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This Tester Up review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!



Thoughts On Testerup:

Here's what we know about the Testerup app so far!

Welcome to my Testerup App Review for the Android! Want to earn money playing games? This money making app states that you can make money online just by doing that. I'll try and get Testerup Payment Proof and to see if the cashout is real legit or a fake scam or at least see if it's worth your time. (Previously Testery)

Remember everyone this is my personal experience with the Testerup app and I have to say it really was not a good one to be honest. I was not even able to generate any type of money and you'll see exactly why.. Perhaps in your country this application will work better? Also keep in mind this app used to be called Testery!


hello everyone it's vince here welcome to my tester up review this application was formerly called testery and it's offering up apparently up to 1600 worth of usd for you guys to complete offers on their platform now this might sound like a dream application but after using tesla up i do have some concerns that i want to talk to you all about today let's kick this off so tester off is one of these money making applications that promises you huge amounts of usd currency to play games and install applications now whenever i see massive amounts of money like this i do get a bit concerned you see the whole goal of tester up is to get players to install these games or applications and complete certain tasks within them to apparently earn real life money.


for instance here you can see if i install raid shadow legends and complete the task and offer that they want me to do i can earn 169 worth of usd once you start the offer off though you'll see what you actually have to do to earn that apparent usd currency in rage shadow legends case i have to try and achieve two sacred shards in 15 days and four sacred shards in 21 days and this all needs to be achieved in under 30 days of installation what tester up allows you to do though is cancel the task early if you just want to claim whatever amount of usd that you've earned currently so let's say i only earn 60 dollars worth of the rage shadow legends tasks i can then finish the job early and only claim partial amounts of the reward so on the screen right now you can see each of the tasks that tester up wants me to complete to earn certain brackets of money now something that you might not realize is that these tasks become more and more harder as time goes on.



what this leans into is that eventually they want you to spend real life money on the games you're playing to boost your progression within the apps because realistically these offers are incredibly hard to complete now you might think you can just claim 10 of the bracket reward and then call it a day well to activate a cash out on tester up you need to actually achieve 70 or so worth of usd as a minimum and what you'll start to notice the more offers that you try to complete is that the early stages of these offers will only pay you 30 cents or 40 cents but then the harder portions of the offers will then start to pay you the apparent 10 20 30 40 worth of usd each i feel like this has all been done by design the main reason for that is because tester up to me comes off as an application that claims that you can just earn money by playing games right but that's not the case essentially you're completing very advanced offer walls here with a very high chance of you guys completely wasting your time the instant red flag to me is the 70 dollar minimum cash out to withdrawal and that is something that real legitimate money making applications do not have i've seen minimum withdrawals of five and ten dollars but nowhere near seventy dollars worth of usd while the layout of the application is something that i do like i have to say everyone the more that you go in depth into each of the offers that tests are up claims that you can earn hundreds of dollars on you'll start to realize that it does seem like it's designed to make you play for as long as possible with the hopes that you never actually complete the offers or the tasks.



The ones that are easily earned pay the least amount if you compare this to legitimate money making platforms such as why sense or free cash swag bucks whole pay many of these platforms that allow you to play games and earn money you'll know for a fact that these rates that tester up are offering are extremely overpriced and unrealistic something that i will say though is that the games that tester up allows you to play are actually fun so it is cool to play more mainstream games on a money making application but the whole concept is we're hoping to get paid that huge amount of usd currency that they're promising for a majority of the applications even the lower paying ones really don't seem like they're worth the time at all thanks to that whole 70 dollar minimum cash out system for anyone out there that's ever earned money online you guys should know that when it comes to these big payout applications usually they're too good to be true for instance here in australia to get paid to play games you can usually earn between one and two dollars per hour so when you see an application that's offering up 160 plus usd to get to a certain stage on let's say rage shadow legends it does kind of feel unlikely okay with such a large gap between the earning rates on these tasks it really does throw up red flags straight away another big issue is that i'm unable to find legitimate payment proof for tester up or even testery before their name change.



i'm not going to come on camera here and call it a scam i just feel like you should be extra careful before tackling this application the only people that really make the money are the developers from you guys installing offers through their application you see it's all a big kickback system you guys play the games through their app the app developers will then give them money for allowing you to play their app through tester up when i personally tried to complete some of the tasks tester up didn't even count that i was playing the game even though i installed the applications through tester up like they wanted so even then you have literally another red flag popping up it's just not looking good for tester up and usually when applications have these type of problems you want to steer clear of them because when you are wasting your time to earn money online it's a terrible feeling it gets to the point where you're honestly better off going through some of the platforms i just mentioned instead of using tester up in fact you can even probably be better off playing applications like just play for instance that have instant paypal cash out every three hours even though the currency system is completely broken on that app at least you can be guaranteed that you're going to be paid even if you collect up to one or two paypal dollars with the applications like this that set such a high threshold.



it just really is not a good sign okay and for anyone out there that has used the money making application before i know you know exactly what i'm talking about another instance is even missed play miss play will actually reward you for the time spent on application realistically because that's what the market is actually paying people at the moment to play games you might find even better offer walls like for instance you have y sensors off a wall you guys can get paid straight up currency to your account again free cash is off a wall instant paypal currency or even cryptocurrency there are so many different varieties of cash out options that don't rely on you guys getting 70 minimum usd it actually upsets me though because i went into tester up with high hopes but what i found was a broken application that just seems to have set too high of a threshold for anyone to realistically cash out on it even going through the google play store reviews people do seem to have the same problem that i do with the application and they have the same thoughts as me as well it's just not a practical approach to making money online in my opinion to set these thresholds for the players as i said though i don't want to claim it's a scam because i wasn't able to achieve any cash out options or even get to that point because of the application glitching on me but i did have to make this review because i've been requested so many times to cover this application before its name change by the way the name change is interesting to me i would love to know why they did it because usually with money making applications they like to keep the same name unless for a specific reason so for now i'm going to have to put tester up aside and say that it's not worth anyone's time out there at the time of this recording but you guys are more than welcome to let me know what you think of tester up in the comments below i hope you enjoyed see you all tomorrow for another review

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