This winwalk review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!



Here's what we know about winwalk so far!

winwalk is a great application in my view especially on how many different ways you are actually able to earn real life money with it in the form of giftcards!

I can appreciate when a developer takes the time and actually makes the application easy to navigate and use in general.


This is a free pedometer that counts your steps and rewards you with gift cards from top brands and Bitcoin cryptocurrency! The more you walk, run, jump, sweat and burn calories, the healthier you get, the better the rewards! The winning formula: Easy-to-use pedometer + Great cash rewards + Beautiful design + safe & anonymous (no GPS, no email, no login) + 100% Free (no subscription) = Best pedometer, step counter & health app on Android! The pedometer uses the phone's built-in sensor to count your steps. No GPS tracking, so it can greatly save battery. It also tracks your burned calories, walking distance and time. Health, Fitness & Money! Stay healthy, lose weight, get fit & earn rewards for getting in shape! winwalk is the ultimate pedometer that will motivate you to walk or run more every day! 🆓 Free & Easy-to-use Pedometer App - Track and count steps automatically and accurately to improve your fitness: steps counter, walking distance, calories burned, active time. - No GPS tracking, works for indoor exercises (gym, treadmill, crossfit) & outdoor activities (shopping, strolling, jogging) whether you walk, hike or run! - Check your historical steps data; as well as personal records. - No paid feature or subscription, it's all free! 💰 Get Paid to Walk, Run and Sweat - Workout to improve your health & fitness and get rewarded! - Earn up to 100 coins daily (1 coin/100 steps, 10,000 steps limit). - Don't forget to collect your coins before midnight to add them to your wallet. 😍 Beautiful Design & Customisation - Simple and easy to use, no complex menus or UI. - Beautiful stats and trends graphs. - Customize the app background with colorful themes or wallpapers, or upload your own photos. Pimp up your app! 🔒 Safe, Anonymous and Secure - No login, no personal information, no GPS (unlike Sweatcoin)! - Lightweight app, very limited device permissions. - No GPS tracking, easy on the battery. ✅ Starter guide - Download & open the pedometer, it counts your steps automatically (no login!). - Every 100 steps you can claim 1 coin, with up to 100 sweet coins per day (10,000 steps). - Tap the coin jumping on the step counter to collect it and add it to your wallet. - Swipe left / right to access your profile or shop for rewards. 📑 Please note - There is no GPS, wristband or smartwatch required, the pedometer just uses your phone's step sensor! - it can't be synced with other step counter & pedometer apps like Sweatcoin, Fitbit, Cashwalk, Pacer, Runtopia, Samsung Health, Starva, Runister, MyFitnessPal, Runtastic, etc. - Some older devices don't have any step sensor; in such case we estimate the steps count based on accelerometer sensors. You may find some discrepancies with other pedometer apps, but we believe our algorithm is fairly accurate. - The rewards can only be obtained and used if you reside in the country where is officially distributed! Also rewards can be added or removed from the in-app shop and lottery at any time, just check it out regularly. - the pedometer is totally free to use, but the app contains ads. Digital gift cards are like cash rewards, the app is 100% free but it is financed thanks to advertisements. - The merchants represented are not sponsors of the rewards or otherwise affiliated with our company. The logos and other identifying marks attached are trademarks of and owned by each represented company and/or its affiliates. Please visit each company's website for additional terms and conditions. the pedometer is exclusive to Android and only released in countries where gift cards are now available. Please do not use a VPN or you may get suspended. We hope it will motivate you to walk daily! Just set your own goals and try to beat your past performances, you will eventually reach the 10,000 steps 😄


Edit (1/23): Got a reply back from the developer and seems like there was a server maintenance that was making the issue. To avoid any confusion like that, they should have a different message when they are in a server maintenance. Honest opinion about this app is it seems like you wont get a lot go Coins for just walking. Feels like you have to do the other missions in order to get a fair amount of coins. Just walking 10K everyday (which is the max coins per day for walking), you will need 160 days to get $10 rewards. Tells me I don't have internet connection and can't even open the app. I'm on my wifi and all my other apps works so it's not my internet connection.

Worked when I first downloaded it, earned a gift card. Now it won't let me save my earned coins. I uninstalled it, installed it again, now it says I don't have internet service, which I do have. I noticed quite a few other reviewers have the same problem. Now I probably lost my 6,000+ coins. UPDATE: Winwalk fixed the problem.

Glitchy and takes a long time to earn. Recently I've been having problems converting steps to coins, and also gaining coins from missions such as watching videos. I'll watch a video to convert my steps and... nothing. No coins. Yesterday I had to watch about 8 videos before it finally worked, and the mission videos aren't working at all no matter how many times I watch. I've been using the app for months and I'm still ages away from a gift card, so I can't comment on how well that part works!

I ❤ this app. I wish they had more 🇨🇦 store options/ I run almost everyday on the treadmill/outdoors & then I tap on the coins to collect them. It only took a couple of months to get a $10 Whole Foods card which I sent to one of my LA friends. I love that I can gift it to them but can you make that part easier? I had to screenshot it and send it to her. I'd rather just email or text a link to her. Thank you 😊 One more thing I love that you can just walk. No need to launch the app.