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This Toloka review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!



Here's what we know about Toloka so far!


hi everyone it's vince here welcome to my toloka review i hope you enjoy let's kick this off toloka is a money making application that will reward you guys out there with real life money for completing tasks from your mobile phone now at least that's my experience if there's a website portion of this i will not be covering it on today's video i'm focusing purely on the application and i have to say everyone my experience with the toloka application was extremely straightforward the whole concept is that we help ai and businesses essentially with their research by either sorting out coupon codes to see if they're legit sorting out pictures and trying to find the correct picture for the font that's on the screen honestly there are so many different tasks per day it is actually quite overwhelming in a good way.



each of these tasks will pay you a certain amount of money each time you complete one of them this is the first time i've ever covered an application like this on the channel and i have to say it was quite the experience toloka is apparently available in many many countries so i recommend that you check the description to find a download link to see if it's actually available in your country just remember though just like every other money making application i've covered on my channel depending on your age gender and location your payout rates could be completely different to what you see on my videos so as long as you keep that in mind we should be all good toloka operates in a very different way to a lot of the money making applications i've covered on my channel so far essentially what you'll need to do is go through trial periods or training periods to learn how exactly to complete certain tasks once you have been qualified then you will be able to essentially earn real life money per task successfully completed what you might not be aware of is that each time you complete a task.


it goes into a review process or at least the ones that i completed on my time using this application so the review period for each of these tasks could either be within the same 24 hours or it could actually take days to even a week i actually did have to wait a week for a majority of my tasks to be completed so don't be shocked when you check your balance that you see that half of it is still under review because there is a very straightforward balance system as well on toloka if you guys enjoy what i do here on youtube please don't forget to hit like subscribe drop a comment and be sure to join my free newsletter it all helps me get seen around youtube thank you so much there is a very interesting progression system on to loka okay so the more that you actually work on this application and the more successful tasks that you complete you then get to unlock even better paying tasks so don't expect the tasks you see when you first sign up to actually be the only task that you're ever going to receive and the amount of money that you're rewarded to stay the same the more you use this application.


the more successful of a micro worker that you are you would then be granted to better paying jobs and something else that i noticed says there's a pretty in-depth achievement system as well to showcase how well you're doing on the application now whether or not these achievements really matter or not i'm not too sure but they do definitely keep track of your progression there is even a referral program for toloka where you can earn up to five to twenty percent of your ferries earnings completely for free without affecting their earnings whatsoever if you guys want to use my link in the description below to join up to support my channel then feel free to the link will be in the description.


now i want to talk about the earnings side on toloka okay so in my personal experience i was able to actually generate around 20 dollars in about two hours or so guys easily on this application thanks to the amount of offers and jobs that i was supplied here in my country of australia what i need you guys to understand is that these jobs do not take 5 to 10 minutes some of them can last easily up to 30 to 45 minutes at a time what i found out is that this is not really an application you can just whip out and start using to earn money in a couple of minutes you will actually have to dedicate time to completing specific jobs that the application recommends that you do which is fine because at the end of the day as long as we actually generate some decent money on to loca i couldn't really care less because the majority of the money making applications that are on the web right now generally pay only a few dollars per hour if we're actually lucky so when i see an application like toloka on the market it really does make me happy to see the amount of money that they're willing to actually pay us the users.


when it comes to the actual difficulty though of these jobs that definitely does vary on the pay scale you're gonna find as i mentioned earlier the easier jobs generally pay the least amount and the harder jobs generally pay the most and by harder it could actually be difficulty scale because there are a whole multitude of different jobs even involving scientific questions everyone where they're looking for people that maybe have even studied in a field to answer questions so telogen will give you the opportunity to actually tackle these jobs but whether or not you're successful at completing them that's up to you if you try and lie your way through these jobs they'll definitely find out because from what i can see most of these jobs are manually reviewed or at least the high paying one something that i want to make clear as well is that as i mentioned earlier you will have to do training for the job so when i say i earn 20 in two hours or so that is excluding the training the training easily added on about another hour or so.


but once you do that training you shouldn't have to do it again at least as i said in my experience i didn't have to re-complete any training once i learned it for that specific job such as trying to find correct coupons or trying to find the correct images it's very hard to review an application like this because it varies so much depending on where you live and there are so many different jobs available all with different pay scales before i get to the actual cashing out to loca i just want to mention this application will not be for everyone as i said earlier it does take time for certain jobs so if you're just going to smash out a whole bunch of small easy jobs you can't expect to earn a whole bunch of money unless you're like very high in the skill level of this application for someone like me that was just beginning on toloka .


to be able to earn at least 21 united states currency in the short amount of time that i did it really does show you the capabilities of toloka if you put the time and effort into it all i can recommend is that you download it and try it out yourself and see what jobs are available and all i can do is show you my honest experience with the application on today's video there are multiple different cash out methods on toloka as well as you can see on the screen the one that i'm showing you on today's review is paypal of course the fact that you can earn paypal so fast on to loca is something that i can really appreciate but with all said and done ladies and gentlemen this is an application that i do need to go further in depth here with the payment system and what you can expect i was not allowed to cash out that money though for around two weeks.


because my account was still in initial review so while you're waiting what i recommend you do is try and generate as much money as you can on to loca because you're not going to be able to cash that out for at least two weeks that's based on my experience i even confirmed that with their support they said that i was under an account review because i'm a new user so you can expect more than likely the same i am happy to say though once i was done with that two-week initial review toloka paid me to my paypal account within five days everyone so i can officially confirm to loka is a legitimate money-making application where you can earn very very good money on depending on your country age gender and of course skill level on the application itself remember the more tasks that you complete and the jobs that you finish successfully you can increase your earnings potential even more if you want to see more legitimate money making applications be sure to check out my channel and its playlists i've covered hundreds of them now thank you so much for watching see you all in a few days guys catch around.

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