plus, there's a welcome bonus of 4,499 hearts when you join, which gets you close to your first cash out almost immediately.

One more thing - Play'N'Give has a referral area where we can earn together. You get 250 coins for free just by signing up through my code and we share 25 of our coins however I've noticed some issues with the referral system so that's something to keep in mind.

In terms of payment, my experience has been positive. The last time I withdrew from Play'N'Give, they paid me within 24 hours. So, it's definitely worth giving a try, especially if you're into playing games and wouldn't mind supporting some charitable causes along the way.

Game Perks and FUNMONEY: Potential Issues

Game Perks and Fun Money... Now these are apps I've recently explored, and I want to share some insights, especially about potential issues you might face.

Starting with Game Perks, it's all about earning real money by playing games.

The concept is straightforward you play games earn credits and then cash out However theres a catch Despite having a decent playtime reward system, I've noticed a significant issue: Game Perks seems to be lagging in payments. I've seen a lot of comments about this, and personally, I haven't received payments in their usual timeframe. So, as of now, I'd advise a bit of caution with Game Perks.

Moving on to Fun Money, the situation is somewhat similar. The app promises earnings through game play, but here's the thing - it doesn't seem to pay out, at least in my experience here in Australia. It's disappointing, especially when you expect a straightforward $2 cash out. The pay rates are quite low some of the worst Ive seen in the market in 2023.

So, in summary, while these apps might seem promising at first glance, my personal experience has been less than ideal. I always aim to give you guys the real picture based on my experiences. For now, I'd suggest being cautious with Game Perks and Fun Money, or perhaps even steering clear until they show some improvements in their payment processes.

A Must Try: Cash Ninja!

Let's dive into Cash Ninja, another app I've been exploring. Cash Ninja offers a variety of ways to earn, which is something I always appreciate in these types of apps.

In Cash Ninja, you can earn coins through different activities like surveys, playing games, and completing tasks. There's even an option to watch videos for coins. I've got almost 57,000 coins in my account, so let's break down how this works.

Focusing on the gaming aspect, Cash Ninja currently has a promotion where you get double the coins for the games you play. This is a big deal because these kinds of promotions don't usually last long. The app uses a Playtime rewards per minute system, different from the level-based systems in other apps. This means you earn coins based on the time spent playing, which I find pretty straightforward.

Now, what about cashing out these coins? For just one dollar of PayPal cash, you need 14,000 coins. The more you accumulate, the bigger the cash-out can be, with a slight discount for larger amounts. This system is pretty standard and fair, in my opinion.

Cash Ninja also has a task area filled with various offer walls. These can range from simple tasks to more complex ones, sometimes offering coins in the millions. But remember, higher rewards often mean more challenging tasks.

Surveys are another option, with CPX research offering around a dollar or so worth of cash per survey. Not the worst rates, honestly. And for those who enjoy watching ads, Cash Ninja integrates with Loot TV, where you can earn points for each ad watched.

In terms of earning potential, I'd say Cash Ninja can offer between $1 to $3 per hour, depending on how lucky you are with surveys and games. And when it comes to payouts, they've been pretty reliable for me, usually paying out within a day to my PayPal account.

So, Cash Ninja? Definitely worth checking out, especially to see what rates you can get in your own country. Stay safe out there, and happy earning!

Conclusion and Recommendations

Wrapping things up. We've gone through a few apps today, each with its unique way of helping you earn a bit of extra cash. From Mistplay's game-based earning system to the charitable angle of Play'N'Give, and the diverse methods offered by Cash Ninja, there's a variety of options depending on what you're looking for.

My take? These apps can be a fun way to earn some pocket change, especially if you're already spending time on your phone. Mistplay is great for gamers looking to earn while playing, and Play'N'Give offers a unique twist with its donation feature. Cash Ninja, with its multiple earning methods, is also worth exploring.

However its important to manage expectations These apps wont replace a fulltime job but they can provide a small financial boost for your efforts. Also, be cautious with apps like Game Perks and Fun Money, as my experience with their payout reliability hasn't been great.

Remember the key is to find an app that aligns with your interests and lifestyle Whether its gaming completing tasks or watching videos choose what works best for you And as always keep an eye out for special bonuses and promotions to maximize your earnings.



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