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This review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Here's what we know about so far!

Written Review:

Hey everyone it's Vince here welcome to my tip IO review today we're going to find out if we can really earn up to twenty dollars per day by using this money making platform I hope you enjoy let's kick this off this right here is the tip IO home page now you're going to be seeing a whole bunch of different offer walls all paying different amounts of money at the top of the screen you'll find your account balance this is where you'll see that 1 000 points equals one dollar worth of USD currency so at least now you know how the currency system works on tipio the actual home page is so basic which actually is quite a refreshing thing to see because at least you're not overwhelmed with a whole bunch of different options at least in my country the survey options that I have available are very limited though with only two providers.









Now above the survey section you'll notice that there are two different app install offers available one is for iOS and one is for Android so this actually covers both IOS and Android funny enough which I know a lot of people out there like to see now if we break down the Caesar slots currency conversion that's actually 17 per offer while the Bingo Blitz offer is actually 11 of real life money whereas the Android version for the Bingo Blitz is only five dollars now tapping on the offer allows us to see the how to earn section you'll notice that we do have to follow a certain amount of rules to actually earn that five dollars worth of currency pay close attention to the new users only because if you guys have completed this type of offer on another money making application there's a good chance that you won't get rewarded for installing Bingo Blitz on your phone because you've already done it elsewhere before we look at all the money that we can earn by completing the offers on the offer wall.









Let's check out the leaderboard section that they have available on their website by the looks of it tipio is giving away up to a hundred dollars per day for us to actually use their platform all you need to do is just generate an enough of the points it does seem that up to 25 of the users on the website per day will get a share of a hundred dollars and as you can see it resets every single midnight I do like this kind of rewarded system that tipio has on their platform because it's nice when these website owners actually give back to their users you'll notice that each of these offer walls actually has a 70 bonus active at the current time of this recording whether or not it will be the same in your country you're going to have to see for yourself but at least here in Australia I do get that 70 bonus now the first offer what we're going to check out is the magic wall now this is the magic wall offer provider as you can see here guys we have a very high paying offers the prices on the right side you have applications that will literally pay you up to 76 or more depending on what platform you have AKA if you have an iPhone or an Android device your earnings are going to obviously be different the thing is with such high paying offers what you have to remember is that more than likely you're only going to be able to complete a few of them per day if you're lucky.









Because mostly with the high paying ones they do take quite a long time to complete for instance if you have a look at the puzzles and Conquest Mission here you can see that it actually has the difficulty level of hard and the reason for that is because more than likely it's going to take you a few weeks to even complete but if you do complete it you do get 54 dollars worth of USD currency I have to say I'm very impressed with the magic off a wall so far definitely next up we'll check out the power wall with the power wall you can see straight off the bat we have a Vegas casino offer that's literally going to be paying us a hundred and twenty seven dollars worth of USD currency that is huge everyone keep going down you can see we have offers for 29.22.23 it literally just keeps going and going I'm actually quite shocked at how much money we're able to get from the awful walls on tip IO at the moment I just hope in your country you'll have the same opportunities that I do next we'll check out the loot wall loot wall has an insane offer right now for Mafia City where if we complete it.








We can get up to 200 worth of USD currency almost and then straight underneath that we have two other offers here that are literally going to be paying almost a hundred dollars each I mean that's just ridiculous guys and then again it just keeps on going and going I mean at this point it's really good to compare the different offer walls against each other so then you can obviously find the best paying offers but geez I'm actually quite shocked at how much money they're offering up for some of these offers next we have the wonder wall Here We Go Again everyone on the Wonderwall 87 to complete a grand Mafia Android offer where we have to get to Mansion level 21 in 30 days then we have offers straight underneath it for fifty eight dollars fifty eight dollars forty five dollars thirty six dollars twenty six dollars that's really really good to see honestly comparing this to like completing surveys you have to remember everyone with surveys you're not guaranteed the money at least with the offer wall once you complete the offer for the first time they will pay you the actual cash straight out without the risk of disqualification last but not least we have the super wall.








