This Viewfruit review will cover all aspects of the application and website, it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof and my final thoughts to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


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Here's what we know about VIEWFRUIT so far!

Today I am reviewing the money making website & application called Viewfruit! Now The biggest that issue I found with this platform is that even though it has some good online earning potential I just cannot get over how STRICT the survey hosts are!


I found myself CONSTANTLY getting disqualified and I feel like this will really start to annoy people and make them stop actually using the website\application.

Now just remember depending on your country your experience will be different to mine here in Australia so that is always something to keep in mind when using any sort of money making application or website! 

This platforms description is as follows:

"As a member of the Market Research Association, Viewfruit is devoted to providing opinion polls and market research service for 32 countries and regions all over the world. Through project cooperation, Viewfruit offers opportunities of taking on part-time job and sharing different experience for thousands of members who come from Asian, Australia, Europe, America, and Africa. These opportunities are including online market research and offline seminar, and so on."


Multiple tasks

Update tasks every day

High commission

Competitive Points

Quick Withdrawals

Withdrawals arrival in time

Security guarantee

When I was using Viewfruit I found no reason to suspect that something is wrong with it or that it is fake. In fact the experience as a whole was actually quite straight forward with no real issues which is great to see for an online revenue generating platform. ​


Something to keep in mind here is please always be careful when downloading any app from either online or the Google Play Store or even when you are visiting a website. Even though Google usually does an OK job of monitoring it you always have to use your wits even with the games or offers that some of these methods actually force you to install. ​

While looking online for the publics opinions on this site\app I found that most people actually did have problems with Viewfruit which is a bit concerning. It does seem that a lot of the public agree with what I'm saying on my review that this platform really is not worth your time.

I honestly believe much better money making platforms exist out there in the world and I think that if you spend all your time on this one you will be wasting so much of it.

Some of the more recent reviews are as followed:

"claaa_ , 08/11/2021- Waiting for the paypal credit The app is good and I have already acquired 2500 points for the 5$ cash out. However, a week have passed already and I did not received any credits yet but I'll definitely edit this review once they deposited it on my paypal account. Thanks."

"aja016,23/02/2017 - Landscape mode not working Most of the surveys needs to be at landscape mode for u to answer. However, this app does not allow you to go landscape... in safari, it is okay, how come that i cannot go landscape in app? Most of the surveys i tried could not be completed because of this. Please fix."

What is crazy is that Viewfruit actually has a 2.7 out of 5 with 36 Ratings on the Apple App Store. So for sure these developers are doing something that is not really catching on or is managing to make their users actually quite angry.

I did find some more positive reviews though like this one from the user atelociser!

"atelociser 15/07/2020 - Great app This app is legit! They really pay you by just answering the surveys. Downside is, surveys are not consistent. This is just good for an extra income but before you could cash out, you need to earn points first and pts can be earned once you were able to complete a survey. Also, please fix the lucky draw, it seems like its a joke because I only won ONCE and the rest is “thank you”."

At the end of the day my full Video Review and a public Payment Proof is located above and I have to say guys I do not really hold back because it was quite a frustrating experience to use this platform! 

I didn't even mange to get my own personal payment proof because of how hard it was to actually earn points on this platform and it was a first for me to actually stop trying and just give up so ViewFruit gets that reward of making me quit their platform before I could even get any sort of cash out.

It makes me think how much of a cut they are actually taking off you as a user because other survey sites pay MUCH more than this one which is very concerning to me. Please watch the review carefully because it could save you SO much time and heart ache. I'm not saying its a scam but I just really think its going to waste too much precious time that could be spent earning elsewhere... Yikes this turned into a bit of a rant haha!