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3 REAL Methods To Money Online Playing Games In 2024! (Payment Proof)

Exploring Luckmon's Spinning Wheel and Slot Machine Features

Ladies and gentlemen, Vince here. Hope you're doing well! Today, I'll be showing you some apps that promise to pay you money for playing games. But are they actually worth your time? Let's check them out together.

First up, we have the money-making application, Luckmon Game to Earn Rewards. So, this is what Luckmon looks like when you first launch it. At the top of the screen, you have your gem-based currency as well as your ticket-based currency. We'll get into those currencies in a second, but as you can see, we now have a spinning wheel option. This is where the daily bonus system kicks in. Essentially, you have to sign in on a daily basis to get free spins.

Now, let's tap that free spin button and see what we get. Fingers crossed, everyone! Looks like we won five gems, which is pretty cool. You can watch an advertisement if you want to spin the wheel again, but we'll skip that for now. You get another spin in 19 hours and 34 minutes.

There's also a slot machine element where you spend your tickets. I have 30 tickets, so let me tap the spin button and see what we land on. We got three coins in a row, giving us 390 of the currency here. Let's keep spinning. Now, 105 of the currency, and pretty much at this point, I'm just going to keep spinning until I win something decent. Here we go, three controllers in a row, which means it's bonus time! Find the medal but avoid the Joker. We got 2,000 coins with the first pick, but hit the Joker on the next. Let's keep going. Three buckets of coins in a row for 12,200 coins. Now, we're out of tickets.

Understanding Luckmon's Currency and Leaderboard System

So, now that we've played the spinning wheel and slot machine, let me show you what you can do with those coins. In the top left corner, you have the free ticket button. If you watch an ad, you get more tickets. There's also the leaderboard system. Luckmon promises that if you generate enough coins, you can increase your rank, which has different reward brackets.

Right now, with 8,800 coins, I'm in the diamond rank, which will earn me 400 gems for free once the timer runs out on June 19th. This is supposedly season 15. If you get to the master rank, which is the top 25 positions, you will get 2,000 gems.

At the top right corner of the screen, you can find your account and the experience for leveling up. Leveling up increases your ticket speed regeneration. You also have your trophies. I just claimed 10 tickets for free because of a bonus. I can come back in 23 hours and 38 minutes to get another 10 tickets.

Detailed Review of Earnut Platform

Next up, we have the money-making platform, Earnut. So, this is what Earnut looks like these days. In the top right corner of the screen, you have your straight-up currency balance. I have $7.70 in my balance at the moment. There are a whole bunch of different offer walls you can go through to generate this currency. While they do support surveys, the offer walls are definitely where you want to head to.

Earnut supports multiple cash-out options, including a whole bunch of cryptocurrencies, PayPal currency, Amazon currency, Apple currency, Google Play currency, and even skins for Counter Strike 2 and Rust. In Australia, one Australian dollar equals 662 of the Earnut currency.

Cashing Out with Earnut and its High-Paying Offers

Heading over to the gaming offers, it seems that Earnut has a 50% bonus happening right now, at least in my country. There are offers willing to pay you $50 to $100 worth of real cash. Now, granted, they're going to be difficult to complete, but the opportunities are there. Depending on how much time you have, Earnut nout has some very high-paying offers.

Always be realistic with these types of offers. The higher the reward, the more time you're going to have to spend. Tap on the offer button at the bottom of the screen to break down the currency for every single offer on the walls. Some offers are willing to pay almost $1,000, which is absolutely ridiculous.

Keep an eye on the leaderboards because they usually have monthly rewards for their most active users or even fast events, which can happen in a day or a week of earning. The monthly leaderboards are willing to give away hundreds of dollars. Earnutsupports multiple devices, including Apple and Android.

The last time I cashed out on Earnut, I was paid instantly to my PayPal account, including a small PayPal fee. It is 100% legitimate in my own opinion and experience. I recommend you give it a shot and see what you can get.

Exploring Cash Mafia and Its Earning Potential

Next, we have Cash Mafia Earn Rewards. This is what Cash Mafia looks like in its most recent update. It still runs on its coin-based currency system. You can see I have 12,000 of the coins. Tapping the redemption button will reveal the minimum cash-out amounts for PayPal. For $2 worth of USD currency, you need 13,500 coins, $3 is 20,250 coins, $5 is 33,750 coins, and for $10 USD, you need 67,500 coins.

Heading back to the home screen, you'll find all the various ways you can generate these coins, whether by watching videos, completing surveys, or playing games. I highly recommend checking out the Playtime Rewards area first. Depending on where you live, you might have either the per-minute system or the per-level system.

In Australia, I'm lucky to have many different games to play to generate these coins. Although it's not major money, it’s a fun way to earn some extra coins. The offer section, like Laudably, grants access to offers willing to pay hundreds of thousands of coins, which convert into $50 to $100 worth of USD.

Cash Mafia also has a leaderboard system. Your position on the leaderboard determines what rewards you get. It goes up to 16 users who will actually get rewarded. The last time I cashed out on Cash Mafia, I was paid within a day straight to my PayPal account without any issues.

Coin Racer Wealth and Treasure: A Community-Based Game

As a quick bonus, I'm just letting you know my app, Coin Racer Wealth and Treasure, has been released on the Play Store. This is what it looks like when you launch it up. It's one of those car racing games where you have to avoid hazards and pick up rewards. It's pretty straightforward. There are currently three skins you can choose from. You simply tap the two arrows at the bottom of the screen and pick up rewards while avoiding hazards.

The hazards are randomly generated, and the ultimate goal is to last for 2 minutes to get a huge amount of tokens at the end. So, while it's not a money-making application, it's my Discord community-based game. Tapping on the store button at the bottom of the screen will show you the token system. If you get your tokens to 2 million and join the Discord, you'll be entered into fun Discord community giveaways.

Joining the Coin Racer and Rock Paper Scissors Community Giveaways

Being a part of the Coin Racer community Discord will give you access to my YouTube giveaways for real PayPal money. So, while the app itself is not a money-making app, joining the community on Discord will help us all grow together. You can find a link to my Coin Racer game in the description below.

Also, keep in mind, I have the Rock Paper Scissors game as well. So, we now have two community games with the same concept of getting to 2 million tokens. The community leaderboard is getting more competitive day by day. Definitely get involved and get rewarded.



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