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This winwalk review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!



Here's what we know about winwalk so far!


Hi everyone vince here today I'm reviewing winwalk an application that rewards you guys out there with real life money for literally walking and completing tasks on your mobile phone let's kick this off winwalk will reward you with real life money in the form of gift cards the thing about winwalk that is very interesting to me though is that it doesn't just offer you walking rewards it allows you to complete surveys complete offers and play games to also earn the currency of coins.


In winwalk terms these are called missions so let's just say you're not as active as other people out there and you want to earn gift cards through other means you are able to do that on this application which is really helpful of course depending on your country the currency and cash out options are going to be different but here in australia it's roughly 12 000 coins for one gift card cash out the gift cards that i had offered to me were actually quite extensive and most stores based here in australia so I can assume when you download winwalk it will change to your local shops in your country funny enough though there were some online cash out options as well such as amazon ebay bitcoin cryptocurrency and the google play store.



Now, these cash out options were roughly around 23 to 24 000 coins and on the subject of coins, it takes roughly 100 steps to earn one single coin so doing the maths you can imagine if you're just purely using winwalk to earn money via walking it's going to take you quite a long time that's why I chose the mixed approach of both using the missions such as completing surveys and playing games as well as walking which I feel was the most practical approach please remember guys to hit like and subscribe be sure to drop a comment and join the free newsletter to help my channel grow thank you so much you do have the options of entering into free lotteries as well on winwalk although I didn't really use this option I don't really care too much about lottery systems, everyone, I just like earning and getting straight to the point so that's why I decided to obviously go that mixed approach because I had more control over the coins I was actually generating.


 winwalk does have a refer a friend system aka the invite referral code system where you can get up to 3 000 coins in total by inviting your friends as soon as your friend collects 100 coins then you'll be rewarded with 300 coins there is quite an extensive profile section as well on wim walk where you can enter your weight your height and your gender not only that though this gives you a basic summary of how many steps you've actually managed to achieve in a given month so you can break down your steps on a per day basis not only that you can do a week basis a 30-day basis and your best stay in total four steps you can then head to the online leader board to see how other people around the world are going with their exercise and coin generation on winwalk as well which i find very interesting i know out there there's going to be some people that really want to try and top those daily leaderboards and weekly and monthly leaderboards.


So good luck to you out there that wasn't for me now moving on to the actual earnings section of winwalk i found it very straightforward guys playing games to earn coins section which rewards you for the play time that you spend in applications that when walk wants you to download now if you have this option i highly recommend that you actually do use it okay i'm telling you now playing games to earn those coins saved me so much time on win war because a majority of these games would offer up thousands and thousands of the coins and all i had to do was play the games now when it comes to the offers you can expect the same thing guys of course with offers though it takes more time because sometimes you have to achieve a certain level on a game or an application or you'll have to sign up to a certain product but the opportunity is there for you guys if you like completing offers to get a huge amount of coins as a reward now when it comes to the survey side of things as i mentioned earlier you will get disqualified a lot but this also gives you an opportunity to earn thousands of coins as well you're going to be looking at at least a week probably to actually get to that cash out point.


Unless you grind out when walk every single day and not only that you cannot cheat the system and just complete surveys and offers you will have to generate at least 300 coins via walking which i found out the hard way i am happy to say though when i cashed out my gift card to go to one of my local stores it did pay me out instantly to my email address with the gift card guys and i was able to print that out and take that physically to the store and use the gift card so yes winwalk is 100 legit in my honest opinion at least here in australia now is it for everyone more than likely yes if you have it running in the background guys the only thing i have to warn you about is that you have to collect your coins manually by 12 a.m each night or it does seem that you lose your coins that you generated and that's just by the walking from what i've seen so if you've walked all day make sure you check the application by the end of the night or you risk losing all the coins you earn from that day that's at least to my best understanding so there you have it everyone thank you so much for watching i'll catch you all tomorrow for another video stay safe out there see you next time.

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