The Lucky Miner VIDEO REVIEW


This The Lucky Miner review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!



Here's what we know about The Lucky Miner so far!

The Lucky Miner is a fantastic money making application that rewarded me for playing games! 

This app was probably one of my most favourite money making applications to use back when I first started covering online earning methods. If you have the chance try and download this platform to see if you can actually make some decent cash on it because I was able to really earn fast.

In the video review above you see my honest experience and payment proof but just remember depending on your country your experience COULD change greatly so that is always something to keep in mind here!

Description of this App:

Get awesome gift cards, money rewards & vouchers for playing mobile games! Get The Lucky Miner for free (no deposits, no in-app purchases) ✅ Choose and play your favorite game from our list 🎮 Get rewards for every minute you spend playing games 🎁🎉🏆 Are you looking for the app that pays you to play games?


The Lucky Miner is a completely free app to install and use, offering you the opportunity to earn real money by playing games on your mobile phone. Play free mobile games and make money, gift cards and vouchers! Discover and play new and popular games every day from our list ➡ spend time playing them and earn coins ➡ trade coins for gift cards such as Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards, PlayStation gift cards, Steam gift cards, vouchers, coupons, or you can simply cash out using your PayPal account.


How it works? The Lucky Miner is so easy to use: ✓📱 Get The Lucky Miner now for FREE ✓🎮 Play any of our FREE games ✓💎 Earn coins for every second you play ✓⏰ The more you play the more you´ll get out of it ✓💲 Trade your coins for ANY gift cards or real cash rewards That’s it 😊 Why The Lucky Miner? ✔️Completely free app (⛔no deposits, ⛔no in-app purchases)! ✔️Easy to use!

✔️Fast and guaranteed payouts!

✔️Huge variety of available payout options (PayPal money transfer, Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards, PlayStation gift cards, Steam gift cards, Walmart gift card, Xbox Gift Card and many more)!

✔️Huge selection of different game types to fit any preference!

✔️Invite your friends to The Lucky Miner and you both get extra bonuses!


The exciting thing about our app is that you can earn your first gift card or cash reward after just a few hours you spent playing any game you choose! Currently, our offer wall contains various game types such as Casual, Strategy, Action, Puzzle, Adventure, Arcade and many more.


You can play ANY game you like and start collecting coins! If you already like playing mobile games, The Lucky Miner is the app for you as it pays you to play games! Earn real money playing games or choose any of our gift cards, coupons and vouchers. With The Lucky Miner you will never have to worry about your pocket money again! So, what keeps you waiting on trying and earning your first reward! 

Safe To Use? ​

If you are thinking to yourself is this method is safe to use we will have to go over a few important factors: There are many different ways to figure out if you have malware on your Android device.


The first major tell is if everything is suddenly much slower. Perhaps you possibly start noticing ads you've never seen before or perhaps your battery dies extremely quickly.


Also If you experience strange screen redirects or overlays that you've never had to deal with before or maybe apps you don't recognize are now installed on your device.


Just remember though just because your phone is slow that does not mean that you might have a virus. in-fact you could actually be running out of space on your phone or some background tasks are running such as important phone updates or even virus scans from your phones in-built protection. ​ ​

Besure to just keep your wits about you when using any money making app pretty much!

I saw a public review that was pretty interesting to read:

DR: 22 July 2021 - "I'm not interested in an app needing a picture of me for a payout (and per other reviews still doesn't guarantee any payment being made). Australia payment options are PayPal or iTunes, neither interest me after the high amount of time needed compared to other apps/offerwalls (showing my age but I do miss the old Clixsense website). Other apps don't need that and pay in crypto as well. Summary: uninstalled, Time vs Money (if paid)."