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Wood Block Master VIDEO REVIEW


This Wood Block Master review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Wood Block Master REVIEW

Here's what we know about Wood Block Master  so far!


Hey everyone vince here today we're reviewing wood block master sit down get ready because this application is promising hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of paypal cash outs I'm not making this up let's crack this app together here i hope you enjoy it so woodblock master to me is such a simple application in the way of all you need to do is literally match blocks of wood together to apparently get paypal money.


Now see the problem with these types of applications everyone if you look at the cash outs on them you will start to really see what the goal is of the developers okay so on wood block master the minimum cash out starts at 200 paypal dollar.s and it goes all the way up to 2 000 worth of paypal that apparently you can cash out just by matching the blocks of wood together.


Okay we'll talk about my cash out experience in a second but I want you to know something that you can actually withdraw amazon currency on this application as well and the funniest thing is they will allow you to withdraw the one cent amazon which there's a very specific reason for that it's to literally con you into playing the application more because they're hoping that once you see that will allow you to withdraw the tiny amount of cents in amazon all the way up to five cents apparently that you'll think the paypal portion is legitimate as well.


You will also notice that there's a coin based system where you win coins in exchange for diamonds or you can win the diamonds directly now something that you'll catch on to straight away is that this whole system on this game is ran in diminishing returns so what ends up happening is that you earn a lot at the start but then the more you play the application the less and less amount of money you receive and every time you try to collect any type of money whether it be coins diamonds or the paypal currency you have to watch an advertisement.


The craziest thing is is that this is actually offering these in-game rewards as well so they're really trying to hook your children onto these type of apps guys or especially if you play the games yourself they're pretty much trying to trick in my opinion whoever they can to use the app they're offering an iPhone 12 as well guys but the catch is you have to watch 500 advertisements to activate the order my lord dude please remember to hit like and subscribe be sure to drop a comment as well and join the free newsletter everyone to help the channel grow thank you so much they have in-game clickables as well of like treasure chests floating around the screen.


Again you will have to watch an ad to even claim that reward now my mind was already made up when I played this application but at the end of the day i tried out the cash out for 200 PayPal dollars and of course the cash out failed even though it required me to watch more advertisements to activate the order so again we have an app that's forcing you to watch more advertisements than promised to apparently activate an imaginary PayPal offer.


Go to the reviews of this app on the play store and it's getting hammered with one star reviews obviously the developers have purchased five star reviews in my opinion but if you look at the legitimate reviews people are going crazy right now guys please stay away from woodblock master complete joke of an application in my opinion and just trying to rip you off of course into watching ads to fatten the developers wallets very straightforward cut and dry application thank you so much for watching I hope I've saved someone out there I'll catch you all tomorrow for another money making review see you later.


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