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This Wonder Time Box review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!



Here's what we know about Wonder Time Box  so far!


Hi everyone Vince here welcome to my Wonder time Box review hope you enjoy let's kick this off Wonder time box is a new money making application that is promising hundreds if not thousands of dollars for you guys to use it they're claiming all you need to do is literally just play games within the application and then we'll be rewarded all this type of money when it comes to claims like these I have to look into them first thing you're going to notice is that Wonder time box is an early access title and now that is again one of the biggest red flags straight off the bat with over 100 000 downloads as well and no available reviews this could be a big problem opening up the application you'll notice that straight away you're going to be confronted with a whole bunch of stuff now when I say it's cluttered I mean it's seriously cluttered everyone just look at the screen.










We have a huge fat to add in the middle of the screen instantly we have a gold coin that's cash really just floating around the screen of course it has the little ad icon on it if we tap the gold coin in the top right corner of the screen apparently we'll earn some gold coins on the left of the screen you'll notice that it says day two that's because Wonder time box is offering up free Samsung wireless earphones apparently if I sign in three days in a row you can see some mobile phones they're going to be giving away Samsung s22s for free and all I had to do was watch 15 advertisements everyone and at the bottom of the screen you can see that they're showing apparently items one within the United States claiming that this is the real payment proof these images could have been generated anywhere always keep that in mind this is where you're going to find all the various different Cash Out options that when the time box is offering up here as you can see it's pretty ridiculous they're constantly having that pop up at the bottom of the screen there saying don't waste 25 opportunities and I'll get to that in a second but let me just show you at the top of the screen how they're offering up apparently six different Cash Out methods PayPal pick pay coinbase Dana OVO and mercado 5 000 of the coins equals 500 worth of USD currency this will be very interesting this is the magic spin area.









Essentially what this is is the free item giveaway area we've seen these type of systems before on these money making applications as you can see we get 25 spins for free and every time we collect one of these little puzzle pieces we have to watch an advertisement let me show you what I mean I've just tap the spin button and as you can see it's activating an order here and there we go we've just won five puzzle pieces of apparently this Sony 75 inch TV I've now won some Nintendo switch puzzle pieces and now it's playing an ad there you go everyone that's the system all the developer wants you to do is keep spinning that slot machine so then you have to watch advertisements over and over again in an endless loop these free item systems are nothing new and we've seen them plenty of times before these are one of the oldest tricks in the books to get you guys to literally watch endless advertisements in the hopes of winning one of these real-life items and sadly it does work on some people because they think they're really going to get like a PS5 from spinning a slot machine now let me divert your attention to the top right corner of the screen here you're going to see the VIP button.











This is where the application just takes a turn for the absolute worst the VIP area of Wonder time box is one of the biggest jokes I think I've seen on this channel so far you can earn 1 000 USD currency if you pay the developers four dollars a week worth of USD currency because I have not activated the VIP I'm only able to earn 100 OSD in this area so as you can see at the bar here I've only earned 100 USD and I still have the 900 USD to go before this 1000 USD is activated they even have little tasks here for the people that have actually spent real life money on these apps I hope for the love of God that no one out there has purchased this subscription plan please never ever give these developers your money under any circumstances.












Now we haven't even got to the earning on wonder time box yet which is hilarious to me it is such a poorly designed application let me just show you what happens when I try and play one of the games on here so I'm going to try truck deliverer 3D I've just tapped on it and again we have a massive advertise and just appear in the middle of the screen we still have stuff floating all over the screen let me just tap play at least the application actually loads up which is nice to see it's not a complete waste of time now technically we should be able would apply this right we'll find out in a second so I'm curious to see how they're going to reward us let's find out if that's even built correctly in this application so apparently I've just earned fifty dollars right so next Coins Plus 50. so that just said I earned 50 coins let's see if it actually updates my balance now it says I have to watch an advertisement to receive the new car no thank you it's just taking me out of the game completely and throwing up some sort of join Health Care program or something I'm going to relaunch the app to see if my balance even updated then and no it didn't okay so that didn't work at all.












So let's try football Among Us again another advertisement appears I just want to play the game so I'm just going to close that here is football Among Us everyone oh my Lord okay I don't even know what is going on right now the instructions are so poor I'm just gonna close that it seems to me the main reason why these games even exist on this application is to trick you guys into thinking you can play games to earn real life money but in reality it's just very poorly designed flash games that have been imported into the application I'll give it one more try we'll play something called head ball I'm assuming just slide the little characters yeah it must be okay so I slide the little characters into the ball yeah so these games are pretty bad I can tell you that much and then an advertisement appears again oh my God you want to know the actual real way how you can apparently earn the coins on this application it's literally just by constantly tapping the click to claim gold coins button this is the only way that you can actually earn coins on this application.







 It forces you to watch an advertisement if I press claim without watching the times 2 it will still play an advertisement it is such a pathetic system and I absolutely hate these designs and this is probably one of the most worst design apps I've played and I've played some shocking scam apps before so if we head back over to the cash out tab I obviously have the 5 000 coins needed to redeem the 500 USD so let's go through the process together here and see what happens I've just tap redeem it now says congratulations I can redeem the 500 USD for the 5000 coin points tap redeem requesting fill in the account okay so now we have to enter in my email account just enter in the email then we tap confirm now it says order activated but guess what everyone we have to watch 15 advertisements to activate the order within 24 hours or pay two dollars worth of USD currency to instantly activate the order which according to this app 73 of the users choose what an absolute joke my friend I've seen some Brazen attempts to get you guys to waste your time out there but I've never seen an application be so straightforward with wanting you guys to literally give your money away aka the developers are literally trying to steal your money from your account do not ever pay this guys in my honest opinion Wonder time box is probably one of the most pathetic scam applications I personally believe and have seen in such a long time if you guys want actual legitimate money making applications check out my YouTube channel with the playlist I have over a hundred legitimate paying applications and methods plus check out my website where you'll find a huge amount of legitimate money making way to earn you guys money online links will be in the description below stay away from this garbage I hope you enjoyed see you all tomorrow.

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