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1-2 CASH App Review: Is It Real or Fake? - (True Look)

Updated: Jan 25

Here Is My 1-2 CASH App Review!

Making money online through the use of mobile apps has become quite common these days. There are a large number of apps which allow you to perform various tasks and earn coins which you then transform into cash or gift cards. 1-2 CASH is such an app, and it’s designed from the ground up to be not only easy to use, but also fair and dependable.

Is 1-2 CASH free to use?

Yes, the app itself is free to use, it doesn’t cost any real money. If you choose to play any of the games here, that doesn’t mean you will have success gambling. On top of that, They do have quite a lot of games to choose from, and you will be encouraged to play specific ones at times, as they might bring in certain bonuses.

How does it work?

Once you install the app and sign up, you will go to the homepage. This is where you have all the apps and games that you can play to earn money. With that in mind, these are not personalized, instead they are chosen by the developers based on the promotional contracts they have. I do think they decide the games based on your gender though, but other than that there’s no real system that will choose these games for you, which is important to keep in mind.

vinsane on 1-2 cash home screen

As you play a game or use an app from 1-2 CASH, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of coins. The number of coins you get is not fixed for each app. So in some cases you will get more coins, other times you will have less. Thankfully, you can see which apps/games give you the most coins, and you can play those first. However, you will eventually have to try out the other apps or games if you want more coins.

The games you can find here are interesting, and the great thing is that they cover a variety of different themes. So even if you don’t like one, you can try out others and see if you enjoy them. However, keep in mind that if you have one of the games in this list on your phone, don’t play it outside the app. 1-2 CASH will not be able to register your progress and because of that you won’t get paid anything. Which is something you want to avoid here.

How does 1-2 CASH get paid?

1-2 CASH is working with developers that want to boost the exposure and market share of their app/game. In doing so, they work with apps like 1-2 CASH which are designed to promote their product. 1-2 CASH gets paid for promotion, and they give some of the money to you because you’re using the app. It’s important to keep in mind that the app gives a welcome bonus of 200 coins, and that counts towards the rewards too.

Making money with referrals

Referrals can also help you generate some coins. The idea here is to refer friends, and you receive coins for each one of them that signed up using your referral code. You can share the code anywhere, and you receive coins every time someone uses it to sign up. 1-2 CASH gives you 100 coins per user, but there’s a catch. You will only receive coins if they go up to level 4 in a game. So you can’t receive coins right away, they need to take action. Needless to say, this is a measure that helps prevent any possible cheating.

Vinsane on 1-2 cash ap playing games

How can you withdraw your funds from 1-2 CASH?

As you acquire referrals and coins in the app, you will be able to eventually cash out. Withdrawing your earnings is easy, and you need to have at least $0.50 in order to initiate a withdrawal. You can use online payment processors, and it can even be possible to withdraw in some local currencies. Transfers can take anywhere from 3 days to a week.

Of course, you don’t have to withdraw in cash. They still have all kinds of options like Amazon gift cards. If you choose to redeem a gift card, you will receive the code via email. An important aspect about 1-2 CASH is that you must verify the withdrawal request. That means they require you to take a selfie with the app. It might be a privacy concern for some people, so that’s certainly a thing to consider if you want to use the app.

Should you use 1-2 CASH?

Based on my experience with 1-2 CASH, once you cash out once, it becomes harder and harder to cash out more. That’s the problem with all apps in this genre, but you can earn a little here and there. The games are fun, so if you’re going to play those anyway, this is just a bonus. However, this is not a method that will help you make hundreds of dollars. The level by level system isn’t really appealing for users, if anything it becomes frustrating. The app will bring in a few bucks, so you can try it out for yourself and see if you like it.



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