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This Tubebox review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!



Thoughts On TubeBox:

Here's what we know about the TubeBox app so far!

This is my TubeBox Review! This is a new money making app that is promising you money for watching videos on YouTube but is it legit real or a fake scam? I'll try to get TubeBox Payment Proof experience to see if we can earn money online in 2022 with it!

TubeBox is one of these money making applications that is promising you free money just by watching YouTube videos but it's such a complete joke in my view that needs to be dealt with by Google ASAP.


ladies and gentlemen welcome to my tubebox review i hope you enjoy let's kick this off tubebox is a money making application that is promising that you can earn hundreds of dollars completely for free per day just for watching youtube videos let me break down exactly how tubebox claims you can earn this money there are two different currencies on tubebox that you can earn you have the in-game coin currency that you get just for using the application.








Then you get the apparent real life money aspect which you'll start to earn the more you watch youtube videos because yes tubebox actually somehow has youtube within it every single couple of seconds you'll notice that a pop-up will appear saying that you have just earned around seven dollars or so now if you watch an advertisement you can increase those earnings all the way up to almost 40 dollars so once you crunch the numbers tubebox is literally offering up thousands and thousands of this money within literally 10 minutes or so in regards to the coin currency as just by using the application and keeping it open.








it seems that it does generate this in-game coin that then you can use to either cash out apparently 360 dollars worth of paypal currency or six hundred dollars worth of the paypal currency you just wait until i explain the other cash currency guys you're not going to believe it the next way that you can supposedly earn real life rewards from tubebucks is by the mystery box section where they're offering up apparently all types of real-life rewards including a macbook air jordans an iphone a rolex and all tubebox wants you to do is just open up these mystery boxes in return for watching advertisements.


 That's right you get a box when you watch an advertisement and you need to collect a certain amount of these puzzle pieces that come out the mystery box so you can imagine how many advertisements you'll be watching next you have the award area where tubebox gives you tasks to complete these are generally daily tasks that will apparently reward you with up to forty dollars worth of cash or more these tasks are built to make you use the application more and more which of course generates more advertisement views for the developer.










now let me talk about my earning experience on tubebucks in under 10 minutes i was able to generate literally over a thousand dollars which i just instantly laughed at but i decided to see what tubebox would do once i cash out this money tubebox will apparently allow you to cash out an unlimited amount of this real life cash as long as you watch advertisement what ends up happening once you go to cash out on tubebox is that they'll put you behind an ad wall.











this means that they'll set a certain amount of advertisements you'll have to watch before you can actually cash out once you watch the required advertisements it will then put you in a weak weight to be reviewed but to make things worse once you finish that review of a week they will then put you in a huge queue filled with thousands of people here's a spoiler everyone you're never ever going to see that money tubebox is without a doubt one of the dumbest applications i think i've seen in a very long time i cannot believe that they're able to use youtube system i hope i saved someone out there stay safe catch you later.

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