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Welcome To Vinsane Reviews!

Home of LEGIT Money Making Methods & Scam Busting!


Hi There!

Welcome to the official Vinsane website! This platform is dedicated to bringing you the latest ways to earn money online WITHOUT being scammed. Each application, website and method has been tested personally myself with video proof to back up the claims. 

The Goal Of Vinsane

My goal with creating Vinsane is to ensure that people have a safe way to earn money online without the fear of being scammed or lied to. Feel free to checkout the tabs above to view each of the different making money online methods that I have covered on my YouTube channel.

The ultimate goal is to teach you how to earn money online!

How You Can Support Me

If you enjoy what you see here on Vinsane please consider liking and sharing the video, subscribing and dropping a comment on YouTube to help support my goal to bring you the best money making methods.  You will never see me in an online ad unless approved and uploaded directly to my YouTube channel as scam companies have been stealing my likeness and footage to promote their trash.

Something To Keep In Mind

Remember these are all my own personal experiencesand points of view so when you try these money making methods you may have a much better time than I did or you might have a worse time. All I can do here on the Vinsane channel is show my time.

Most if not all of the money making applications and methods shown on this website will change depending on your age, gender and location so this is also something to always keep in mind before trying out anything you see either on this website or online in general! Either way thank you for checking out Vinsane.


The Risks Of Making Money Online

When it comes to making money online some of the main issues that you will face are the flat out money making scams and time wasters. You'll find that a lot of these get rich quick schemes are too good to be true and sadly since 2020 money making applications have really been on the forefront of these scams. 

I'm going to try and educate you as a user on how to avoid using these ridiculous methods by testing them myself first to see if I can actually get paid or if they are just flat out time wasters. 

The worst part is most of the methods that I try end up not really being worth anyone's time and I feel like most of you viewers out there will come to the same conclusion! 

Chasing The Money

The ultimate goal though is to see if these methods will pay or not because even if they may not be the best investment of time there is a big difference between a scam money making method and one that is just not that good.  Some of the prime examples of scams include applications that force you to watch ads in a non-stop loop or that have crazy requirements. 

Why Should You Earn Money Online?

I think everyone deep down would love to know how to earn some money online whether it be a side hustle or an actual full time income. The difference between these two is quite large though as most of the time you'll find many different apps, offers or platforms claiming that they can deliver on this promise but always fail and that's because they are flat out scams.  But on the flip side of this if you are able to find some methods that actually pay you then you will really start to see the benefits of it.  To be brutally realistic most of the methods that do pay really do not pay that much cash so even if we are lucky enough to find a survey website, offer platform or money making app most of the time they pay only a few dollars per hour.

The Ultimate Goal

Without a shadow of a doubt my mission is to teach people how they can at least earn a side income from using online money making methods. I do face multiple challenges like scam artists and the fact that most if not all platforms change their pay scale depending on the users country but I truly believe eventually I will build enough platforms that I can combine into a big list that many people will be able to use.

Thank You Message

I do want to say a special thank you to everyone that has helped grow my channel by watching my content, liking, sharing, commenting and subscribing to it because without you all out there I would not be here so again cheers. I can only hope in return for your support I can deliver at least one legit money making method that you can use in your own country.

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