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This WinGift review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Here's what we know about Wingift so far!


Hi everyone vince here welcome to my win gift review now win gift will allow you to earn gift cards directly from your mobile phone by completing surveys playing games and completing offers let's kick this review off win gift runs on a coin based currency system where you guys have to earn these coins through the methods i just mentioned to then be allowed to cash out gift cards now the gift cards that you can cash out completely depend on your country but here in australia.


i had quite a large amount of variety to choose from including bitcoin and even google play now that's not even including all the local shops as well that are around my country now sadly there is no paypal cash out from what i can see on this application but i am still very happy with the variety available to me on win gift now as you can see on the screen each of these gift cards has a different amount of coins needed to be able to be withdrawn now depending on if you want a more basic card for let's say food shopping that will cost you around 75 000 coins at least here in australia but let's say you want to cash out an ebay gift card that will cost you 145 000 coins and if you want to cash out google play card the same amount of coins as needed but if you were to cash out bitcoin you'd need a hundred and fifty thousand coins.


at least the offers are still there which is quite nice to see so moving over to how you can actually earn on win gift itself so there is a coins tab at the bottom of the screen once you tap that you will then be greeted to all the various ways you can earn your win gift coins you can see that you can actually watch an advertisement to earn coins directly i don't really like this type of option but i know some people like the fact that it is available to them but i prefer to complete surveys myself but if you don't like completing surveys at all don't worry you are in luck because there is actually a get paid to play section on win gift also that will reward you with coins for each minute you spend on a game.


this is the play time reward section and i absolutely thrashed this section out everyone this is definitely something you should try and use if it's available in your country it will make earning coins so much faster if you enjoyed today's video please remember to hit like and subscribe be sure to drop a comment and join the free newsletter links in the description below thank you so much i've had surveys pay thousands and thousands of coins though on win gift and i can comfortably say at least 40 percent of my earning was through surveys for today's video.


if you can soldier through surveys and not get disqualified all the time you can definitely earn a decent amount of cash on win gift thanks to how many coins you are rewarded via surveys but let's just say you cannot do either the playtime rewards or completing surveys this is where you go to the offers section of win gift there are two main offer providers on win gift that will give you different games and applications to install and objectives and challenges to complete to reward you with a huge amount of coins now with offers everyone they usually take the longest but in general they can reward you the most as well.


it's just really how much time you're willing to sacrifice on this application i played as many games as i possibly could to rack up as many play time reward coins as i could as well as completing surveys at the same time it only roughly took me around five hours in total to generate a 10 usd gift card on win gift but i guarantee you if i was to sit there and continuously grind out surveys that time would have been much faster it's because i mixed it up with play time to take a break from surveys win gift does have a referral friends section where you can actually invite your friends and earn 10 of their earnings permanently completely free so for anyone out there that would like to invite people then you can go ahead and do so as well now when it comes to cashing out on win gift it's very straightforward essentially once you have enough coins you pick the gift card you want and then win gift will send it directly to your email address it's literally that simple everyone now you will need to use the application for a certain amount of time for your account is allowed to cash out in general but yes everyone win gift still is a legitimate application and i definitely recommend it give it a shot if it's available in your country thank you so much for watching see you around everyone.

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