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TATA - Play Lucky Scratch VIDEO REVIEW


This TATA - Play Lucky Scratch review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof if possible to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber!


TATA Play Lucky Scratch REVIEW

Here's what we know about TATA Lucky Scratch  so far!


Hey everyone vince here welcome to my TATA play lucky scratch review i hope you enjoy let's kick this off TATA play lucky scratch will apparently reward you guys out there with real life money for not only playing games by scratching little scratchy cards as well.


now something to keep in mind here is that the currency system on TATA play lucky scratch are diamonds so you will actually need to collect diamonds that then convert into real life money in my country this is what i have to do if you are to download TATA play lucky scratch it might look completely different on your end so please keep that in mind i'm just showing you my own personal experience here and sharing my thoughts of course something i will say about TATA play lucky scratch is that it is actually very easy to navigate now something that i don't like about TATA play lucky scratch is that it does feature quite a rigorous ad system.


so they are really trying to get you to watch as many advertisements as possible on this application and not only that there is an energy based system where essentially if you are to play any of the games it will cost you 10 energy each time you try to attempt to play them this might seem all okay but you only get 100 energy so that means you really only have 10 shots at playing games before you have to watch an advertisement you start to see that you are really watching ads around the clock essentially i'm not exaggerating everyone you'll be watching ads constantly to try and double your rewards or increase the amount of diamonds you receive from playing the games because the base reward rate is so low they really are trying to force you into watching the ads and this is something i don't really like about TATA play lucky scratch either when you use one of these money making applications.


you don't want to waste time watching advertisements for a reward you should have really gained in the first place it's these little tricks guys that you have to pay attention to with money making apps on the bottom of the screen of this application you're going to find all the relevant tabs that you can switch between so i want to talk about the first tab which is pretty much the daily challenge and achievement area if you check back on this area pretty regularly once you're using the app you will receive various rewards for completing different tasks and challenges on TATA so check back there regularly or you might miss out on some important diamonds that can really speed up your earning process from what i've witnessed there is also an offers section on TATA that will allow you to earn thousands of diamonds for completing offers and tasks you will also find a spinning prize wheel.


as well if you're enjoying today's video please remember to like comment and subscribe and join my free newsletter we're almost at 70 000 subscribers thank you all so much next we have the trophy tab which is essentially the leaderboards now you'll see that TATA play lucky scratch actually does have a pretty active community from what i can tell now the games that you play on TATA will switch between sometimes single player and multiplayer depending on the game you're actually playing so you might actually end up versing other real life players from around the world on this app which is actually pretty cool once you think about it i do love the concept of earning with other people mind you though it is a competitive style of games so you're not just playing together you're actually versing each other and whoever wins that match earns the rewards now the next tab is the controller tab and this is where you'll find pretty much the main ways to earn on TATA play lucky scratch.


the first big way to earn is just by scratching the scratchy cards you will have to watch an advertisement though to actually scratch the card so keep that in mind for the people that don't care about watching advertisements you can pretty much continuously do this last time i checked i mean i was able to keep watching ads and keep scratching the cards now in regards to the actual games themselves they're all quite fun funny enough there are actually some games that i've reviewed i think on my channel a year or so ago that was scam apps which is actually quite concerning it really does throw into question again the legitimacy of this application so please keep this in mind guys you're going to be playing those 2048 balls merge games the pop star game they're throwing the knife at the target game a gem crush game.


all you do is match the gems together but as i mentioned they were fun to play so no real complaints there TATA play lucky scratch does have an inviter friend section as well so if you want to invite people to play this application you'll be rewarded with 1 000 diamonds and a permanent 15 earning from your referral listen i know that sounds quite cool and you know it might sound incentive to invite more people but i haven't even told you about the cash out section and why 1000 diamonds really is nothing for anyone that wants to use this application i will include my referral code but i really really want you to watch the end of this video to actually understand why you might not want to use TATA play lucky scratch but i do know you guys love having invite codes to you so i include it anyway and the last tab is just a profile area which is pretty much useless in my opinion so now let's talk about the actual making money side of TATA play lucky scratch i have a lot to say so get ready okay because here in australia i was apparently able to cash out up to 200 worth of paypal now wherever i see 200 worth of paypal on a money making application.


i have a red flag instantly pop up to put it into some sort of perspective here on my personal earning experience while playing the games and scratching the cards on this app i only managed to earn around 2 000 diamonds or so in the span of about an hour and 20 minutes now the minimum cash out is five dollars worth of paypal for 100 000 diamonds think about that very carefully everyone it took me around an hour and 20 minutes to get about 2 600 worth of diamonds and the minimum is 100 000 diamonds you are literally looking at weeks to earn the five dollars worth of paypal altogether my total amount of diamonds only netted me around 13 cents and i watched literally about 40 to 50 advertisements.


in that time because i was always trying to double my rewards you can even play a slot machine if you watch an advertisement and they allow you to spin it 30 times per day by the way from what i could see so that means ads i seriously think there are much better applications on the market right now than TATA play lucky scratch including cashmall at flame missed play golf cash app station these are just to name a few off the top of my head now obviously my channel has hundreds of apps and games that i recommend you check out after this video but i seriously do not think that TATA play lucky scratch is worth your time or effort everyone that is some terrible return on investment there for your precious time and reading the reviews for TATA play lucky scratch.


it seems a lot of people actually feel the same way now does that mean that it's not a legitimate application that will pay you i mean because i didn't personally test the cash out i cannot straight up say it's a fake scam app what i can say though is my professional opinion that this application is definitely not worth your time if you're looking to make money by playing games and that's just straight up the truth at least in my experience here in australia maybe in your country the application will behave differently but that's the beauty of making these videos then you guys can at least get a first-hand experience to understand what you're going into i think this had good potential i like the community elements but i just don't think it's worth your time if you're going to use TATA play lucky scratch please let me know your experience in the comments below because i'm very curious to see if the earning is so low in your country or so thank you for watching everyone i hope i saved someone out there some time i'll see you all in one's two days catch you later.

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