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3 LEGIT PayPal Paying Apps To Earn Cash! (Get Paid But Worth It?)

Ladies and gentlemen, Vince here! I hope you're all having a fantastic day. Today, I'm diving into the world of money-making apps that promise to pay you real PayPal cash. But the big question is: are these apps actually worth our time? In this video, I'll be breaking down some of these apps for you. Starting off, we have Cashbox and Money Plus. I'll be sharing my experiences and insights, so you can decide if these apps are worth your effort. Let's get into it!

CashBucks: Features and Payouts

Starting off with Cashbox, this is one of those little money-making apps that recently hit the market. When you first launch it, you'll see your account balance at the top of the screen. Right now, I have 1,580 coins. There's also a bonus system, which is something you don't see too often with these types of apps. You can watch advertisements to earn bonuses for your cash out, whether it's a bonus percentage, cashback, or even a discount. It’s a nice feature, even if it’s not a game-changer.

At the bottom of the screen, you'll find the payout tab. Here in Australia, the minimum cash out is just one cent for 300 coins. The more you cash out, the bigger the discount you get, going all the way up to $15 worth of PayPal cash. The low minimum cash out is quite appealing, but let's see how long it actually takes to generate that kind of currency.

CashBucks: Earning Methods

Cashbox offers two main ways to earn coins: surveys and games. For surveys, you can earn about 50 cents if you're lucky, depending on the time spent and if you can actually complete it. There’s a 13-minute survey offering 13,000 coins, but remember, there's always a risk of being disqualified or screened out.

Now, let's check out the gaming area. This becomes available after you earn a few coins on the platform. They have a playtime rewards area, and here in Australia, it's on a per-minute basis. I found two earning opportunities: TikTok and Empires and Puzzles, both offering 45,000 coins each. Completing both would net me between $3 to $5 worth of PayPal cash.

For today's video, I cashed out 50 cents worth of PayPal currency and I’m happy to report that within one day, I was paid straight to my PayPal account without any issues. So, at least at the time of this recording, Cashbox is legitimate. It would be nice if they added more features, but now you know about it!

Money Plus: Features and Payouts

Next up, we have Money Plus. This app also runs on a coin-based currency system. Right now, I have 613 coins. The minimum payout is a bit higher compared to Cashbox. For $1.70, you need 10,000 coins, and the payouts go all the way up to $33. If you're looking to cash out Amazon currency, it’s a bit cheaper—30 cents for 2,800 coins. So, it's pretty straightforward.

In the earn money section, there are three ways to earn coins: playing games, completing offers, and doing surveys. The app shows offers that can pay hundreds of thousands or even millions of coins. Of course, the difficulty of these offers varies, so you need to choose wisely. Remember, if you can't complete an offer, you’re just wasting your time. Overall, it’s a straightforward little application with some decent opportunities.

Money Plus: Earning Methods

Let’s talk about the earning methods on Money Plus. When you tap on the earn money button, you’ll see three options: play games, other games, and surveys. The offers here can vary greatly in terms of payout. For example, there’s a Grand Mafia offer worth nearly a million coins, which translates to a substantial amount of PayPal cash. However, keep in mind that these are multi-tier rewards, meaning you won’t get the bulk of the reward until you complete the offer.

In the other games section, you’re taken to the Torox offer wall. Here, you’ll find a variety of offers with pretty good prices, at least here in Australia. For instance, there’s a Knife Pirate offer worth 557,000 coins. Lastly, the surveys option gives a bit more flexibility, offering not just surveys but also games. Prices are decent, but they could be better. When I cashed out $3.30, it was paid out without any issues, so the app is legit. Just remember, these apps are more for earning small change rather than big bucks.

My Cash: Features and Recent Updates

Last up, we have My Cash. This app has seen some significant updates recently. Now, it supports various offer walls, which is great to see. When you head over to the cash-out area, you’ll notice that $1 worth of PayPal currency costs 7,000 cash, and it goes up to $10 for 70,000 cash. Interestingly, My Cash also supports in-game currencies for popular mobile games and even Google Play Store credits, going up to $50.

The most exciting feature for me is the playtime reward system. Here in Australia, it's based on a per-minute basis, and while the prices aren't very high, it's still nice to have the option. BitLabs surveys are also available, but the earnings are modest—you're looking at around 20 to 10 cents per survey.

The various offer walls provide a wide range of earning opportunities, but as always, choose offers that are worth your time. The Playtime rewards area is probably the best aspect of My Cash right now. When I last cashed out, I got my payment instantly after receiving a confirmation email. So, My Cash is legitimate, but it might not be the best fit for everyone.

And hey, for anyone out there with some spare time, don't forget to check out my Rock Paper Scissors Rewards app. It's not a money-making app, but it's a fun way to engage with the community and earn tokens. Thanks for watching, everyone!



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