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This ySense review will cover all aspects of the application, website and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

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Please note that the link provided on this page is my referral code so I might get a small bonus as a thank you for signing you up!  


Here's what we know about ySense so far!


Hey everyone vince here welcome to my ysense review ladies and gentlemen if you don't know what ysense is it's a money-making platform that allows you to earn real-life cash by completing surveys playing games and completing tasks and offers now on today's video i'm going to be testing out the big 250 united states currency cash out that ysense offers you.



 is it really going to pay me or is it just a scam we're going to find out together here i hope you enjoy let's kick this off ysense is one of these rare gems that stands out from the crowd in my opinion just because of how many ways you can actually earn real life money on it now of course depending on what country you live in your gender and even your age ysense will behave completely differently this goes for the ysense application as well as the website because ysense does have a mobile phone application.


if you did not know all i can do is share my experience with it here in australia ysense has some of the highest paying surveys that i've ever seen on a money making platform but to make things even better they have a combo of having some of the highest paying offers and tasks as well if you use the y sense mobile phone app you can actually play games and earn cash with their rewarded play time feature on today's video though we're going for gold everyone and trying to chase that 250 cash out and i'll tell you exactly how i earned that much money in a couple of minutes let me just break down some of the offers and the money that you can make on why sends as you can see on the screen right now we easily have over ten dollars worth of surveys that we can attempt to complete now of course with surveys you do run the risk of being disqualified.


anyone that's ever completed surveys online before knows exactly what i'm talking about so you have to expect to be disqualified here and there when completing surveys on ysense a fantastic thing though about the survey system on ysense is that it's constantly being updated i can check back every one to two hours and the surveys that are available to me have changed that means i have new opportunities to earn thanks to the surveys being different and obviously the rewards for completing these surveys change as well now looking over at the offers that ysense allows the user to complete i don't think i've ever seen offers that pay as much as these ones do as you can see there are offers that legit pass over 30 dollars upon completion all the way up into the hundreds ladies and gentlemen usually with offers though the better they pay the more difficult they are to complete.


 some of these offers will more than likely need you to deposit money especially the casino one make sure you're always careful on what offers that you try and tackle on why scent because some of them might become way too troublesome and hard to complete but if you do manage to complete them you will be rewarded greatly at the time of this recording ysense has at least nine different offer providers that you can go through to earn real life cash and each of these offer providers will pay you different so that's why it's always good to shop around and see what you can find.




another incredible thing about ysense is their referral system they are so generous with their referral system guides let me just break down exactly how it works license has a referral system that will allow you to earn up to 30 of whatever income that your referree earns plus as soon as they join up on the platform and become active you can instantly earn between 10 and 30 cents depending on the country that the person's from what's even better though is that when you're a fairy earns their first five dollars you get rewarded two dollars instantly for free and this does not impact your referee's earnings by the way this is completely the gift from ysense.


now moving over to the cash out options of my sense as you can see license has many many different cash out options most of them ranging into the hundreds of dollars by the way it all depends on what kind of gift card or reward you're going after but the cash out i'm going for today is the big 250 usd paypal cash out.


which is without a doubt one of the biggest i've achieved on this channel so far it took me roughly five months to generate this much united states currency on my ysense account and i did that by completing surveys here and there and referring people to join y sets but if you were to go on my sense every single day at least here in australia you could easily earn 10 to 15 without a shadow of a doubt everyone ysense is 100 a platform you should look at if you haven't done it yet of course i'll have my own referral code in the description below.


by the way if you want to join up and of course you'd support me as well now the moment of truth so i cashed out 250 dollars worth of united states currency on y sense and i'm so happy to say that ysense did pay me this money the only downside is it took nine days everyone but if you're willing to wait for your payout to hit your account you'll have no problems with ysense it made me so happy to see that currency hit my account guys and it makes me so happy to see that there are still legitimate money making platforms out there on the internet once you get your first payment from my sense i'm telling you you'll be amazed as well thank you so much for watching everyone i hope this video helped someone out there i'll see you all tomorrow for the next review catch you around.

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