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This Viewfruit review will cover all aspects of the application and website, it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof and my final thoughts to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Please note that the link provided on this page is my referral code so I might get a small bonus as a thank you for signing you up!  


Here's what we know about VIEWFRUIT so far!


Hi everyone vince here welcome back to another review ladies and gentlemen on today's review we are looking at the money making website slash application called view free now a massive benefit straight off the bat of viewfruit is that it should be available hopefully in your country feel free to use my link in the description below to see if you fruit even works in your country okay it says it works in multiple countries so i'm taking their word for it if not please let me know in the comment section below and i will redirect you to hopefully some apps or websites that work in your country.



By the way please remember to hit like and subscribe be sure to drop a comment as well tell me what you think of the video the first big compliment i want to give you through is that i do like the design of the website the website is very easy to understand i'm sure you guys out there will agree with me here you don't want to be screwing around with a website that has a poor design thankfully with through it's pretty straightforward you literally just create your account and then you can start completing surveys now i'll be getting into the survey section of viewfruit very soon because i have a lot of things to say about it alright at the time of this recording the view through application cannot be downloaded on the google play store which is a little bit concerning.


Now i still downloaded it to give it a try and it's a very straightforward application as well just like the website as you can see on the screen but the thing is everyone it all comes down to is view fruit going to be a website application that's going to be worth it for you and that's the whole point of this video you can pretty much do everything that you can do on the website on the application so keep that in mind it's good to see that you can do things on the go with the viewfruit now to all you social people out there there are community driven polls and a friend system on viewfruit.


So if you want to talk to your friend on viewfruit you can do that or if you meet someone you like you can add them and talk to them on there or you can create polls to get a general consensus of people that use viewfruit i've seen some pretty weird polls on there guys i don't know how the monitoring system is but yeah just be aware okay there's some pretty questionable polls that i noticed but we won't get into that right now there is also a lucky draw system on viewfruit so when you fail a survey you might have the chance to enter into a lucky draw to win points now this is where we'll talk about the currency system on view fruit which are points you'll notice that if you refer a friend you can gain some points or if you complete surveys you can gain some points.


Now the really crazy thing about viewfruit and what i noticed is that the rank system is quite strange to me you literally get rewarded with better surveys or better rewards the more you use view through so it's not like you can just join up to view through and get the premium surveys you kind of have to like viewfruit and to be honest guys. i don't really like systems like these personally i mean why make it so we have to slog through heaps of surveys to get to the better paying ones most survey websites and applications i've covered on this channel do not have systems like this in fact this is where i'm going to start talking about the survey experience.


In my opinion view fruit has probably one of the strictest surveys systems i've ever seen okay so what i mean by that is that you're going to be disqualified so many times on view through it is unbelievable their screening system i feel is non-existent so you'll get surveys that you will 100 get disqualified from and to me that is a massive setback to view fruit if it wasn't for view for having such a strict survey system i truly believe it would be a fantastic way to actually earn some pocket money on the side by completing surveys but trust me everyone if you want to use viewfruit you'll know exactly what i'm talking about i easily got disqualified 20 times while only generating around 1100 points mind you the minimum cash out for 5 usd is 2500 points so 500 of these points equals about one dollar usd while you only get around 180 points per survey on average when you start now.


I don't know how good the surveys will reward you if you become more loyal to the website and level up that rank but for the average user this is quite the drawback and my job is to talk about things like this on this channel now does that make it a bad website no it doesn't guys it's just you have to actually understand what to expect on view through if you use it now something i want to make absolutely clear here is that the disqualifications do happen throughout the survey as well so you might be 15 minutes into a survey and then it just kicks you out with really no reward except for maybe one point and the lucky draw system you get one lucky draw guys pretty much and most of the time you lose that lucky draw just being realistic here it really is a painful system on view fruit at the moment when it comes to disqualifications.


Let me go a little bit more in depth now for the first time on this channel i actually gave up completing surveys on a website slash app now i know what you're thinking wow that must be pretty bad well here in australia that was my experience in your country you might have a much better experience completing surveys on view free now i've also managed to find multiple examples of payouts by viewfruit so i definitely do not think that it's a fake website slash app i truly believe viewfruit will pay you it's just you have to go through the grind at least i did on this channel i'm not going to sugarcoat my experience guys it was painful on view fruit but that's the thing with survey websites and applications sometimes you're going to have to go through a big grind to earn a little bit of money mind you though view fruit has the loyalty system so if you use the site enough you might get much better rewards but to me it was not worth the grind i have found much better survey websites and applications and i've covered them on my channel in my honest opinion but i like to show you guys these websites and apps so if you want to give them a try you're more than welcome to thank you all so much for watching i really hope you enjoyed this video please be sure to drop a comment as well telling me your thoughts of view fruit i will catch you all tomorrow for another money-making video catch you around guys.

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