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The Lucky Miner VIDEO REVIEW


This The Lucky Miner review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!



Here's what we know about The Lucky Miner so far!


Hey everyone it's vince here welcome back to another review ladies and gentlemen today we're checking out the money making application the lucky miner now this application has been around for quite a while today i've decided to test it out again just to make sure it's actually still paying its players or not do hope you enjoy if this application is not available in your country feel free to check out my top 32 application list links are in the description below and while you're there please remember to join my free newsletter hit that like button subscribe drop a comment as well.


so guys the whole concept of getting paid to play games is something that i absolutely love and that's why i'm bringing today's video it's time we find out is the lucky miner actually still paying its player base or not if you don't know essentially what happens in the lucky miner is that you get paid to play games in the form of coins you can then exchange these coins into real-life currency whether it be paypal or apple itunes currency.


okay now the way that you generate the coins themselves though is through the minutes that you play each of the applications that the lucky miner will supply you so depending on your country your age or your gender you'll get a whole separate list to someone that lives in america if you live in let's say india or turkey all of these money-making applications do change depending on those factors so that's definitely something to keep in mind here everyone going into this review what you see on the screen right now might be completely different to what you see on your mobile phone.


in real life but all i can do is show you my experience on the screen right now you're going to be seeing the various different cash out thresholds for both the paypal and the apple itunes currency on the lucky miner and if you've never used one of these applications before think of it this way guys you're going to have to dedicate time to actually earn a little bit of money here now the money that you actually earn on the lucky miner will depend on what application you play so counting in those factors that i mentioned before you also have to consider the actual application you're playing or using at the time.


so if you have an application that's paying the lucky miner out a lot of money to advertise it or to push it you will be rewarded with more coins per minute if that makes sense so my tip to you is to literally play the highest paying applications that you can to get the most out of the lucky minor for instance everyone it took me around six hours of total gameplay time over the span of multiple applications to only generate around six dollars and forty cents australian currency.




so if you convert the australian currency into your currency then you can try and get a rough estimate of time spent for your reward so once you crunch the numbers down it's about a dollar and like 10 or 5 cents per hour for playing these games now is that the worst thing in the world not really because all i was doing was just literally playing a game anyway and having fun while doing it now if you're coming to the lucky miner to try and get rich overnight then that's definitely not going to happen and that's not going to happen on any money making application or survey website that's really something to remember here as well these type of applications that actually do reward you will take a lot of time and they really do not pay heaps so please don't get it twisted.


it's as simple as that if you ever come across an application that promises thousands or hundreds of thousands then don't believe it i have to say i had a fantastic time on the lucky minor it really was flawless guys i didn't have any issues all i did was literally install the applications and start actually playing them and then i was getting rewarded for the time that i spent on them i decided to test out the paypal payment proof on today's video for the lucky miner and i'm happy to say everyone two days later after i activated my order i received the paypal money to my account so yes everyone i'm happy to say that the lucky miner is still paying its players thank the lord because i have heard of some applications going back on their word and not paying players anymore i will catch all in once two days for the next review see you around everyone.

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