Wood Block Master VIDEO REVIEW


This Wood Block Master review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Wood Block Master REVIEW

Here's what we know about Wood Block Master  so far!

Here we go again everyone. Wood Block Master in my view is just another complete joke of an application that has been setup to trick people into watching hundreds if not thousands of ads to fatten the developers wallets.

Please stay safe out there as this app in my opinion is a complete scam. 


It is a classic and wood-style block game to play. You can be a master to crush more wood blocks, and win the highest scores.

How to play:
- Put the wood blocks into board. If you fill in a vertical or horizontal line, it will blast and you can get rewards.
- If there is no space for any blocks below the board, the game will be over

- Fun, Relax, And Easy
- Classic features of puzzle block game
- No time limits

Join us and become the wood block master!


Love the game, watched all the ads and failed twice for the $200. It is a shame you didn't pay.

I've completed the 'requirements' to cash out for 4 different PayPal cards and all of them have statuses that keep changing. They switch between 'under review', 'failed', 'processing' with a bunch of people ahead of me with a count-down timer, and something that says I have to watch more ads. There doesn't seem to be any pattern - the status just changes. If it returns to telling me I have to watch more ads, and I do that, it still doesn't pay me. I emailed for help but got no answer.

I would give it a zero. Whenever you get close to a payout, it says failed you need to watch more videos. The problem is...when you get to the 24 hour point of a payout they start counting videos for 30 minutes off of your time. Not you daily video viewing. I literally played this game all day and it said I didn't watch enough videos. Don't waste your time like I did. Total scam

It's a scam. You complete requirements,and they change it time and again. Uninstalling it right now. It deserves 0 stars. These developers are playing with people who are in need for cash. All those ads we watch and they make money . Only thing working here is Amazon gift card but even that is just if 1 cent to 10 cents. Shameful.

Game is cool to play. But it is a total scam. I played for a few day. Got to cash out. Then had to watch 20 videos in 1 day. Did that now have to watch 40 video in 3 day to get reward. Yeah not doing that. I would rather get 2.00 dollars a day to play a different game with less adds then watch all those adds then it is something else. No thank you!

Zero stars. The game is ok,but there is never a payout. You meet all of the requirements, watch all of the ads 1000s of times. Then when it's time to pay, it says fail. There isnno customer service. You have to watch more videos to reduce your time to wait. Don't even bother downloading.

$$ gaming apps. You have to watch a million ads, to play these games. They make $$ on that, you can't skip certain one's to get your rewards. These things are a waist of time. You get close to the threshold to cash out. The winnings slow down to a snails past, but the ads don't. They're praying on those who want something to easy or for nothing. I'm leaving soon. But don't let them waist your time.

Lies. All lies. I've been playing cuz I like the game but enough is enough! I watch all the silly ads, collect WAY more than enough money to cash out, and then am told to wait for thousands of people before me, them wait and watch more ads, them have payment fail.... Just to restart the whole process! And, of course, there's no way to send feedback directly from the game. What a waste