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Here you will find a video that showcases the top paying applications that I've found in 2023 so far while making money online.


Why Did I Make This List?

This top money making app list has been created to help people find the most easiest and legit apps so far that I've found in 2023!

Are These Apps Actually Legit?

Yes! The apps that are shown in this list have 100 percent paid me as I make sure to show the payment proof throughout the video! The Vinsane channel prides itself on showing payment proof to ensure that people understand that the apps are actually legit while calling out the fake ones.

How Much Do These Apps Pay?

So these apps will pay around 1 to 2 dollars per hour in my personal experience of using them here in Australia! I want to make clear that these apps will change their pay rates depending on where you live but not only that they will also change depending on your age and gender!  Usually the developer or provider of the games that you are playing decides how much you get paid as a player/user so please always keep this in mind.

Are These Apps Free?

Yes! These apps are 100 percent free as I generally do not showcase applications on my channel that will charge you money to use them as I believe the whole point of earning money online is to make sure you can earn for free from home or anywhere are round the world.

Will You Update The List?

As more legit money making apps are discovered and reviewed I will create brand new lists that showcase their potential! For now though I like to show ones that I truly believe are simple and easy to use because the last thing I want is for people to spend tons of time using them not to get paid what they deserve. I personally think if a money making app pays you less than 1 -2 dollars an hour you shouldn't play them at all because at the end of the day they are already paying so little!

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