From what I can see here the super world doesn't really have the best paying offers I mean that's something you have to really pay attention to I would stay away from this offer wall for sure because it doesn't seem like you're going to get your money's worth at all sadly okay so now you know how much money you can actually make on tip IO by completing offers but how about completing surveys is that a viable way to actually earn cash let's find out so let's check out surveys unlimited this is literally just the CPX research provider guys if you've ever completed surveys online before you know exactly what to expect but as you can see we have surveys here that are willing to pay us literally 2.40 straight up within 12 minutes nine minutes nine 10 minutes 20 minutes look at this that's easily like almost ten dollars right there in the span of about an hour or under of course you might get disqualified and I noticed with CPX research you will definitely probably get disqualified around I'm not going to say definitely because I don't know how you guys answer your surveys but I've had quite a rough time with CPX research that's just the straight up truth and I feel like anyone out there that has ever tried CPX research knows exactly what I'm talking about when it comes to disqualifications but at least on this offer wall here we easily have about twenty dollars that we can try and earn next is surveys lab but in my country it seems to be unavailable because when I tap on it it just literally stays on a white screen for some reason so I have no idea what's going on there they definitely have to fix that you'll also find a limited office section at the bottom of the screen where we'll get 70 cents or so for installing Tick Tock to our Android phone if you guys have any friends out there you can also refer them to you tipio to earn 10 of their earnings completely for free without impacting them.









You just have to tap this little button in the top right corner of the screen all right so now you know how tipio works and how you can earn money but now I want to show you how the cash out works and what you can expect when you try and get your money from tipio if you tap on this button in the top right corner of the screen it will take you to the cash out page here you can see we can redeem gift cards for five dollars ten dollars twenty dollars and fifty dollars scrolling down here you can see the available gift cards that we should hopefully be able to cash out to there are quite a lot of them so for this video I'm going to cash out the five dollar gift card here are the rules for the five dollar gift card guys they claim it takes up to a few days but I do have to say it takes a lot longer than that and I'll tell you in a second why as I mentioned I cashed out five dollars worth of USD currency on tipio and it took about 10 days or so to get email to me let's go through the cash out process together here so you can see the email that you should get from tipio now this should arrive in your Gmail account or whatever account you signed up to tip with if I click this link it should technically take me to the gift card page let's find out together alright everyone here we go so at the bottom of the screen here it's asking me to choose my country and my currency look at all these available gift cards so I can choose from that is ridiculous everyone.









I really wasn't expecting the amount of options that we have available here I don't even know what to choose really when it comes down to it there are literally so many different options like usually when websites claim that they're going to give you all these different gift cards they really don't have the amount that they promise but it seems that tipio and their gift card provider really does have a huge amount of selection like it literally just keeps on going and going like I don't even know what to choose at this point because from what I can see here I can't see PayPal at all so maybe there's a no PayPal gift card but either way I'm just going to keep scrolling down here look at this just keeps going bro oh my freaking God all right there we go hit the bottom finally all right we have Xbox there as well that's okay I'm going to choose an Amazon gift card here for five dollars.









Okay so let's pick this one all right total value is five dollars going to go with my email address there click agree all right successful here we go so it's instantly arrived in my virtual wallet here it looks like let me tap on Amazon here is the code and I'm going to copy and paste that and go to Amazon's website right now okay I'm going to redeem the gift card on Amazon I'm just going to apply the code now and we are done oh my God it actually worked I now have a total of ten dollars and four cents in my balance because the five dollars has been applied there you have it everyone I can confirm at least at the time of this recording that 100 legit at least for the Amazon gift cards whether or not you can actually use this in your country that's another question altogether because this paid me out USD currency and I noticed when I I swapped my currency to Australian it did not bring over my balance so I had to switch back to America so I'm thinking maybe this is only meant for American users perhaps I would contact tips support and just ask them if you can use it in your country what a video this turned out to be I will catch you all tomorrow for another review stay safe see you tomorrow

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