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This Sweatcoin review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On Sweatcoin:

Here's what we know about Sweatcoin so far!


So you want to know how to earn money for the steps that you take well this video is for you my name is vince I hope you enjoy let's kick this off today I'm talking about the money making application sweatcoin, unlike the applications where you play games complete tasks and offers or complete surveys sweatcoin simply allows you to earn real-life cash just from the steps that you generate throughout your day-to-day life.





These coins that you generate are called sweat coins and these little coins are the main currency of the sweatcoin application coming this September.

these coins are about to change in a massive way and i'll get to that in a few minutes but for now let me just break down the earning process on sweatcoin when you walk 1 000 steps on sweatcoin you will then generate one single sweatcoin currency minus a five percent commission that goes straight to the developers so in general you can probably make about five to ten sweat coins a day based on how active you are as a person so in theory an office worker more than likely won't have as many steps as a delivery driver at least that's what i believe anyway there might be some office workers out there that love to exercise during their lunch breaks now when it comes down to how you can actually spend your sweat coin currency well that will depend on what plan you have because sweatcoin does have a premium plan and a free plan think of the cash out system on sweatcoin as a big marketplace so you are able to spend your sweatcoin currency on this marketplace and depending on what plan you have this will decide the rewards that you can spend that currency on for example a free user can use the sweatcoin currency to receive big discounts on popular items that sweatcoin's promoting.

these generally include big brand names depending on where you live though the marketplace is going to have different cash out options so this is something to keep in mind also i live in australia so what you're seeing on today's video is my personal recommendation from sweatcoin now whereas if you're a premium user you can actually receive real life gift cards including paypal amazon ebay nintendo store spotify it changes on either a day-to-day or weekly basis from what i've personally seen now you might be wondering how much exactly does this premium plan cost well here in australia it usually costs around 120 dollars a year but at the moment sweatcoin is having a discount sale where they're cutting almost 60 off that price which i do think is pretty cool if you want to have a monthly subscription it's about ten dollars a month at the moment in my country.










 so much now you can choose to donate your sweat coins as well these donations can go to various charities around the world you can also watch advertisements on a daily basis to generate sweat coin currency you can also watch an advertisement to times to your sweatcoin earnings. so that's right everyone every day you can watch an ad and then sweatcoin will give you double the amount of rewards for your steps for 20 minutes straight the only thing is premium users get to use this an unlimited amount or they actually get a two times bonus instantly applied to their account for their steps so that's another massive advantage of being a premium user of sweatcoin but at least the free users get to do this once a day now for the super exciting part anyone out there that likes cryptocurrency you're going to love this next bit because sweatcoin is actually going to be releasing their own cryptocurrency token.









 this token is called the sweat token i know very original name they are going to launch this token in september but right now if you guys use sweatcoin you can actually generate these sweat tokens completely for free what the promotion is is that come september the developers of sweatcoin are going to match the amount of balance that you have of the sweatcoin currency and then reward you with the exact same amount of sweat tokens if you wait until after september though it will take you 5 000 steps to mint aka generate one of these sweat tokens that's literally like five times the difficulty there everyone that's why i believe it's the best time right now to jump onto sweatcoin get your steps up generate those sweat coins and then when september rolls around you'll have a huge amount of these sweat tokens and who knows what the starting value of these sweat tokens are going to be you never know everyone in the future they could be worth a ton plus once you think about it it's completely free and you're going to be walking around every day anyway so why not try and generate some of these tokens in the background.


you might find a cool deal in the future I have no doubt that sweatcoin is a legitimate money making application if you guys want to give it a shot feel free to use my referral link in the description below it would help me greatly if you are watching up into this part thank you very much I now have a bonus for you and a warning there are a ton of money making applications that are flat out scams and I've noticed that these scam developers are starting to target fitness apps please be careful out there and do not believe any of these money-making applications that are promising you hundreds or thousands of dollars to literally walk that's just not how the world works okay you'll notice with legitimate money making applications they will take time to actually earn the money on whereas these scam applications are just flat out get rich quick schemes where you have to watch advertisements to fat and developers wallets be aware because they are flooding the market right now.

i do however want to mention another fitness app that will legitimately pay you.




It's called win walk i've mentioned winwalk a few times on my channel and i have to say everyone it is probably up there with one of the best fitness apps that will pay you that i've covered so far on my channel the way that it works is obviously it records the steps that you take and then converts those steps into coins these coins can then be converted into real life gift cards now for people out there that don't really feel like walking around that's fine because when winwalk actually has money making methods that don't involve fitness at all funny enough and they include completing surveys playing games and completing tasks and offers that's the really cool thing about win walk and why i love to promote it on this channel another huge reason why i love win walk is because it has instant cash outs if you get enough of the coins you can instantly cash out and win walk with gift cards or cryptocurrency so it's not like you're limited just to one currency on win walk guys whereas with sweatcoin the main currency that you're earning are obviously the sweat coins themselves until that cryptocurrency is released.

i definitely recommend that you guys toy around with using sweatcoin and winwalk i'm actually curious to see if both of these applications will run on your phone at the same time if anyone's game enough to actually try that please let me know in the comments how your experience went because i'm very curious something else that's very interesting about the sweat token is that in just q1 of 2022 users exchanged sweat coins for 70 million worth of goods and services via the sweatcoin marketplace so i am super excited to see how valuable this sweat token is going to be when it's launched in september my whole plan until september is to constantly use sweatcoin to try and generate as many sweat coins as possible then obviously the sweatcoin app will convert those sweat coins into sweat tokens completely for free when the time comes trust me it's going to be much more easier now to get those sweat tokens than it will be later on past september always keep your expectations realistic though with money making applications don't expect to get rich off sweat coin now the cryptocurrency who knows what's going to happen with that price but at the moment try and generate those sweat coins and get ready for the launch in september and hopefully it launches at a great price thank you so much for watching i hope i educated someone out there about the new sweatcoin update coming out catch you tomorrow guys for another review.

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