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This Sweat Wallet review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Sweat Wallet:

Here's what we know about the Sweat Wallet app so far!

This Sweat Wallet Review for the Android is my full tutorial on this money making app! Finally the Sweatcoin app's wallet has been released allowing us to get paid to walk. I'll try to get Sweat Wallet Payment Proof and Cash Out example while showing my full in-depth experience on what to expect.

Remember this Sweatcoin pays in cryptocurrency and because of that the price of the SWEAT token is always going to change but at least on this video I can show you how the Sweat Wallet works and what you can actually expect when you use it. I really do love the concept of Sweatcoin so I hope it keeps on growing as a legit money making app.


hey everyone vince here the day has finally arrived the sweat wallet has been released on the google play store for everyone to use now you might be thinking what exactly am i talking about sweatcoin which i'm sure you guys are all aware of by now pays you to actually walk this is one of those applications that i really do love because it does promote healthy exercise download links are in the description below by the way now sweatcoin has been advertising their cryptocurrency token sweat for the longest time the day has arrived where i can talk to you about it because we finally have some stats on it.



On the screen you can see the sweat wallet application and as you can see the design is very simple at the top of the wallet you'll find all the sweat tokens that you've collected during your time on sweatcoin underneath that total amount you'll see the available amount of sweat tokens for you to use which i'll talk about in a second because it is quite a strange system they're running here which i think you definitely have to know about underneath that you can find the transfer tab the add tab which is disabled at the time of this recording the grow tab and the exchange tab which again is disabled you might be a bit surprised but yes some of the functions of the sweat wallet have been disabled on the release date because they're saying that they still need time to a guest configure them or set them up but we'll try and work with what we have available for today's video.


next up you'll find the staking tab now this is where you can actually grow your sweat tokens completely for free by staking them at the time of this recording there are three different staking plans where apparently the sweat wallet users have been selecting their 12 month plan where you'll get a 12 return on what you state underneath that you can find the six percent return for six months and then underneath that you can find the three percent return for three months so if you take a look at the bottom of the state plan screen you'll see that if i was to invest 1 000 of the sweat token i would actually earn 120 free sweat tokens at the end of a 12 month period now underneath the staking tab you'll see how many steps it will actually take you to generate one sweat token as you can see here it actually has a graph showing you the different amounts of steps it's going to take you to generate one of these tokens in the future we have the at launch graph.



so right now we have seven days ago we have today and then we have in one year on the screen right now you can see that it's going to actually be harder for you to generate these sweat tokens in the future apparently by 2028 it's going to take 18 600 steps just to generate one of these sweat tokens while right now it only takes you 1 000 steps to generate a token and apparently in one year it's going to take almost three times that amount so that's why it's really important to try and get these sweat tokens while you can there is also an nft tab available on the wallet as well but at the time of this recording the only way to actually get one of these nfts is by winning them and i'll talk about that in a second now i want to talk about the actual reward system and the real world value of the swept token so on the staking screen which you can see right now if you scroll down just a little bit you'll see that there's the grow jar rewards the more sweat that you have staked in the growth jars the more amazing rewards you'll be able to claim the reason for that is because the reward system on the sweat wallet more than likely isn't what you expect if we tap the view or reward section.



as you can see we have an apple macbook pro and you'll notice the description says a chance to win a brand new latest edition mac for underneath that description you'll notice that it says still to grow if we go a little bit more in depth here you'll notice that it says there will be 40 winners of this macbook pro giveaway in the how it works area you'll notice that it says grow the required amount of sweat to enter into the prize drawer what you'll start to realize is that you don't actually get instant rewards with the sweat wallet as you can see here we have an adidas gift card available i need to grow to 70 sweat tokens to unlock this area next if we go to the dinner with a sweat coin founder for 380 of the tokens next we have the five dollar amazon gift card where i need to grow to 25 of the tokens to go past that you can get some custom nfts apparently that are only available within the sweat wallet and after that we can get some fifa world cup tickets but i need to grow to 500 of the sweat tokens so while sweat doesn't have its own unique nfts from what i could find they are partnering with another company to apparently be giving away up to 10 000 of these nfts that should be available within your wallet if you do win one.



now moving on to the coming soon tab you can see that there's an area here that says i can mint more sweat so looking into this further it seems that i can actually unlock a faster mint rate aka a faster sweat token generation rate if i manage to grow up to 5 000 of the sweat token if i grow one sweat token i'm then allowed to vote on the future of the sweat economy if i grow 100 000 of the tokens i get to join a vip sweat community if i grow up to 8 000 of the sweat tokens i can then get lower transaction fees on my sweat transactions between wallets if i get 20 of the tokens i can then join a newsletter and the last one is something that i actually am interested in a bit it says if i grow up to 20 000 of the sweat tokens i can then get free sweatcoin premium now whether or not this will last forever that's another question but i am assuming they'll give you at least one year free looking at my growth jar right now i only have 49 available sweat tokens to grow and the reason for that is why i'm making today's video as well because i want you guys to be crystal clear that you're not just going to instantly start getting real world value for your sweat tokens.



you see if i go back to the main screen and then tap on the detailed balance area you will then be able to tap again on the available sweat tokens this is where you'll find that a majority of your sweat tokens have been locked and are partially unlocked as time goes on so the sweat wallet is actually claiming it's going to take me 24 months to unlock my full sweat tokens that i generated on sweatcoin throughout the year i only have an unlocking rate of 18.28 sweat tokens per month this is going to definitely annoy some people i can tell you that straight away because people expect to get instant rewards with this wallet and that's just not how it works for the sake of this recording though let me show you what the growing process is like with the sweat token so i'm going to lock away my whole sweat token balance for 12 months everyone so as you can see right now i get to choose how many of the available balance i want to use i'm just going to tap max and apparently after 12 months i will have earned 5.92 sweat tokens so if i hit continue it then states that i cannot unlock the jar until the end of the term and that growth jars are not risk-free and that the cryptocurrency price of the sweat token will be fluctuating just like any other cryptocurrency token out there just by looking at the small amount of sweat token i'm going to get back for investing. i think i might actually hold off until i get a larger amount but i just wanted to show you the process of what you can expect when you do lock them away.


So now you might be sitting there thinking okay i understand that there's just a giveaway system on the sweat wallet at this current time but can i at least buy and trade the sweat token right now and the answer is no at least not from the sweat wallet itself when you go to the exchange tab you'll be greeted with this message saying that the exchange is coming soon and if you go to the ad tab it states that buying sweat with your bank card is coming soon also you can however transfer your sweat tow kit when i signed up for the sweat wallet a username was generated for me so my sweat wallet is called vince review.



so if you guys want to transfer me anything you're more than welcome to because all you need is the username of the sweat wallet that you want to transfer to it's very straightforward if anyone ever sends me anything i'll let you know in the future by the way just an fyi now what you are looking at on the screen is the real world value of the sweat token at the time of this recording it's worth roughly about six cents i'm very curious to see where this is going to go okay because i'm looking at this now it's only just launched right and we're heading towards seven cents but i'm very curious to see if it's going to completely crash in the time to come all we can do is sit back and watch but technically one of your sweat tokens is worth roughly six cents so if you do the maths essentially you can figure out how many sweat tokens you have available and then you can try and convert that into real world money so if i was to do the maths i would say 0.06 times 487.59 and then that total amount would be the amount of real world value of my sweat token now the issue is they're gradually unlocking the sweat tokens so that's not really the real amount my balance is technically only 0.06 x 49.33 because that's my available balance this is where i feel people are going to have a problem with the sweat wallet but only time will tell i hope i helped someone out there thank you very much for watching see you all tomorrow

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