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Here's what we know about WowTube so far!


This WowTube review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Written Review:

hi everyone it's Vince here welcome to my wow tube review so everyone this application is promising us hundreds of dollars to watch YouTube videos that's exactly what we're going to find out today I hope you enjoy let's kick this off so this is wowtube ladies and gentlemen it is currently in Early Access this is something to keep in mind for later on down the track it has roughly between 10 000 to 20 000 downloads at the time of this recording just a little FYI guys today after I finished my other job in real life I had wowtube spamming my phone with advertisement so they are really trying to push hard here that this is the latest and greatest money making applications to watch videos with I'm not too sure what's with the huge influx of these earned money by watching videos type of applications that are hitting the market this year.











As you can see on the screen right now this is what wowtube looks like it's literally like a mashup of clip claps if you guys have ever used that application before and give a video it's just such a weird application everyone and as you can see it is kind of like Tick Tock as well actually once I think about it it has that short speed going on now I'm just scrolling down the feed in an advertisement automatically played that's a problem in my book straight off the bat and we haven't even started the review properly yet so by watching that advertisement though I was granted some in-game coin top right corner of the screen you'll notice that there's a chest that the game keeps on trying to get me to tap on so we'll just tap on it now and see what happens so tapping on the chest apparently will reward us with 400 of the in-game coins I can double it I've just doubled it now and thankfully it didn't force me to watch an ad.










You'll also notice at the top of the screen there I get free rewards every single 10 seconds so if I click that chest again let's see what comes up so I've just tapped on the chest again and now it's saying I can claim the reward but I have to watch an advertisement to now double the chest coin reward this is where alarm Bells start to ring personally but we'll give it the benefit of the doubt and press just the claim button without pressing the double button and see if an advertisement plays so I hit claim and it still played an advertisement that again is a huge problem I still got rewarded the coins though but of course not the double amount now for anyone out there that might be new to these type of apps the reason why that's a problem is because essentially what the application is trying to do is Farm you for advertisement views and we're going to get to the bottom of why this is in a couple of minutes you can see here in the middle of the screen we also have a little clickable that's constantly floating around for free cash tapping on that clickable gives us the option to win the free PayPal currency.









I'm going to press get on one of these and I'm assuming a video ad is going to play straight away especially since they have the little video ad icon on all of these little PayPal gift cards so let's see how many coins we can get for watching this advertisement all right so I've got 400 coins there it looks like I'm not going to worry about watching any more advertisements just yet because I want to show you guys the cash out area and how much money you can apparently earn just by using this app so another advertisement played as soon as I press the exit button on that clickable screen which again is such a terrible design so now this is the page you probably all want to see we have various different currencies at the top of the screen there including PayPal Amazon cash app Google Play and steam with gift cards worth five hundred dollars a thousand dollars fifteen hundred dollars and three thousand dollars for the 500 gift card I need 5 000 of these in-game coins I currently have 3 900.










There is also a gift tab on wowtube apparently we can win all of these free items just by literally opening a little GIF by watching an advertisement of course paying close attention to the bottom of the screen here you can see it's actually a puzzle piece system so we have to collect all of the puzzle pieces needed to unlock the item which of course means hundreds upon hundreds of advertisements there is also a check-in screen as well where we can earn free coins just for literally using the application every day I'm not even going to bother to check in because it's only going to reward me with 40 coin there is a Lucky Spin system as well here so let me just spin this well see what we can get all right apparently I just won 200 of the coins so let me just claim them now so at this point I can essentially just sit here all day and keep spinning this wheel it looks like as long as I watch advertisement there is also a Lucky Spin element as well here where if we spin the slot machine of course we can win random prizes I'm going to spin the slot machine here I still have some remaining times left to spin the slot machine although you win absolutely trash if I watch an advertisement I can times 10 it to 80 of the coins no thank you I'm just gonna claim eight coins let's spin again.










Again same situation 8 to 80 no thanks and then advertisement plays anyway it's such a dirty tactic by the developers man and it really does show their true colors the more we're starting to dive into this application so final spin down the lucky go let's see what we can get any sort of jackpot no again 80 of the coins just gonna normally claim that we now have 4 100 of the coins it literally seems just by tapping on that chest in the top right corner of the screen we have much better luck of earning more coins so those other systems are completely worthless here is another Cash Out area claiming if we get obviously to that 5 000 coin Mark we can cash out 500 worth of that PayPal currency but looking at the bottom of the screen here we actually have a timer this is because they're trying to force you to try and watch as many advertisements as possible to give you the element of urgency now you'll notice something funny when I tapped on that Treasure Chest earlier I was earning hundreds of coins let's see what happens when I tap on it now so we've gone from hundreds of coins to now 40 coins and I have to watch an advertisement to double it to 80. so already I've been hit with diminishing returns by way out to let me just try and get to that cash out stage for this video so you guys can see what happens when you try and cash out on wowtube.











I'll be back in a second while I'm waiting for all the advertisements to play please remember to check out my website where you'll find over a hundred legitimate money making methods plus join my newsletter while you're at it and of course check out my channel for other legitimate money making reviews thank you very much guys eyes alright everyone it's literally 2 A.M right now my time okay I cannot believe what I'm saying here it's honestly reducing my payments that much we are down to now 15 of the coins and for me to watch an ad I only get 30 coins this is just pure disgraceful right here honestly they have a game tab which I don't really understand the purpose of as you can see here they have these type of offers that are apparently going to give us up to 10 000 plus if we visit the website with up to 50 to 99 per hour I'm assuming this is saying if we want to join them as a career or something I have no idea what this page is it just seems like a complete waste of time in my opinion and if you have a look here as well top right corner of the screen there's a fun Tab and on this fun tab you can find some pretty basic flash games where again I have apps absolutely no idea why they've implemented this into their app.










The whole point of what they're saying is that we earn money through watching short videos so who knows what the reason for this is man I got no idea what these developers are doing at this point now they've cut me down to five coins with 10 coins maximum for watching an advertisement I am scared to see how low this is going to go at this point if you don't get why this is a problem is because I have to keep on watching advertisements while they reduce the amount of coins I get for watching ads so pretty much this is their way of completely farming us for ad views and now we're down to one coin per advertisement watch so of course I have to double it to get two coins this application is probably one of the most worst diminishing return applications I've seen in my life and that's saying suddenly since I've reviewed hundreds of apps I'm going to get to that cash out point though don't you worry I want to see what happens next I'm sure you do too I right Everyone We Made It 5 000 of the coins what a grind that was I'm going to hit the redeem button I cannot wait to see what this app is going to do all right it says enter either my email mobile or user account oh geez imagine entering your mobile number on this app all right congratulations you can get 500 in three days awesome apparently my order has been activated oh my God look at this everyone if I pay one dollar of real money I can get the order immediately or I can watch 45 advertisements to activate the order I cannot understand how this is allowed on the Google Play Store this is no joke either it's actually telling me that I can pay for this with my Google Play account are you serious bro if you still want to give this application a try after what you've seen today feel free to but I am staying away from wowtube I hope I helped someone out there thank you for watching see you tomorrow.

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